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Sexual dreams on the deepest level are symbolic of integration and are triggered by our desires. An attractive dream figure usually symbolizes something the dreamer finds tempting or appealing in real life. If there are sexual overtones, then the dream character may appear as seductive or beckoning. Should the dream end with sexual intercourse, it would signify completion (the dreamer’s desires are or will be fulfilled). If the dreamer is merely toying or flirting with an idea it may appear in the dream as sexual foreplay without intercourse, perhaps just kissing. The degree of passion—and passion is the key—exhibited in waking life toward a particular thought, idea or other attraction is accurately reflected in a dream and given a sexual theme even though it may have absolutely nothing to do with sex. Sexual intercourse is a symbol of union that brings the dreamer fulfillment, so in order to accurately interpret the dream, the dreamer must  istance him or herself from the dream and ask what it is they passionately desire to have, to integrate, unite with or incorporate into their lives?

Then again, such dreams can and do refer directly to the dreamer’s libido (a person’s sexual drive or desire for sexual activity or the lack thereof). The following examples should serve to explain this further.

Shape Shifting and Unknown Lovers      

I dreamt that I was in an unfamiliar home. I didn’t look like myself. I was another person with animalistic features. I was tall and lean, with cat-like ears and fur around my eyes and above my nose, like a mask. I had long, streaming black hair. There were two other female creatures, one was snake-like and the other bird-like. The house was pitch-black save the many candles ensconced on the walls. We were hunting a man. The entire dream felt very predatory and intense. He was extremely tall and muscular. His animal-self resembled a black panther. He was gorgeous. I was down on my belly, crawling through a particularly dark bedroom. He pounced on me and rolled me onto my back. We began to argue. I can’t recall anything that was said throughout the dream. We whispered angrily at one another, and then he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. He threw me onto the bed in one swift motion and we made love. Afterwards, we continued to argue. I awoke with the two creatures still arguing heatedly and I have absolutely no idea who the four shape-shifters could be. I am extremely confused as to the meaning and nature of the dream. Your interpretation would be greatly appreciated.

  • Your dream reflects your primal animal nature personified. You’re a feline in heat and on the prowl, with a strong urge to mate. You created a dark theme because you feel this is a dark side of your nature. You have a conflict over this signified by the arguing. The four shape shifters represent four specific incidents where you shifted (succumbed to your animal passion).

Strange Dream                             

It starts out with me and my husband trying to have sex but we get disturbed by these kids and I have to get up to chase them. When chasing them we end up on some stairs. Now, all the while I am chasing them they are running down and I’m running up, so they get  away. I go back to my husband to finish what we started and the kids come back. I chase them and I’m again running up stairs and they’re running down, then I look over the banister and notice the stairs are connected and not separated, so I look at the kids and they begin to laugh because they know the whole time I’m chasing them that the stairs are connected.

  •  The dream is telling you that you are disturbed because you don’t have enough “private time” in your life. You are chasing around, running up and down. The stairs are “connected,” meaning you cannot separate enough from one role to be able to enjoy the other. All parents of active young children are familiar with this one.

 My Wife Cheating With a Friend of Mine     

In the dream I got home to discover my wife having sex with a friend of mine. I tried to pull him off of her, but I felt so weak. Then I woke up that very moment.

  • Sounds like you’ve been too tired for sex lately, “cheating” your wife out of a good time. The other guy is you before you lost you mojo and didn’t feel so tired. There are little blue pills available that you should take before your dream actually does come true.

Dating a Different Man             

The past two nights I have dreamt I’m having sex with someone who is not my current long term partner. It has been a different man both nights and not someone I currently know.

  • Your partner has been exhibiting another side of himself lately. It’s almost like being with a “different” man. Evidently, you don’t seem too perturbed by it.

Being Raped                                                                                      

A man I didn’t know was raping me, but I started pulling him closer on top of me and he tried to get away from me and I’m tell him it’s okay. He picked up a knife and pointed it at me but never used it. For some reason I was enjoying the rape. I don’t understand why.

  • Usually, rape in a dream means unfairly or helplessly being taken advantage of, like in being “screwed over.” The fact you liked it could either mean it was done quite skillfully or the issue you had a problem with is being resolved to your satisfaction.

Being Chased By a Naked Man Who Wants To Rape Me         

 I have this dream quite often; I am for some reason walking alone in a park, when a man grabs me from behind. I fight him off, and run away, he chases after me and shouts, “Come back, I love you,” but I can’t recognize the face, as it is always blurry, but I reach the park gates and he disappears, behind some bushes, I am a happily married man, 67 years old.

  • This naked man is you or should I say your libido. He’s in a park because that’s where you “parked” your sex drive. He wants  to get back together with you. I suggest you let him catch up to you, as he will make your wife a very happy lady. The words “I love you” are not without significance. How long has it been since you uttered them to her?

Weird Creepy Cheating Dream

 I had this gross weird disturbing dream last night and I was sober when I went to bed. I had a dream that I cheated on my husband with my father. I have no interest in him in him when it comes to sex, so what in the world does this mean? It’s been creeping me out all day can you tell me what this means?

  • Relax.Your dream doesn’t mean you have repressed incestuous desires for your father. In fact, this is a very good dream in that something he said finally “penetrated” and “sunk in” on a “deeper” level. Dreams have no regard for social norms.

Sex with Gay Brother-in-Law  

Went to bed angry at husband and dreamt that I was at my brother-in-law’s place (he is in a gay relationship). He was in a strange mood and lay down and asked me to get on with him. I remember he had really small tackle if that’s at all relevant, so we finish and his guy friend walks in and is told about what we’ve been doing. This guy then decides he wants a go with me too. Actually, this guy finds the thought of touching a woman in that way physically sickening, but in the dream he’s not that way at all, so we do it and that finishes too. Then, my husband walks in and finds my knickers somewhere and we’ve now all been discovered, and I wake up.

  • In marriage, sex is a bonding where two become one. The other men in your dream symbolize two aspects of your husband. A small penis size means the small amount of sex you’ve been getting lately and the other guy represents your feelings of not being “touched.” You being discovered means “you discover” that it is about your husband. The dream then points directly to the issue at hand, which is a need for more “no knickers.” I suggest you make some changes both in attitude and appearance, then plan an elaborate seduction. Marriage sometimes involves compromise on both sides to keep it on track.