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Our Journey

At base of this picture lies the unicorn, a symbol of the feminine, and a male lion, a masculine symbol. She lies to the left of the picture, representing the femin…ine side, while he lies to the right or masculine side. In the center we have the sign of Gemini, the twins, within a circle (the circle of life) are two interlocking (male/female) squares. Among the esoteric meanings of the square two stand most clearly; Balance and Stability. You cannot have one without the other.

Atop these two symbols sits a monkey holding the earth in one hand while measuring it with a compass. He sits in the middle representing both sexes. The earth also represents this duality through the four elements. The monkey symbolizes the start of our evolutionary journey which begins with an attempt to better understand the nature of things.

A nude male and female figure stand elevated from the monkey indicating progression. The male figure points up while the female points down. Those familiar with the Tarot know full well what this symbolizes. Engraved on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus it is said to be the Greatest Secret of the Universe: As Above, So Below – As Within, So Without.” It has been called the miracle of “One.”

To the right of the woman stands the winged angel of the Major Arcanum “Temperance.” She is actually a hermaphrodite (the child of Hermes and Aphrodite) and is said to temper the steps of the Fool who stands to the left of the man and who often forges ahead without looking. The water flowing between the two cups is said to actually going upward from the lower cup to the higher one, signifying rising from a lower plane to a higher one.

There is a different story that I like better: Here the angel is pouring fire from one flask and water from the other where they mix together. The Fool watches in wonderment while the angel explains that it can be done only under certain circumstances. She further explains this can be done with any pair of opposites, fire and water, man and woman, thesis and antithesis can be transformed into a unified third. The Fool then realizes he is the one who is keeping the spiritual world separate from the physical, and in him the two worlds could merge. All it takes is the right proportions, the right vessels and with enough faith the two can be united.

The two figures hold the staff of the caduceus, the female with her left hand, the male with his right. The staff itself symbolizes the nadi known as the Sushumna within the etheric spinal column through which the kundalini passes when awakened. The two snakes intertwined around this column represent the Ida and Pingala or positive and negative currents of the human polarity. They rise from their seat in the Muladhara Chakra on a key note that is struck when the chakras are aligned (the right proportions and the right vessels). As these energies pierce the heart chakra you will experience a love so powerful it will bring tears to your eyes.

At some point a vibrational signal goes out to a Master. Perhaps He has been guiding you for some time, but now on a higher astral plane you become part of His group. As your heart center continues to open, the understanding that we are all One—each a strand belonging to a fabric woven in the breath of our creation—becomes infused in your being. Because of this you have a greater understanding of who you are. We can only know one another to the extent we know ourselves and as your self-awareness grows so does your psychic ability. Tolerance becomes a given. We know that everyone is our teacher and the one who pushes our buttons the most is our greatest teacher. You will “feel” other’s thoughts and know intuitively who and what to avoid. I think this is God’s way of protecting the innocent. From this point on, you will go out of your way to help others with a deep knowledge that everyone who crosses your path does so for a reason.

As it pierces your throat chakra you will speak a song of truth. Your words when spoken will strike a chord within all who listen and they will recognize you for who you are… a bearer of Peace and a bringer of Light. This chakra resonates with whatever chakra you are operating from and so there is no waiting period here. When you were coming from your lower centers there was no hesitation in voicing your emotions. Now, there is no hesitation in voicing the truth. It is said that human evolution lies midway between the third and fourth centers and even at the highest level of this fourth center you can expect to be pulled back into mass consciousness from time to time. It is to be expected, you are not God realized, not yet anyway.

Now on to the Ajna Chakra, Third Eye or what I like to call Christ Consciousness. You have reached Nirvana and you live your life with unspeakable joy. At this level you perceive things in a completely different manner, so much so it cannot be described fully in words. Before you saw the interconnectedness between all living things, but now your consciousness has expanded to include the entire cosmos as well. You feel humbled by your awareness of the greatness and power of God, the Absolute. Your ego has long since fled the scene. You are now one with God and this is what Jesus meant when he said “The Father and I are One.” You can now spread your wings as shown in the picture.

Many interesting things occur at this level. On a physical level you will feel a strange and somewhat annoying buzzing going on in your forehead. You try to scratch it away but to no avail. To best describe it would be to say that it feels like the vibration of a fly caught in a web and buzzing frantically, except it’s in your forehead. Your sleep period will gradually shorten until it becomes non-existent, but before that happens you will find yourself sleeping on your back, having the most profound dreams imaginable. As you progress into the non-sleep stage, you will find yourself meditating during the quiet hours of the early morning and often pass into a trance-like state that the yogis call the “Dreamless Sleep.” Yet, you are so utterly aware that you can hear a pin drop in the next room.

During this time your body is automatically cleansing itself and going through some changes. You will lose all desire for sex and if you are a male, you couldn’t perform even if you wanted to. Yet, you will feel an immense power course through your body and an unimaginable physical strength, like you could lift an automobile over your head. Psychically, you will have an innate ability to heal, to see auras and chakras and “read” other people. Now, without an ego you find you can choose whatever type of personality you wish to wear. Your mind is sharp and keen as knowledge pours into it from an Outside Source.

Finally, after many grueling tests and initiations your Crown Chakra opens and you attain Masterhood. I call this God consciousness because in this center you realize with the utmost fullness that you are an extension of God incarnate and can do no wrong because ever present in your mind is the thought, “His Will is My Will and His Will be done.” Therefore the mirror placed at the top of the staff is showing you who you truly are. You can leave your body at will and discover you can be in many places at the same time. When your time for transition arrives you ascend and receive your initial initiation as a First Degree Master. The two dragons symbolize the male and female polarities as do the twin pillars. Atop each sits a crown and a chalice and the Moon and the Sun. The two Chalices of Temperance have now become one and the crown represents The Crown Chakra.

Sexual desire is the urge to unite or integrate with your opposite; it keeps the bond between you and your loved one strong. But when you merge with your opposite side, sex is no longer necessary or needed, as the two of you have become one. That is why the dragons are burning off the genitalia.

Your female side now holds a square in her right hand and your male side holds a compass in his left. These tools have not been discarded, indicating there is still more to build and more work to be done. While your spiritual evolution has ended on one level, on another it has just begun. This is our Journey.