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The Ascension


While life on earth represents the maximum possible separation from God in the entire galaxy, we must keep in mind that all evil forces are actually an integral part of God. Since Ascension is the return to Oneness, there is always the opportunity for any representative of the dark forces to also return to God. It depends entirely on their free will as to what choice they make at that particular moment when Ascension is virtually unfolding in front of them.

A substantial part of humankind may choose to go along the path of separation from God and will decide against Ascension and merging with the Oneness of God. This choice should be respected by all those who have decided to ascend with earth in the 5th dimension.

Little of what is described here can hardly be comprehended and incorporated into daily consciousness by most human beings. The reason for this is that current human species suffers from serious energetic deficiencies that have been deliberately inserted into their biological structure.

The part of human brain aptly labeled by science as the “Reptilian” brain is highly susceptible to fear patterns that can be also artificially emitted with the help of certain advanced technologies from the 4th dimension where the dark forces have until now effectively controlled mankind. The Reptilian Brain: This brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It evolved hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the “Reptilian Brain.”

Various clumps of cells in the brain stem determine the brain’s general level of alertness and regulate the vegetative processes of the body such as breathing and heartbeat. It’s similar to the brain possessed by the hardy reptiles that preceded mammals, roughly 200 million years ago. It’s ’pre-verbal’, but controls life functions such as autonomic brain, breathing, heart rate and the fight or flight mechanism. The basic ruling emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment emanate from this first stage of the brain. Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation.

Our intellectual capacity for complex rational thought has made us theoretically smarter than the rest of the animal kingdom. When we are out of control with rage, it is our reptilian brain overriding our rational brain components. If someone says that they reacted with their heart instead of their head, what they really mean is that they conceded to their primitive emotions (the reptilian brain) as opposed to the calculations of the rational part of the brain. The lower chakras are a reflection of the thoughts (emotions) created by this brain.

Such fear patterns have been successfully used by the dark forces to lessen the critical, logical, and independent thinking of human beings. The reduction of human DNA to two strands and the use of only a small portion of it for storing information is another important malfunction of individuals that limits their perception. It is important to stress that all logical thinking is considered independent thinking. Precisely this kind of thinking has been repressed by the Reptilians for the last 13,000 years, since they have taken full control over this planet and created modern man. 

This suppression of independent critical thinking of humans is accomplished vibrationally, by modulating and deranging the original independent ideas which one acquires in the form of inspirations from the soul, by using destructive interference. Such deranged fear patterns of human thinking are always devoid of logic and true reasoning.

The much discussed star portals or gateways at specific numerological dates, such as 01.01.01, 02.02.02… 11.11.11, and 12.12.12, represent the elimination of the conditions of destructive interference on earth by that of constructive interference, or higher vibrational energy.

The low frequency layers that shield earth from the 4th and 5th dimensions and sustain its current three-dimensional density are eliminated step by step, so that the veil of forgetfulness can be lifted for the whole of humankind during this shift. When these low frequency layers created by destructive frequencies begin to dissolve, earth can no longer stay in its current 3d-density and will begin to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

In opposition, the actual Reptilians, the “aliens” from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, who are actually endemic on this planet and have been for more than 500,000 years consider themselves to be its owners. From this point of view, they consider modern human beings, which they initially created through genetic engineering as their slaves, and who they have introduced on earth for the purpose of fulfilling their basic needs. They consider humans in the same manner as humans consider animals. This explains their multiple deeds against human beings which seem to only serve the purpose of steering humanity into chaos and destruction.

This is the actual cognitive and existential dilemma in which humanity is currently entrapped by the Reptilians in a deliberate way. Their tactic is to keep humans ignorant on the actual situation on earth and to lull them into the wrong belief that they are a manifestation of biological evolution, based on the principle of trial and error, whereas, in fact, we were conceptually created as servants for these dark forces some 13,000 years ago, first by the Reptilian Anunnaki and later on genetically rescued by the Sirians, which are representatives of the Forces of Light.

