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Nudity is exposing or revealing something about oneself, usually something personal. It can also be associated with the dreamer’s feelings, like “the naked truth,” or “bare facts.” In this dream it also indicates a direction the dreamer is taking by making it “public. We must also remember that we stand naked before our dream mind. Nothing can be concealed or kept from it and when it chooses to expose certain personal elements by bringing them to our conscious attention; it may well choose the symbol of nudity.

Naked on the Road

I had this dream where I am beside a road by a park and I am naked. I realize I am naked. There are cars driving past. The dream becomes lucid. I realize my surroundings. I walk down the road to the 7-11. There are people there. Then I walk down another more abandoned road to some empty rich homes.

  • This dream indicates a direction you are mentally taking, essentially saying, “Here is the naked truth.” In the dream you recognize this, especially after your subconscious throws in a “7-11” (a convenience store) essentially telling you, you think it is convenient for you to think this way. It concerns your feelings of abandonment, you feel empty of the richness you once housed. Time to turn yourself around.

Being Nude in a Public Place

I often dream of being nude in a public place, but not a place where you are supposed to be nude like a nudist beach, but a place like a street, I feel so vulnerable and so exposed. I think that everyone could see me, and I’m ashamed. But in the dream I feel a little pleasure of being exposed and ashamed.

  • Nudity is a common dream symbol that means exposing or revealing something about yourself, usually something personal. It can also be associated with your feelings, like “the naked truth,” or “bare facts.” Most likely, it means confiding private matters with select friends. You find it to be a socially fulfilling and rewarding experience which gives you pleasure although it does leave you vulnerable.

Only One Nude

I sign up for a nude aerobics class. I get there and I am the only one not wearing clothes….

  • You’ve been exposed. Your dream is “revealing” your need for exercise. Put on those aerobic clothes and get on with it.

Naked Outside

I come home to my house, get out of the car and realize I’m naked. I get a towel out of the trunk of my car and wrap it around me but I have to hold it on me. I go to my front door and realize it’s not locked; I slowly push it open and realize that I am being robbed. I yell to the people inside that I know and tell them to get out. Slowly they come walking out carrying my stuff. I tell them to put my stuff back but they say no. You can’t stop us, and I just stand there holding the door as all these people walk out carrying my things. I feel very helpless.

  • The dream is attempting to reveal (naked) something you are attempting to hide, an issue you are holding onto. It is showing you that you’re robbing yourself of something and seem helpless to prevent it. It also appears you are guarding it too loosely, allowing the wrong people (you) to gain entrance and holding the door open for them as they leave. The dream doesn’t say what it is, but similar dreams I’ve interpreted revolve around disciplinary matters such as curbing particular habits or behavioral issues. Diet and exercise seem to be most prevalent.

Naked Theatre Ex-Fiancée Encounter

In my dream I was in a theatre in the crowds and was called on stage to play godmother, I was naked but remembered to put a bra on before going on stage. There were a few others on stage completely naked apart from my ex fiancée who had a cloak and nothing else. I remember standing next to him and listening to him moaning and ruining what seemed to be a play going on. I turn to him and say “This is why I broke up with you!” I don’t understand why I had such a random dream. I have been apart from my ex for just 2 months but the relationship is most definitely over. I have moved on into a new relationship and I am very happy.

  • Nudity is a symbol for “revealing” or “exposing.” The dream is revealing the “role” you played in some “stage” of your old relationship. The other people represent the other various roles you played. Your current role of godmother is to see and understand what went wrong (on your end) so it doesn’t happen again in your new relationship.