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Many are feeling a change within themselves due to the rising vibratory frequencies affecting the planet. For some it can be quite disturbing and this is just the beginning. A separation is occurring whereby those who are negative will be drawn into deeper negativity, while the more spiritual will be pulled into the Light. 

Some of my Facebook friends are feeling the effects of moving into the 5th dimension and more will follow.  

But first, a short explanation about what is now occurring on our planet. Our history is steeped in blood; war after war, all of which incur karmic consequences. Much of what is happening in the Middle East today is the result of actions taken long ago, from ancient Sumeria to the time of the crusades and beyond, where women and children were raped and murdered, men executed and villages pillaged. Karma has a long memory and the scales are presently being balanced on a global level. 

I believe strongly in prayer and I know you do too. It is not a coincidence you are presently reading this. There is one prayer in particular that I use daily. It was given to us by the White Brotherhood and it is called “The Great Invocation.” You can find it online. I think of it as a call for sanity in an insane world. 

There are several things you can do to facilitate and hasten your spiritual transformation. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out impurities from the body making for a purer vessel. If you can eliminate hard alcohol, smoking and addictive drugs, as well as abstain from eating meat especially red meat such as beef and pork, all the better. You will have an easier time by living on a pure vegetarian diet. Above all, pray and meditate as much as possible. 

A number of you are already experiencing psychic phenomena. It usually begins with becoming more intuitive. The once small, still voice of the Soul is not so small and still anymore. It speaks to us through our intuition and our dreams. Some of you are experiencing sleep paralysis and/or floating up out of your body. In many instances you are encountering negative entities often called Shadow People, who are actually disembodied spirits or black magic practioners. (I’m averaging about 6 reports a month.)  

In other cases you may be confronted with actual demons (I get around 3 reports a month.) Both types of occurrences are increasing exponentially. Such instances can and do lead to demonic possession, but it’s not like what you see in the movies. It’s your astral body they are after, not your physical. They feed off the lower emotions and primarily seek to induce fear and lust within single individuals, and hatred and violence within groups. I will soon create another page called “The Dark Kingdom” that will explain it in much greater detail. 

I have been asked to share some of my personal experiences so you will better understand what is happening if and when the time comes for you or someone you know. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are the next most common abilities to awaken. But take care with clairaudience, as there are malevolent “voices” whose sole purpose is to mislead you. But if you have purified yourself I as described above and operate from your higher centers of love and light, there should be no cause for alarm. 

Out-of-body experiences can be frightening for the uninitiated even without a negative presence. Those who know me know it’s not my preference to write about something gleaned from books other than short excerpts. Many writers derive their works almost exclusively from the inspiration of others, providing minor alterations which tend to grow with each succeeding author, thereby leaving the accuracy of the writing in question. I don’t deny that people have a right to their opinions based upon what they’ve read. I too offer my opinions in this piece. However, they are based upon my personal experiences rather than book knowledge.  

I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field, as there is a substantial amount I don’t know and I confess as much in the course of relating my experiences. For some reason which is beyond me, I have come to the attention of several Ascended Masters who have graciously given me some information that I will sometimes incorporate.  


My Astral Experiences Within the Physical Plane:

The astral body can limit itself to movement within the physical plane or it can traverse the cosmos, this much I know from experience. Rather than relate my excursions in chronological order I prefer to do so in the order of the various planes beginning with the physical plane.

In my late teens I had what I thought was a lucid dream. In my “dream,” I was walking through the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, where as a preteen, I had a paper route. Enjoying a magnificent view of the bay from atop a hill, it began to dawn on me I was dreaming. Looking closely at everything, I marveled at how clear it all was. I then noticed a woman of about my age or perhaps a bit older approaching me from the opposite direction. As she began to walk past I grabbed her excitedly by the wrist and said “Do you know this is all a dream?” She appeared startled and attempted to pull away. I then grabbed her other wrist, surprised both by her response and how real she felt in my grasp. She was now terrified and struggling to escape. I felt something was wrong. This was my dream and I didn’t expect it to turn out this way. In an attempt to calm her down, I said while still holding onto her, “Look, I’ll prove it to you.” And I began to shake my head vigorously from side to side. I awoke still shaking my head. 