For this purpose the Reptilians have introduced numerous ideas and concepts in human society to create the idea that we are separate from God, thereby relinquishing our power. The most effective system of deception has been the Orion monetary system that creates the impression that human beings must work hard to earn money in order to survive. Darwin’s flawed evolutionary idea of “the survival of the fittest” was further exaggerated to become an established social doctrine and a basis for all predatory practices of the economic and financial human Elite.

During our social activities, we have been forced to compete all the time with our peers and to consider them as potential rivals or even enemies. The working place has become a jungle. The primary purpose of human life has been reduced to the acquirement of money and material goods that create the illusion of security.

Money is considered to be the only viable security for survival in an unfriendly environment. Creation out of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding has no place in the Orion monetary system. These conditions deepen the wrong impression of separation from God and each other by all human beings in present-day society.

Humans believe that they must surround themselves with as much material goods as they can imagine for the purpose of surviving, but they know deep in their heart that they have no power over death. This is the cardinal dilemma of the current human Elite (Illuminati). Their fears are magnified to such an extent that they desire to control everything; first and foremost, all the monies available, and through them all human lives. In their view, it seems to be the only alternative to appease their basic fear of death.

This, however, does not exclude the possibility of them eliminating each other within their power games. If these entities (the Elite) had more compassion for their companions they would have easily discerned that no money or power on this earth could protect them from the nefarious thoughts and deeds of their reptilian compatriots. This insight should have been sufficient to convince them to wrap up their plans to control the world.

The numerous mental and emotional ramifications of the Orion monetary system on human thinking, feeling, and behavior are so profound and ubiquitous that there is virtually no space in current human society that is not thoroughly poisoned by this vicious system. This is the current problem of all light workers who have to immerse themselves in the dense atmosphere of earth and cannot find an adequate place that will allow them spiritual shelter.

None of the enlightened civilizations in the solar universes use money because they do not need this primitive means for the organization of their society. They have understood the nature of money. Money imitates the Nature of God, which is energy.

The difference of the Orion monetary system to energy is that it entraps people and steals their energy, while real energy is always free; it floats from one system to another without any preference. Money, as it is used today, stipulates all the wrong emotional and mental concepts of separation, such as greed, power, manipulation, aggression, etc. that are basic fears of the human templates and thus typical for all those that live in total forgetfulness and leads to their enslavement.

These negative characteristics are typical for the mentality of young souls who live in the greatest separation from God. The American society, being determined by collective greed, corruption, unlimited aggression, self-righteousness, arrogance, and ignorance for the rest of the world, is paradigmatic for the collective behavior of all those who believe they are separate from God.

As young souls build the majority of the current population on earth, their negative features are inherent to the whole of humankind. Therefore, we will soon witness a radical shift of public opinion away from these negative collective characteristics toward more transparency, compassion, equality, and respect for the free will of the individual. All the revolutions and upheavals that are unleashed will demand for such a change in human perceptions. This change is a necessary prerequisite for preparing humanity mentally and emotionally for the upcoming Ascension

The situation with science and its theory is quite similar to that of religion and finance. Science has always had the propensity to discern the truth behind the veil of forgetfulness and human illusions. This has been primarily the task of philosophy since antiquity, throughout the Dark Ages, Renaissance, and Enlightenment. With the beginning of industrialization and modern empiric science, this philosophical pursuit and quest for knowledge was diverted from the inner spiritual dimension toward the external world, and spiritual repression reached an unprecedented peak.

The 19th and 20th centuries marked the darkest period of human history with respect to their alienation from the Whole. This trend has been reversed in the last 50-60 years when a large number of highly evolved souls, known as light workers, way showers, star seeds, have incarnated on earth to prepare this planet and the vast majority of its human population for Ascension.

Through manipulating religion, science, and economic activities of human beings, the surreptitious dark forces on earth have effectively suppressed the pristine knowledge that humans are immortal souls and independent creators of their destiny to the point where a return to Oneness seems now impossible for many.

