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Precognitive dreams reveal future situations, reflecting probable conditions presently shaping or forming. Although it is possible that what was dreamt will manifest in our waking life, we should not necessarily accept such dreams at face value. Usually, the only ones we hear about are those that do come true. Our tomorrows are shaped by the choices and decisions we make today, and as a rule, free will allows us to change direction at any given moment. I believe such dreams can be warnings, allowing us an opportunity to take a different direction and change the course of our lives.

There two basic types of precognitive dreams. One deals with when the dreamer is in touch with the collective, dreaming of future events on local, national or international levels having little, if any, direct effect on the dreamer. The other revolves around situations directly affecting the dreamer, encompassing anything of a personal nature, positive or otherwise. Here is an example of such a dream:

Crazy Dream

I was walking around in the summer and realized it was still really light out. I looked at my watch and it read 11:30 pm, then I looked at the sun and there was a lunar eclipse that made everything dark. On the moon there was a symbol of the astrological sign Taurus. I ran to my father’s house and once inside, I looked outside and there was a parade of ghosts and goblins and other freakish beings that were taking over the streets. I had to pull a friend inside the house, because there were ships in the air. Once inside a lady told me and someone else that we shouldn’t worry, they tightened everything on the commander’s ship to make sure he was alright. Then in my dream I was in my bed and all a sudden I felt something squeeze my whole body, then I woke up. Am super freaked out and I need some answers!! Thanks!

  • Precognitive dreams are most difficult to interpret because they haven’t happened yet. The first part of your dream is telling you to watch the time. 11:30 could mean 30 minutes before the “witching hour,” I say this because ghosts and goblins represent the time period around Halloween. The moon in Taurus is very clear, so you may want to check the dates for a Taurus moon in October. You may also want to stay “inside the house.” The good part is that you were told “not to worry.”

I’m both amazed and dumbfounded. I checked and found the moon is in Taurus on October 29. This is really freaky. Is there anything else I should know?

  • You may want to be on the lookout for Star Trek or Star Wars costumes as they may signify something as well.


This is a continuous dream for two weeks now where someone I know (different person for each dream) is driving my husband’s Combi bus in town where the streets have dangerous people on them. We seem to be in a hurry.

  • Each different person driving represents a separate occasion where you drove your husband dangerously close to the edge. The driver is you and the dream is warning you that you’re driving your husband in a manner that is hazardous to your relationship. Are you pushing him? Haste appears to be an issue here. Back off, wifey.

Black Water

The dream started at a big house that I was taking care of, but then someone gave me the house with the pool. To make a long story short we were in the back going to get into the pool but for some reason I was scared to do so. Then, when I wanted to get in the pool the water turned black so I didn’t go in. The weird thing about it I have been having this dream four nights in a row now.

  • The big house is your subconscious mind giving you some “big” advice. The pool may be a venture or even a relationship you are thinking getting into (immersing yourself). You should be fearful, it’s a bad idea!

Will My Home Sell?

I have a home for sale, and in the past two weeks, I have had a dream that we received a contract on the home. In one of them, I could smell a skunk as well.

  • This is a warning dream. I suggest you read the fine print carefully. Besides a rascal, a skunk can also mean getting “skunked” like in “zero.”

7 Suns and 7 Moons

Last night I had the weirdest yet calming dream about seeing 7 suns and 7 moons. I don’t remember where I was in the dream but it seemed as though I was in a field staring at the sky. I saw 7 suns on a horizon and when I turned around I saw 7 moons in a perfect line in the sky. At first I was startled, and then I experienced a calm feeling like I had nothing to worry about.

  • Something significant will occur in seven days and seven nights from when you had your dream. Because the sun is yang (male) and moon is yin (female) and a symbol of romance, the dream may concern a romantic relationship. It’s appears it’s already “lined up.”