This experience disturbed me to the point where I did not have another out-of-body experience for years. When I did, I was more spiritually and metaphysically aware and over time I learned  the astral body has an amorphous quality to it and its shape can be altered by thought. It retains all five physical senses, but only if we “expect” it to. We can eat and drink, yet I wonder if taste is just a memory that appears real, and if this includes the food as well. Also, all communication is done telepathically although it appears to be vocal.

When I was attending the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, I was abruptly awakened in my astral body when a couple passed through my front door. They were laughing and she was wearing a green party dress while he was carrying a bottle of alcohol. They were all set to party and when they saw me they were just as surprised as I was. I have forgotten how our conversation went, but they either had the wrong address or were looking for the previous tenant who had since moved.

In that same apartment while laying on my bed in a deeply relaxed state I suddenly found myself flying out of my body at lightening speed and headed directly for the wall. I cried out to Kuthumi and was immediately snapped back into my body like I was attached to a rubber band. I would not have been so shaken had I not been caught by surprise. I say this to justify my embarrassment at my reaction.

I would like to note here that at the time I was suffering from sleep apnea, although I did not know what it was called at the time. I just thought that being in such a relaxed state was causing me to forget to breathe. When this occurred I would immediately awaken and resume breathing normally. While I believe one must attain a state of relaxation beyond the norm to consciously leave the body, it should not be quite that deep.

Another point I wish to mention is that the head of my bed faced south, yet when I suddenly flew out of my body it faced north. I distinctly recall hurtling forward toward the south wall. I have also noticed on other occasions where the placement of things were turned around and can offer no explanation for this.

In Grass Valley, California, when I was teaching dream classes, we covered the topic of astral projection. You can imagine my surprise during the following week’s class when one of my students, a young lady, asked the other if she remembered their astral encounter and she replied matter-of-factly “Yes, you wanted to know if we could get together this Saturday to play tennis.”

I was definitely amused at how easily people accepted this ability as a natural extension of their lives once it’s understood.

One facet that’s not well known is that while we may not recall our out-of-body experiences we often dream about them. It’s as if the subconscious mind does not differentiate between a waking life event and an astral one.

Normally, dreams occur during a sleep stage known as the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. However, studies indicate we also dream during NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. It’s stated that such dreams are much harder to recall with only about a seven per cent chance of remembrance. These dreams also differ from REM dreams in that they are more abstract with shadowy figures and unfamiliar or vague scenes. A feeling of disembodiment and disorientation is not uncommon in NREM dreams. My belief is that it’s within this deeper sleep cycle that out-of-body experiences occur. The following are some examples of my astral experiences and the corresponding resultant dreams.

The following event took place after my wife and I left on vacation leaving our two cats behind with what we thought were ample provisions. Toward the end of our stay, I began to wonder about them. That night I left my body to investigate and subsequently found myself standing in front of our house. I remember entering the home and checking on the two cats. They were listless and panting. I could see they were not in good shape. This dream then followed:

A catfish was flopping alongside a swimming pool. I recognized it as our gray cat. I picked her up and placed her back in the water where she swam around in a contented manner.

Immediately upon awakening, I knew our cats were out of water. Remembering the end of the dream I was not overly alarmed, but felt we should head back immediately. We arrived home to find both our cats suffering from dehydration. An unforeseen, extreme hot spell had occurred causing them to drink more water than anticipated. Note the lack of symbolic content described in the astral event as compared to the dream.