This strategy has been used for thousands of years and has become an inextricable reality for most people. Purely for this reason the current financial system must collapse in order to liberate humans from the shackles of overwhelming pecuniary and materialism that reign over modern society.

Both are manifestations of the primordial idea of separation from the Whole. In addition to these suppressive measures that have essentially affected human minds, we have been genetically engineered to harbor a vast number of astral templates at the cellular and genetic level that promote various feelings of fear and fear based beliefs.

These fear patterns are local destructive interferences within the physical, emotional, and mental body and also involve the chakra system. Purely for this reason, many individuals undergo a light body process, which is essentially an elimination of these blockages through establishing the conditions of constructive interference in the human bodies by raising their frequencies. Current Ascension is the liberation of human beings from the invisible enslavement by the dark forces from the 4th dimension, the Reptilians, who have chosen the path of total separation from God.

Since these entities are guided by this primordial idea, they have introduced it on every level of human society – from everyday life to science and religion, although the latter was originally intended to eliminate the idea of separation and to open the eyes of the believers to the truth that we are “sparks of God.” It is not an exaggeration to conclude that human beings have been for eons of time pawns in the hands of the dark forces that have pulled their strings from the 4th dimension of total separation from God. They have used various insidious tactics to achieve this goal.

For instance, it is said that for every enlightened soul/star seed that incarnates on earth, three Orion reptilian entities from the 4th dimension are attached upon birth. Their function is to effectively block the lower, middle and higher self of the incarnated entity and to inhibit its creativity. Many light workers, who under normal conditions would have had the power and mentality to create abundance on earth, are inhibited by such destructive 4d-entities throughout their lives.

Numerous such trios have accommodated themselves so perfectly into the emotional and mental structure of the incarnated light workers and live in perfect mimicry with the fear-driven templates of these entities (without which no entity can exist on earth) that most light workers are not able to discern these evil energy spongers so as to effectively eliminate them from their energy fields.

The elimination of these entities follows the Universal Law of Free Will. As soon as an individual discovers the existence of such an inhibiting 4d-astral trio in his or her energetic aura, they have the right to expel it from their fields by stating this wish firmly and deliberately. In this case, they may ask for help from the higher realms. This process will accelerate now as the higher vibrations increase

This is the repressive practice of the dark forces at the individual level that overlaps with their hidden negative influences on the collective level to dis-unify humanity. These methods of the dark ones must be made known to the public, so that all people can take appropriate measures to protect themselves with established spiritual techniques, but also to comprehend why human society has failed to achieve true spiritual progress throughout his long history of oppression. In this case knowledge is power.


In order to create this condition of separation, certain incarnated souls on earth (the Elite, Cabal, Illuminati) use such dark agents as the Reptilians, the Luciferian, Ahriman, and demonic forces from the 4th dimension, to establish the condition of destructive interference and to gestalt it in the most realistic way by instigating numerous human dramas.

The inner bond of the incarnated entity with God cannot be wholly severed, as the personality is always an intrinsic part of God. However, the actual energetic separation through destructive means on many different vibrational levels that constitute a human being and its physical vessel can be so pronounced that it shapes the mentality, as well as the collective beliefs and behavior patterns of human society in a profound way.

This condition of total separation from God is planned for planet B that will remain in the 3d-density, after the shift of the ascended earth (Planet A) to the 5th dimension has taken place. The planet B will progress along the path of even greater separation than currently observed. Life on this planet will remain under the total control of the dark forces and can become a living hell.

Only those incarnated entities who cannot ascend will continue their incarnation on this catastrophic planet that has already entered this streamline. This will be a small fraction of the current population that will also include part of the human Elite who will survive the shift in underground bases, which they have been building for many years with the help of the dark aliens in anticipation of this event.

Those individuals who will survive the huge energy tsunami at the time of Rapture will be the future slaves of the Elite on planet B and will be confronted with adverse living conditions. The cosmic energies that will trigger the split of the two earths will destroy most current technologies. The electric grid, the communication system, the Internet, and all combustion engines will no longer function because the properties of the new photon space-time (electromagnetic field) on earth after the shift will be altered dramatically.

