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Recurring dreams refer to specific dream themes that form a repeating pattern, dealing with the same subject with each recurrence. They may represent a problem or issue that is not being dealt with or is going unrecognized. There are both long-term and short-term patterns. Long-term patterns sometimes occur on or near an anniversary of something that had a significant impact on the dreamer, whereas a short-term pattern usually concerns an issue that needs to be dealt with and in some cases, a warning. In both long and short-term patterns we find the same themes and the same types of symbols used in a steady stream over and over again. Their purpose is clear, to awaken or call attention to something of significance to the dreamer.

Our subconscious mind is ever vigilent during the day, a silent witness to our behavior, feelings, desires and particularly our motives. At night however, it is not so silent, giving us feedback on what is transpiring on both conscious and unconscious levels, repeating the same message again and again in an attempt to inform us of a particular fact. 

Loosing My Diamond Stud Earrings

I have this recurring dream about loosing one of my diamond stud platinum earrings, which I have been wearing for years. Each time I wake up and feel my ears and they were still there. This dream occurs in AZ, MI and Singapore. Can you please explain why I keep dreaming about loosing this pair of earrings?

  • The dream reflects a fear of loss concerning something of value. Most likely, this revolves around a relationship, as in losing one of a “pair.” If you go back to the times you had these dreams you can most likely correlate their significance to events taking place at that time. 

I’ve been having these recurring dreams for about a year where I’m being chased by Michael Myers. Sometimes they’re brief… other times they’re very lengthy. A few weeks ago, I had one that I thought was somewhat of a breakthrough. In the dream, he was dating this girl who was cheating on him. He came to me and asked if it was true… if she was really cheating on him and (terrified of his presence) I said yes. So, he killed her. Then he and I were sitting at a coffee shop talking like friends. I had another one the other night where he was chasing me and trying to kill me again. I have no idea what this means, but they happen every couple of weeks (more frequently around Halloween).

  • Michael Myers is a Halloween symbol that is chasing you because of something you do at that time of the year, which is, “cheating” on your diet by eating candy. Michael Myers is a recurring symbol that will appear in your dreams nearly every time you break your diet, and not just with sweets. I urge you to be especially wary of those “killer” chocolates that emerge from the shadows during this dark season.

My Daughter

I keep dreaming the same dream for the past 3 or 4 weeks. My 6 year old daughter is driving my car on her own. She is always going very quickly through a built up area. Not always the same area but it’s always an area that I know in real life and I chase her. I can never catch her and eventually she is gone out of sight. I then worry that she won’t find her way home. At this point I wake up every time.

  • Your daughter is very quick and she’s “driving” you crazy trying to keep up with her. You’re “chasing” after her, concerned for her welfare. Good luck, mom.

Passenger Seat

I’ve been having this same dream for at least 2 years! I’ll get it every couple months. Well it starts with me being in the passenger seat driving through a nice neighborhood then I realize that no one is driving so I try to go and steer the car even thought it’s going straight. My attempt to stop the car fails and we crash.

  • You are given what appears to be a “nice ride,” except for the fact that you are not in control. This dream is about you going “straight” which you can do if you just keep your hands off the wheel, if you don’t you will continue to crash.


I have had the same dream four times now. In this dream my good friend and I are in my bedroom where we have sex and I wind up getting pregnant with his child.

  • Pregnancy in a dream indicates new developments or ideas that are soon to be born. The idea or plan was originally his, because you mentioned it was his child, like in “his baby.” But it was something you also played a role in.