The next occurrence is slightly more complex. The events leading up to it began after a rather tense discussion with a member of my group and—without any intent on my part—left her with hurt feelings. That evening as I slept, the incident spilled over into an out-of-body experience where she and I were again having a heated discussion, a repetition of what occurred in our waking state. But this time, her true feelings were unleashed and she proceeded to tell me off in a most belligerent and argumentative manner. I awoke to feel her anger still with me. Falling back to sleep, I then had the following dream:

Angry Iranians were demonstrating. When the demonstration was over, the Shah told me to remove the gold chain around the courtyard. I was surprised the crowd didn’t recognize the chain as gold and take it. Removing a length of it, I put it in my coat pocket and hung my coat up in a closet in my bedroom. In doing so, I noticed a man and a woman on the bed having sex. She was fully clothed in Persian garb and was on top, becoming increasingly more excited until she finally climaxed. I left and went to the courtyard where they both appeared. The man was angry and threatened me with his sword. The woman called the guards and they chopped him up with their swords.

Note the straightforwardness of the out-of-body experience compared to the dream, which is  filled with bizarre symbolism.

In breaking down the dream I interpreted the first sentence to mean “I ran” from an “angry demonstration. Secondly, I felt she didn’t recognize the value of what I was saying (the gold chain) and so I “hung it up,” putting it back in the closet. Seeing this made her feel like she had climaxed or “come out on top.” I feel the heavy clothing meant “clothed in her beliefs.” The gold chain surrounding the courtyard symbolized what I felt was the strength my advice could give her. Lastly, the Shah who told me to “remove it” was the wiser part of me, telling me to quit. This woman saw me as threatening her beliefs during our verbal “intercourse” and “chopped me up” with her words.

Another event occurred in Grass Valley where I was having an astral conversation with a young woman who was a coworker. She was telling me she had something wrong “down there,” indicating her female area. I somehow determined there was a problem with her uterus, and saw an image of it that exhibited five or six little lumps, each about the size of a pea, I sensed they were cysts. How I saw them and determined they were cysts? I don’t know, but can you imagine what a boon this would be to medical science? 

Like my other out-of body experiences, this event was like having a normal, waking conversation. The next day I wondered how she would react if I approached her with such a personal matter. I decided to simply confront her and hope for the best, as I have never had a problem being candid. 

The opportunity came the following morning when I found her alone in the coffee room. I simply came out and asked if she were experiencing any “female” problems. At first she thought I was joking and responded with a deft rejoinder. But as I persisted, her demeanor changed and she hesitantly admitted that some lumps were discovered in her uterus by her gynecologist the day before. Tissue samples were taken for a biopsy and she would know the results later in the week. I told her not to worry, they were not malignant. She asked me how I knew and without elaboration, I told her I had a dream. 

She accepted the dream explanation and the matter was kept confidential, as she did not want anyone at work knowing of her condition. Later, she told me she got “goose bumps all over” when I told her of my “dream.” The following week the tests came back with the results indicating they were fibroid tumors. Two months later, she underwent surgery and had them removed.  

I recall another incident where I awoke with a memory of an astral excursion beneath the sea where I discovered a vast area littered with meteor fragments. This was something that I had evidently been searching for, as it provided evidence of a large meteor that once struck the earth perhaps the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Clearly, I was quite excited by this find yet it does nothing to provoke my interest in the physical state. Essentially, I could care less. Is it possible for the astral mentality and the physical to have different sets of interests?  

Another topic that may be of interest concerns sexual out-of-body experiences. While sexual dreams often symbolize integration of things other than sex, this is not the case with OBEs.  When questioned, almost all my group members confided to me about having such “dreams,” clear-cut and devoid of symbolism. All were straightforward and uncomplicated. Some of their dreams were of having sex with strangers and others with people they knew including other group members, two of whom, both married, admitted recalling such incidents of astral infidelity never realizing they were anything more than just “hot” dreams.  

I have two examples of my own worth mentioning. One was of a waitress at a sidewalk café I regularly frequented. Over time we became close and she would often sit and chat with me when she was not busy. We ultimately had an intimate OBE. The following morning she said she “had a dream about me last night.” When I told her it was not a dream her face turned bright red and after that she more-or-less distanced herself from me.  

Sometime later, a similar experience occurred. Only this time, the woman was a coworker who related it to me, mentioning she was feeling guilty because she was married. Fortunately, she was not familiar with out-of-body experiences or the nature of dreams. I told her to forget about it, that it was only “just a dream” and didn’t mean anything. Perhaps there is a good reason why we sometimes don’t remember our nightly jaunts.  