It is important to observe that currently about 1/3 of all souls are baby and child souls. These are products of recent genetic engineering by the Reptilians and have a only very rudimentary soul. While they will proceed with their incarnation cycle on planet B, their DNA will be reduced to one strand, and they will totally forget their bond with God. They will immerse into the new denser physicality of planet B and will live in a very primitive oppressive society, where even the concept of religion will no longer exist.

About one third of human population will leave earth in the End Times through natural causes or through dematerialization of the human body. It is estimated that about half of the population will ascend at the time of what some call “The Rapture” and there may be one or more Ascension waves of highly evolved entities prior to this event.

The situation of the incarnated entities on earth is essentially as follows. The earth souls come from the 5th dimension when they incarnate on this planet. Some star seeds come from a higher dimension to assist the process of Ascension at this time. At the 5th dimension, which is also known as Celestria, the soul can experience the Oneness with God and has the unlimited power to create immediately through visualization.

Upon incarnation, the incarnated soul creates the veil of forgetfulness, a state of total amnesia with respect to its origin. The crucial consequence of this amnesia is that the incarnated humans forget they are powerful beings and have the unlimited potential to create their destiny and their surroundings. Instead, they regard themselves as weak biological creatures, seemingly helpless and vulnerable to all kinds of natural dangers and astral influences.

Starting from this ultimate “fall from grace,” the soul begins with its gradual Ascension and reconnection with God within a long incarnation cycle. The strife the incarnated individual experiences in his or her inner realm throughout the earthly life and which is incessantly projected onto the outer world, is the battle between the dark forces (the Cabal) and the dark forces of the Orion entities from the 4th dimension, who have the ability to reprogram the individual into a greater feeling of separation from the inner voice of the soul from the 5th dimension, which is perceived as pristine feelings, intuitions and preconceived knowledge to the path of Ascension.

This is the allegoric battle between Gog and Magog about which one can read in John’s Revelations. This book has been channeled by enlightened entities much later than the other gospels and has been included only by chance in the New Testament to inform people as to what will happen on this planet during the End Times.

This inner battle between Darkness and Light that is fought within each individual is a key concept of many religions in East and West. This inner strife can only be solved within the mental and emotional confines of the individual, as every incarnated entity is an independent and powerful creator of his or her destiny and planes of experience.

However, it lies in the essence of the incarnated entities, living in total separation from God, to solve this inner collision in the outer world by instigating wars, invasions, and all kinds of atrocities. This is the key to an understanding of human existence on earth.

This negative tendency lasts until people begin to realize that all crimes and atrocities committed upon others are crimes committed against themselves. For this reason, the law of karma has been introduced. Karma has the function of making one aware of the fact that he or she is not separate from God and that all one has to do is to recognize this eternal truth, remember who you are, and surrender to your soul as part of the Whole. After this spiritual insight is achieved, there is no need for the soul to incarnate anymore in the 3d-space-time of solar universes and the incarnation cycle is completed.

The greatest grievance of mankind has always been that it does not understand how it manifests its own reality, although the higher self does this in an incessant manner for its incarnated entity in synchronization with the other souls from the 5th dimension. This is accomplished by the creation of myriad alternative worlds, realities, astral probabilities of individual destinies until the optimal solution is found.

The higher realms of Creation operate like a huge interactive internet or a mathematical algorithm that is incessantly fed by an infinite amount of input data. The data is processed in the Now by establishing myriads of feedback mechanisms with parallel realities. The final outcome is the creation of human life on earth with respect to this planet.

However, there are myriads planets and solar systems, just as there are countless souls in the higher realms. Earth is a very small planet in comparison to most other planets in the solar universes. In addition, there are infinite versions of earth, which can be defined from a human, linear point of view as past, present and future; in reality they exist simultaneously and interact with each other.

For a short period of time, the ascended earth A and the catastrophic planet B will intercept after they have split. This split has already commenced. After the final split is accomplished, the ascended beings in the 5th dimensional earth may establish contact with those human beings living on planet B, but these entities will not recognize them anymore because their perception will be exclusively orientated towards the greater density and physicality of planet B.

