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Numbers are used to explain an abstraction and as such, cannot be assigned a particular meaning, except perhaps in numerology. The most common abstraction of a numerical symbol is time, often depicted as a date or an age. It can represent a time period of the past, present or future. To dream of a child one-and-a-half years old could mean something that has been going on for a year-and-a-half and still developing. It can signify when something is happening or is about to happen, such as an arrival or departure.

The best way to resolve numbers is to analyze the dream as completely as possible first, then go back and look at the dream again to see how the number fits into the general context of the dream. Think of the number as a concept and attempt to apply it in that manner, if it does not make sense, try another concept and keep trying until you arrive at one that fits the context of the dream correctly.

A multiple of identical objects in a dream can mean more than anticipated or expected. Three bottles of vitamins could mean you need to take three times more than you originally thought necessary. A number followed by zeros also magnifies the numerical symbol.  Here is are some examples of dreams containing numbers:

Fighting With the Devil

I dreamt I was having a fight with the devil, in the end I won, I had to count backwards from 55 to 1 and every time I started the devil kicked me in the side.

  • This dream revolves around a conflict with someone that began at ages 54 to 55 (count backwards 1 from 55) meaning it went on for a year. The issue revolved around your “sidekick,” but in the end you won out, even though you had a “devil” of a time

As in most numerical dreams, I had to ask this person a few questions before I could accurately interpret her dream. Often, numbers are precognitive referring to future times, dates or ages. On rare occasions they refer to lucky numbers: Here is one that made the dreamer a millionaire. The following article appeared in a UPI press release in the San Francisco Chronicle, dated July 26, 1990:

 “State lottery officials identified the second $15 million dollar winner in last weekend’s Lotto 6/53 drawing as a Los Angeles machine operator who saw the numbers in a dream. Fernando Cruz came forward to claim half of the $30.12 million dollar jackpot, 10th largest in California’s history… Cruz’s daughter told lottery officials that he dreamed of reading a newspaper and only the winning numbers appeared on the page.”

Dead Friend

The day before yesterday, I had a dream of my dead friend, who was asking me to meet her at 11:00am in the morning. She was in a pleasant mood and talking to me with smile on her face, acting in a very decent manner and behaving normally. Can you tell me what the meaning of this dream is? I’m little afraid of this dream. I have never dreamed about her till now. This is the first time. Please help me out.

  • Those who have passed on can feel our thoughts and often visit us to let us know they are okay. This was most likely a spirit meeting where she tells you why she’s there. 11:00 am is late morning, which means you have been “mourning” her “lately.”

3 To Get Ready…now Go Cat Go

Last night, I dreamed of numbers. In the dream, I had a bingo on the number 9, but when someone came over to verify my (winning) bingo, I was told that someone else had a bingo (before mine), on the number 59. I remember telling the person that I didn’t see that number (59), being called.

  • The number 9 could signify nine days. The number 59 is a reiteration, as five 9s total up to 45 which numerologically reduces to a 9 (4 + 5). Let me know if something significant happens in 9 days.
  • Nine days later, as she was raking leaves in her backyard, bingo, she found her lost wallet.