Years later, after I remarried, my wife and I would occasionally drive to Redding, California to spend a few days with her mother and stepfather. One evening when discussing my “experiences,” my mother-in-law told me she doubted such a thing was possible. I told her I would attempt to prove it to her that night. The following morning I remembered visiting her in an out-of-body state, but that was all. Later, when she awoke, she took me to task for disturbing her sleep and keeping her “up all night.” I was surprised to find she not only recalled the experience, but did so far more vividly than I! 

A former Facebook friend, who is well-known with 5000 friends, commented quite negatively on one of my dream posts and called me to task before unfriending me. Puzzled, I visited him on the astral that night to determine the reason for his actions. He was dressed very dapper in a beige topcoat and a matching brimmed hat. I saw immediately he fancies himself as a ladies man and has quite an ego. Evidently he had been drinking and misread my post, thinking it was me rather than the dreamer who said those things. He also reeked of tobacco. While he appeared to be a bit embarrassed, he did not offer an apology. Here is a man with a spiritual page who as they say “Talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.” I left a bit saddened because he does have a wonderful page with great photos. 

Just recently, I moved into a new apartment and as I was putting it all in order I began noticing how angry I was. As an empath I am aware that I can absorb other peoples’ emotions if I am not careful, and there is no way to distinguish them from my own other than through “detached observation” for lack of a better term. 

I concluded that whoever lived here before left behind some angry thought-forms and that’s what I was sensing. I mentioned this on Facebook, stating the energy was too strong to smudge away and I would most likely have to get some holy water and ritually bless the place. 

The next day, still feeling tired after the move, I lay down to rest and promptly fell asleep. I quickly found myself out of my body and in the presence of an elderly lady lying in bed. The covers were down and she was complaining of severe pain in her legs. She pulled her nightgown up to her thighs revealing pale and translucent skin. I could see numerous blue varicose veins beneath. I don’t recall what I said, if anything. I only remember awakening back in my body. 

Again, I posted the experience on my Timeline, stating that I wondered if the woman lived in the complex and whether or not she was alive or in spirit. Then Rika Stelcik saw my post and came to my rescue. The woman had evidently passed on, but her astral body remained behind emitting those angry thought-forms. 

Rika later informed me that she helped the woman cross over to the other side and the apartment was now clear. And so it was! It was amazing how clear and clean it felt (and still does). I didn’t even have to smudge the place. Rika is definitely a powerful little thing, lol, and I now look upon her with newfound respect. 

In retrospect, I don’t understand why I didn’t connect the dots. I was wondering where those thought-forms were coming from and was shown the source in an out-of-body experience. Was it because I was too tired to think straight or am I just not as astute as I like to think I am? 

While I have had many other physical plane astral experiences I feel it would be redundant of me to pursue them further.  

None of my out-of-body experiences were “willed” to the extent that I did some kind exercise or said a particular mantra. I am not “trained” in this respect. In some instances like with my former mother-in-law and my ex-Facebook friend I did “wish” to see them astrally, so they were on my mind prior to falling asleep. I know there are many “how to” books on the subject. But because I’ve never read them, there is nothing I can recommend to aid those who wish to try it themselves. 


My Astral Experiences

Within The Lower Astral Plane


When we leave our bodies and our destination lies beyond our familiar earth environment we must pass the lower astral planes to reach our objective. When we depart in a conscious or aware state we are for the most part unprotected. Yet, when we pass through the lower planes while in an unconscious state, we usually pass through without any negative encounters. It’s like we’re being protected in one instance and not in the other. I have no idea why that is, but it reinforces my belief to shield ourselves with an impenetrable aura of White Light protection before sleep. 

I am told that in the densest of these planes creature-like beings exist, which are often mistaken for animals. But animals are part of a group soul that lies outside these dimensions. My sense is that these are human beings who have (in their minds) lost their humanity. Remember, in this dimension we can exist in any outer form we choose and it is easily possible for deranged individuals to allow their animal nature to consume them to a point where they become personifications of the beasts they subconsciously believe they are.  