Hence, there will soon be no need to communicate with these individuals and the two worlds will then fully separate. Currently, we have the same situation between those in incarnation on earth and those in the higher realms. While the entities from the higher realms can always contact us through telepathy and other means of communication, most human beings on earth, defined as mass consciousness, have no idea they can also contact their Higher Self and other related souls. This state of spiritual denial will end abruptly when some major events occur on this planet and will eliminate forever the veil of forgetfulness under which humankind has existed for eons of time.


The role of the dark forces on current earth can only be understood in this context. There are a number of earth versions (parallel earths) that are as valid as this one that have no dark forces because they vibrate at a much higher frequency, where the dark forces can no longer exist. The already existing blueprint of the ascending earth in the 5th dimension is such a version.

Even when the dark forces create new human clones through genetic engineering, they can only accomplish this task with the hidden support from the higher realms of Creation. However, the influence of the dark forces from the 4th dimension upon human consciousness at the individual and social level of our current plane of existence has been enormous, and has determined to a great extent the conditions of life on earth.

These conditions have been partially corrected by the beings from the 5th dimension to the extent that incarnated souls have become more enlightened and aware of their bond with God. Soon, the balance of powers on earth will shift dramatically. Due to the increase in frequency of earth and most human beings, the dark forces, which already vibrate to a lower frequency than earth and its light workers, will lose their grip on the planet and humanity.

They will have to retreat into the 4th dimension and wait the final Ascension. During the End Times Forces of Light will unleash the vibratory energies for constructive interference for all social structures (based on the primary idea of separation) and the present world order will inevitably collapse.

This is achieved by pouring huge waves of high frequency energies onto the earth that will alter the habitual, long existing conditions of low frequency destructive interference. This would put all low frequency material and social systems, behavior patterns, as well as their underlying beliefs out of balance with respect to the new augmented basic frequencies of earth and mankind. When the tipping point of high frequency energies is reached, the old structures will crumble within a very short period of time.


The period of preparation of humanity for Ascension includes a radical shift in the philosophy of most human beings. While it has always been easy in the past to blame others for one’s problems or to seek condolence in a higher authority, in a Christian God, Judaic God, Allah, or any other arbitrary supreme deity, human beings will begin to realize that they have the absolute economic self-sufficiency to create their own destiny and reality.

The truth will emerge that all human beings are creator beings. Incessantly – at every moment in the Now! This truth will become more and more apparent as we approach Ascension and the veil of forgetfulness is thinned. The true multidimensional nature of human beings will emerge behind this veil and the people will begin to understand the Nature of God – the Unity of all Consciousness.

This is well understood by the Reptilians and their proxies – the hidden governments, the Elite, the thirteen families, the Cabal, the super-secret societies, the political powers that have been embroiled to such an extent with the Orion reptilian empire that they have now only two choices:

They either revolt against their former collaborators and eventually risk their lives or stick to them and choose that living hell called planet B. If they decide to join the awakening population and facilitate the transition of mankind to an enlightened society, they may eventually qualify for Ascension. It is their choice. There is very little time left.

Most channels transmit nowadays the information that human beings can begin to create their own destiny through their thoughts and feelings. They may create a sparkling future in Heaven (Celestria) after Ascension or choose a catastrophic timeline that will bind them to the remaining planet B, where the Reptilians will regain the unlimited power that they have enjoyed for the last 13,000 years. This creation of future timelines must begin now. Ascension is not an event but a prolonged mental, emotional and energy driven process.


The uniqueness of current Ascension of humankind and of earth is they now become sovereign masters and creators of their own destiny. They have been given the divine right to surpass their former masters from the 4th dimension and to ascend directly in the 5th dimension. However, most of mankind will find itself in the lower 5th dimension, where the newly ascended planet A will still retain its physicality and where immediate creation through imagination will have to be learned step by step.

But there will also be the light workers and the star seeds that go directly to Celestria and become the new-born leaders of their ascended human beings; they will teach them how to create the much proclaimed Golden Age. This is the choice that each and every individual will have to make in the course of the coming times, when current human civilization will irreversibly collapse.  There is very little time left for creating new social structures as some channels of misinformation of the dark forces currently suggest. They do so solely with the aim of stirring confusion among the people.

Humans will have to survive with the little that is left after the financial crash hits the economy so hard it will eliminate most of the opportunities to earn a living. It is not planned that human beings continue to feed the old Orion system of economics in the End Times. Therefore, no new economic system is planned for this earth in the remaining period before Ascension. The dark ones may have their own nefarious plans for Planet B, but this will no longer be of interest to the awakening majority of human beings. They will awake after Ascension on the ascended planet A, where abundance is the Nature of God. None of the current economic and social structures will exist in the 5th dimension.

Those, who do not ascend, may not even realize that such a process has taken place, because it does not fit into their narrow-minded world view. They will continue with their lives in the living hell on planet B, steadily forgetting the advantages of the past industrial age that has been irrevocably terminated with the splitting of the two earths. This is essentially the eschatology of human existence on earth during the End Times prior to Ascension.

The last several decades in the history of mankind are marked by a severe battle in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions between the dark forces, The Reptilians, the so called “Unholy six” (Greys, zeta reticuli, Draconians, etc.), the actual controllers of earth, on the one hand, and the Forces of Light (Galactic Federation, White Brotherhood, etc.) on the other.

While this battle has huge repercussions in the third dimension on earth, the vast majority of human beings are not even aware of it. The sleeping majority of humans are involuntary dominated by the Reptilians who execute this perennial enslavement through their proxies. To this end they have corrupted in the last several decades the financial system worldwide by transforming it into a huge Ponzi scheme that is exclusively based on creating new debt and money out of thin air. The chief culprits are the FED and the private American and Anglo-Saxon banks that own this central bank, followed by ECB and other central banks.

Many of the CEOs of these financial corporations are human clones that are created by genetic engineering by the Unholy Six in alliance with the Greys. This knowledge will become a central piece of information in the revelations and tribulations that will eventually take place.

Therefore, the only people that know exactly what will occur in the End Times are the proxies of the Dark forces, also known as Illuminati, the hidden Government, the Powers of the New World Order, the 13 families, etc., and the super-secret societies that have been engaged in clandestine joint ventures, mainly underground, with the Unholy six.

They have created many new technologies, including UFOs and other vehicles, while at the same time they have systematically suppressed the implementation of numerous patents and new technologies for the sake of the broad population. For instance, the clean technology to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water as a fuel for all kinds of motors of combustion is and has been available for several decades, but it has been deliberately suppressed by the oil corporations which are in the hands of the dark forces. The ultimate goal of such practices is the enslavement of mankind. However, this is not the plan for humanity at this time since the Forces of Light will also have a say on this issue. There are some light workers that are also informed about what is happening behind the scenes.

However, the vast majority of star seeds are either completely ignorant on the role of the dark forces in the shaping of humanity or prefer to close their eyes, as these facts can indeed be frightening and fears do not help the light body process and Ascension. Nevertheless, some of these facts must be made public very soon. Information is Light, and where Light exists, there can be no Evil. The activities of the dark forces must be completely blocked, so that they can no longer exert their influence on humankind prior to the Ascension.


While the dark forces want to preserve the status-quo, the Forces of Light are preparing our planet and the vast majority of mankind for Ascension in the 5th dimension. The final shift of earth – in the Bible this event is also known as Rapture – will be accomplished soon.

Our planet will then split into two planets as already discussed:

  1. Planet A will ascend in the 5th dimension
  2. Planet B will stay in the present 3d-density, will experience huge material and natural disasters during and after the shift, and will slowly degrade to an even greater density and separation from the Whole

As already stated, planet B will be a living hell.

The portion of incarnated entities who decide to live in further separation will continue to live on planet B or will leave earth prior to Ascension. The Reptilians will have full control on this planet. They have been preparing themselves for this event for a long time. They are fully aware of the fact that in the final years of Revelations and Tribulations they will lose their grip on mankind and earth.