If we move upward (a misnomer, since there is only outward and inward) through the subplanes of this lowest dimension we will ultimately reach the realms of what I call organized evil or the dark forces. They have their own hierarchy and I once asked my Teacher if they have masters like the White Brotherhood. He replied simply “They have their magicians,” and left it at that. 

Only once did I enter this realm and for the life of me I don’t know why. All I remember is I found myself in a dark cavern in the midst of a group of satanic witches. Unlike my Wiccan friends they exuded pure evil. 

I began to preach Light and Love to them, but they immediately became enraged and attacked me. I held a sword in my hand (I have no idea where it came from) and fought back. It was like straight out of a fantasy movie. I somehow thought because I was of the Light I could overcome them, but I was wrong. They fought wildly, like the possessed beings they were. I didn’t stand a chance. 

I fled back into my body and awoke breathless with my heart pounding, unintentionally waking my wife who lay alongside me. I told her of my experience before we both fell back to sleep. But no sooner had I done so than I found myself surrounded by these evil creatures once more. They evidently followed me back to my bedroom and were waiting for me to astrally emerge.  

So again I found myself battling these bitches. During this fierce fight I felt the presence of my wife, but never saw her. To say they were powerful is an understatement. At one point I looked at my sword and saw it was rusty. Taking this to be a sign, I fled once more back into my body where I remained for the rest of the night. My wife, by the way, witnessed the second half of the fight and can testify to the fact that it did indeed occur. Although she is now my ex, we still remain friends, even on Facebook.   

I believe everything serves a purpose and life on all levels is a school. If so, there was much I learned (about what not to do?) from this incident. I pondered over the rusty sword. I knew it was a signal, but from whom, my Higher Self, guardian angel, a Master? I thought what if I shape shifted into a monstrous beast, but then so could they. The battle would have still been the same, only with different shapes. Somehow, I instinctively knew this at the time without even having to give it thought.

There is also a sexual plane. The highest level is where lovers meet with lovers, sometimes for illicit sex. Usually, these are people who know one another on the physical plane, but due to social constraints could never enter into, let alone consummate a relationship. This includes those who are not even consciously aware of having an attraction to each other. There are also those who meet where physical distance prohibits coupling. But there are many married couples there as well; sharing their passions that were likely carried over from their physical activity. There is yet another level set aside for those who are simply desirous of physical satisfaction so as to release bottled up sexual energy. The denser subplanes of this level consist of increasingly more deviant sexual behavior.

I would venture to say almost all of us—myself included—have visited the upper levels of this plane. And I know for a fact that many would be shocked by their astral behavior. The astral body is not called the desire body for nothing. I can attest to the fact that any desire we may have on the physical plane is magnified intensely on the astral while at the same time our inhibitions are greatly reduced. This includes addictions as well. I’ve read of the existence of a dimension called purgatory, where those having negative habits or vices must first purge themselves of them before entering the higher realms. If this is so, it would be best to quit now, on the physical level, rather than suffer a more intense ordeal later.

Here are some excerpts of what Robert Monroe has to say about it in his book Journeys Out Of The Body: “I was filled with a great desire for [sexual] satisfaction. It was so strong I forgot everything else.” … “I was overwhelmed with the sex urge for the fourth time in a row.”  

He goes on to state: 

“The sexual action-reaction in the physical seems but a pale imitation… it is as if we are remembering dimly the emotional peak [orgasm?] that occurs among people in the Second State [His term for astral]. If you find this difficult to accept, try to examine objectively your own sexual desire without conditioning factors… Take away the rules and taboos and look closely without emotional bias.” 

And he ends with: “Many of the experiments in these notes are ‘too personal’ for me to relate.” 

I also choose to skip the details of my experiences except for one that was rather unusual: I was asleep in my home when I awoke in my astral body to encounter two women and a man. The women were both strikingly beautiful and exuded a strong sexual aura. There was also a pervading color of dull red. The man and one of the women began having sex while the other woman was attempting to seduce me. Then the strangest thing happened. A flea hopped off of her and we both saw it. I read the symbol instantly, “Flee her!” In less than a heartbeat I was back in my body and realized the forms these women took were most likely not how they truly appeared. I believe incubi and succubae are people in astral form from either this plane or the next, exuding a sexual desire strong enough to overcome an unsuspecting host.  

Once again I received a warning (however strange) to remove myself from a situation! I suspect it came from my Higher Self, yet the possibility remains it could have come from someone else.  

The area that I call the mundane astral realm is populated with people who have passed, with the exception of those few who are visiting. My Teacher once asked me if I would like to visit my deceased mother, but I asked to visit my uncle instead, as he raised me from age twelve after my mother passed. What I did not know at the time was that I subconsciously held some resentment toward her for “abandoning” me. I did not discover this until later. 

Shortly after I fell asleep my Teacher kept his word and I found myself in a beautiful place. It reminded me of an extravagant mall, unenclosed and decorated with exotic plants, fountains and waterfalls. There were two levels of shops containing everything imaginable. The thought never occurred to me as to how people pay for things, perhaps they don’t. After all, this illusionary world is far more amenable to the forces of thought than our denser physical one. 

I went up some stairs to the second level and proceed through a café to a large balcony or veranda where I found an empty table and took a seat. The colors were quite vivid and everything was much sharper and clearer, making the appearance of the physical plane appear dull by comparison. I knew where I was and why. (Why don’t we have this innate sense of knowingness here on this plane? Maybe because it would take all the fun out of our experience.) 

Two women, who were engaged in conversation and seated nearby, invited me to join them. I sensed their friendly warmth, but declined because I felt my uncle’s presence approaching. The happiness he radiated cannot be described in words. We spoke for a long time and I remember asking him why we met here instead of the plane he was on presently. He said I couldn’t handle the vibrations there and arranged to meet at this location. 

Time passed and eventually I came to realize the feelings I held for my mother. I allowed the Master to help me visit her. The visit was unusual in several respects. When we met I sensed it was unexpected on her part, as there was a feeling of confusion. Was she expecting to see a kid? Our meeting was brief and a bit uncomfortable. When I hugged her goodbye, my impression was she felt like she was hugging a stranger; so much for our loved ones always keeping an eye on us from the other side. 

A few months later, wanting to strengthen the bond, I asked Kuthumi if I could see her again, but it was already too late. She had incarnated back into the same family group as before, which is not uncommon. He offered to take me to see her as an infant, but I declined. What purpose would it serve? 

The Master knew I held resentment toward her. He also knew our meeting would be my last chance to release it along with the attached karma before she returned to the physical, yet He never mentioned a word of this to me.  

Swami Muktananda died in 1982. I had heard about him from a friend of mine who went to hear him speak in Oakland, California the year before. She told me of having a spiritual experience after being touched on the head with a peacock feather as he imparted Shaktipat. After waiting in a long line she received the blessing, which she said felt like electricity (Shakti?) running up her spine and throughout her body. Intrigued, I vowed to attend his next appearance in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, the moment never arrived. 

A year or so later I contracted a stubborn virus that I couldn’t shake and prayed for a healing. That evening, after I fell asleep, I found myself in my astral body where I appeared in the company of Swami Muktananda. The surrounding scene was that of a campsite by a placid lake. A woman was seated by the campfire and a dog was present as well. The area was secluded, picturesque and exuded serenity. But Muktananda seemed surprised. “How did you find me?” he asked.

“I came to ask for a healing,” I replied.

I then felt him draw something out of my body which was expelled into the fire and the next thing I knew I was back in my body where I promptly awoke. I spent the rest of the night coughing up a seemingly endless amount of phlegm in-between short bouts of sleep. That morning when I arose I found my lungs were clear and I could easily breathe through my nose for the first time in what seemed like ages.

I’ve reflected on this experience many times over the years and ended up with more questions than answers. On several occasions I’ve received from or gave advice to others when my Teacher could have easily done it Himself. My thought is that as individuals we both benefit from the interaction, whereas the gain would be one-sided if it came solely from the Master. In this instance I surmise I was delivering a message to Muktananda to come out of seclusion, as there was work for him to do and in turn, he healed me.