All they want to achieve currently is somehow to survive the shift and proceed with their evil business as usual on Planet B. In the meantime, they are doing everything possible to take as many sleeping human beings with them on planet B, as they can harvest in these times of tribulation.

The Forces of Light and the highly evolved earth souls are doing their best to awaken as much incarnated entities as possible, so that they can make their own choices based on their free will and personal knowledge.

 The alternatives are:

  1. to awaken and ascend with the earth in the 5th dimension
  2. to leave earth and go back to the original realm of all souls
  3. to stay on a degrading catastrophic planet and experience more of the same and even worse


All evolved souls will ascend. This will include all star seeds, light workers, indigo, crystalline, and rainbow children (old souls), and most adult souls. During the End Times, the adult soul population will transition into old souls and most old souls and star seeds will ascend in the 5th dimension prior to the final mass Ascension. The transition from one soul age cycle to the next one is associated with profound confusion that arises from the new psycho-mental and energy orientation of the incarnated entities as to comply with the requirements of the new soul age.

The adult souls have been exploring their inner dimension for the last 3-4000 years on earth in numerous incarnations, various cultural environments, races, social positions, and dramatic destinies. Quite often they have chosen the role of the martyr and have consented to become victims of young souls who have to experience the role of the perpetrator and extinguish human lives in this soul age.

This is part of their “fall from grace” through which every soul must go. Such intensive human involvements and experiences create the necessary karma that has to be worked out step by step in the following incarnations when the ability to show compassion, love, and understanding have grown in the course of painful experience. This is the chief objective of the adult soul age.

Therefore, in this soul age the incarnated entities must work out their karma either by consenting to become victims of other younger souls or to take responsibilities for other souls that require them to make huge sacrifices. During this age cycle the adult soul seldom experiences moments of fulfillment and happiness. He or she has to live through many stressful moments and shed many tears.

The vast majority of souls that have incarnated on earth at this time are in the young soul cycle (45-50%). Most of them are on the verge of being transgressed into the adult soul cycle. This transgression begins with a total confusion and a dramatic shift of previous beliefs and social habits. The young soul cycle is associated with maximum amnesia because in this age the soul has to focus its intent and abilities toward manipulating and changing the external world. These activities include physical matter, but also the manipulation of other individuals under various conditions. This kind of experience is typical for the young soul age.

The baby and child souls are also separated from God. However, as their mental abilities are rudimental, they are guided in an instinctive, subconscious manner by their soul throughout their life. Since they are unable to exert any influence on society, their biographies are well wrapped in rigid family structures, or they have the assurance to leave the body vessel prematurely, if they cannot cope with the harsh conditions on earth.

The majority of baby and young souls can be found in third world countries, where the mortality rate due to diseases and poor living conditions is quite high, and life expectancy is low. In the industrial countries, baby and young souls can be found in rural areas with stable family structures. In this environment mobility and individuality are not needed to the same extent as in big cities and other urban areas, which are predominantly populated by young souls.

As young souls live in maximal separation from the higher self and God, their psychological characteristics are very similar to those of the dark forces that live for eons of time in total separation from God. Therefore, they tend to  cooperate with them or to succumb to their dark influence from the 4th dimension. Most of the current Elite are young souls.


The dark forces in the 4th dimension are defined in the esoteric literature as demonic, Luciferian, satanic (Rhyee), etc. In previous times, as in in ancient Greece and Hellenism, there was a better understanding of these dark forces and their despicable influence on human behavior. Plotinus, the founder of Neo-Platonism, the most sophisticated Gnostic teaching in the history of Western civilization has described these demonic forces extensively and very precisely in his Enneads.

Christianity borrowed its knowledge of the dark forces from him and other Neo-Platonists, but distorted their teachings to such an extent that the primitive and very corrupt idea of “the Devil” or “Evil” as a distinct entity was born. This distortion was deliberately forged by the Orion reptilians during the Dark Ages, when their reign on earth was unlimited.

The concept of evil, such as Bush’s “axis of evil,” Reagan’s “empire of evil” (Soviet Union), is used anytime a dark one has made up his mind to commit crimes on humanity and needs a false pretext and a rectification for his intended crime. This pattern has remained invariant throughout history.

It will be sufficient to point out to the fact that the American is the classical young soul nation on earth that dominates and determines the behavior of a large portion of humanity. The plots of Hollywood films have promoted these negative, perverse, truly dark features of the young American souls to the utmost.

This is the psycho-mental mind-set of present-day humanity and one needs little elaboration as to how deplorable the situation on earth has become prior to Ascension. Some young souls will successfully manage their transgression into the adult soul age in the End Times and will qualify for Ascension. Others will return to the 5th dimension and the rest will remain on planet B. Some of these entities, who belong to the current Elite, may become the new Elite on this planet provided they survive the shift and the turmoil thereafter.

There will be some small waves of Ascension of star seeds, who have sufficiently progressed with their light body process. This event will trigger a true spiritual revolution and evolution in the minds of most human beings. It will urge the people to rapidly make up their minds to ascend with earth.

However, not all of them will be prepared for Ascension when a huge photon wave will flood earth. Some of them will stay on planet B for a while and will have the possibility to enter the 5th dimension at a later stage. In the meantime, they will have to live on a catastrophic earth. This circumstance will eventually facilitate their decision.

In the post-shift period of 3-4 years, the two planets A and B will still have energetic interceptions that will allow the establishment of portals, which can be used by these souls to enter the 5th dimension. They will receive much help at this difficult time from the Forces of Light and from some highly evolved incarnated beings that have already ascended. After that the two earths will irreversibly separate, Planet A will move permanently in the 5th dimension and planet B will go along the path of greater density and separation from God. This is the experience, which some very young souls will prefer to make in the course of their incarnation circle. One should accept their choice without expressing false moral prejudices.


The splitting of earth and humanity in two streamlines of existence during the End Times is summarized in the famous statement, “The separation of the wheat from the chaff”. The portion of mankind that will decide to remain on Planet B will have for a long period of time with no idea of God or even religion, as there will be no more highly evolved souls on this planet that will be beacons of light, as most light workers are nowadays.

There will be also no incarnated souls that will be ready to play the role of the martyr and give these young souls the possibility to commit all kinds of atrocities, while learning their karmic lessons. All entities on planet B will be equally evil. The society on planet B will constitute entirely of those who behave according to their egoistic, fearful view of total separation from each other and the Whole. They will consider all other entities as foes and will not be able to follow any moral or ethical principles whatsoever. Human life will have no value on this planet, and all kinds of heinous criminal acts will represent the normal way of living in this debased society. These entities will have to discover anew the Light in their own personality, before they can begin to evolve and experience Ascension in eons of time to come. This is the normal cycle of incarnation on earth and many other planets in the solar universes of 3d-space-time.

Those who ascend to planet A will stay in the 5th dimension for another 2000 years. Each individual will have the opportunity to progress at his or her own pace. Death will no longer be necessary in order to leave this plane of existence – each will be able to dematerialize his or her light body at their discretion. Many will soon be able to create and dissolve their light bodies whenever they wish. The contact with other souls from the soul family or past friends can be established anytime.

Matter will be more fluid, and immediate Creation upon imagination will shortly be possible for many ascended entities. Karma will no longer exist. All relations will be heart-based and will express Christ Consciousness. The economic self-sufficiency of all people will be fully guaranteed and abundance will be the normal state of living, as immediate Creation will be possible for all. Life in the 5th dimension will  indeed be Heaven. Therefore, the choice that humankind and every individual will soon have to make will be as follows: Ascend to Heaven or stay on earth and live in Hell.

Hardly a choice! But as the events will show, quite a number of human entities will eventually decide to follow their current masters (the Reptilians) and will stay on earth B, where they can continue enjoying their heinous plans to enslave mankind, without the meddling of some star seeds.