The setting of course, was Muktananda’s creation, but the woman companion was real. Where did she come from? And the dog; was it his creation or was he somehow able to retain the astral body of the animal and prevent it from passing on to its group soul? I know that on the physical level pets sometimes hang around their owners for awhile after they’ve passed, but I’ve never seen or heard of it done on the plane of the departed. 

Another astral occurrence of interest was when I found myself on a mundane level of the astral plane. I vaguely recall searching for someone or something. The setting was earthlike. There were stores, parks, and people here and there. As I passed what appeared to be a pub, a couple of men smiled at me through the glass and gestured for me to come in and join them. Although I could feel their friendly vibrations, I declined.  

The only reason I mention this incident is because when I looked up into what we would call the sky I saw two strange, huge figures suspended there, one opposite the other. All I could see were their heads and shoulders, and they were surrounded by what appeared to be flames. I approached a passer by and asked him if he knew what they were. He shook his head and showing little interest, he replied he didn’t know, saying they were always there. As he continued on his way I took a good hard look at one of them and you can imagine my shock when I sensed it was looking right back at me. I also felt it knew who I was and why I was there, and not just me but everyone else on that plane as well. That realization was enough to send me flying back into my body. 

I later learned these are angelic beings who watch over that plane. They are guardians who police and protect that area and would not allow entry to anyone who didn’t belong there. What both amazed and spooked me was the awesome power I sensed emanating from them. How vast was their intelligence? They are truly most formidable beings. Years later, while browsing angel pictures on the internet I found an image that bore their near-exact likeness. It was unmistakable. They are known as “watcher” angels (not to be confused with the ones who mated with earth women that in turn gave birth to the Nephilim). Unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the site and much to my dismay, I was never able to find it again. I have spent hours fruitlessly searching for it. If anyone comes across it, please let me know. 

Another thing, are the inhabitants of that plane dumbed down? How could they not know who these beings were or at least exhibit some curiosity toward them?

One time a woman in one of my classes wanted to know how her deceased husband was doing. It was given that he was building a log cabin. She laughed, saying that was something he always wanted to do on the physical plane. I discovered that many people endeavor to either complete what they feel they left unfinished or accomplish that which they never had the opportunity to do in this world. 

I once had an experience that occurred when I awoke in my astral body and instead of departing in a flash to a particular destination, I found myself floating through the etheric subplanes. It was an incredible experience. I found I could actually see the different electrical waves and sparks of energy in brilliant moving colors. Although I could not recognize any of the differing light formations, I felt them to be radio waves, x-rays, electric currents, cosmic rays and so on. It was quite an eerie but spectacular show. I also felt a movement or current, like a powerful wind passing through me rather than buffeting me around like it should have. This was my one and only experience with the etheric planes that I can remember.  

Since we travel at the speed of thought to our destination, how and why did I get hung up there? Maybe I did not have a firm destination in mind, but that still doesn’t answer my question. 

My experiences on the Spiritual Plane revolve solely around meetings with the Masters, oftentimes in a group. I no longer recall what was discussed, but I do know They always placed a sphere of protection around us. What does this tell you? 

More of my astral experiences can be found  by clicking on the “About the Author” link on my website or, where I write about how with the guidance of the Master and often accompanied by my partner Kathy, I visited beings on Venus and the moon, as well as members of the elemental kingdom. I also mention shape shifting for those interested.   

My intent is merely to share some personal experiences that were somewhat unusual as far as astral occurrences are concerned, and what you might expect to encounter in your own travels. While much can be found online concerning this subject the only book I would recommend would be “The Astral Plane.” by C. W. Leadbeater. It can be downloaded as a free ebook: The Astral Plane – book by C. W. Leadbeater. But because it is unedited and a bit arduous to read, I ordered the printed (edited) version which I am expecting shortly. I believe it will answer many questions which I yet harbor concerning this dimension.