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I have to smile as I recall this event. When I was working with Kuthumi, The Master asked me to deliver a message to someone in Asia. I immediately knew something was up, since I would be astrally projecting at night and it would be daytime over there. Only a very high being can just lie down and step out of his or her body. I arrived at my destination to be greeted by a little Asian man about 5 feet, four inches tall and weighing about 125 pounds. I delivered the message, saying “Kuthumi said to tell you the thought form needs to be recharged.” He smiled , placed his hand on my shoulder and I found myself suddenly transported to what I felt was a huge mountain range which may have been the Himalayas. We entered a cave and then through a wall at the back. What I saw stunned me. I found myself in a hall carved out of stone that was approximately fifteen feet wide by thirty feet long and on the tables lay heaps of the most beautiful precious gems imaginable; they were like nothing I had ever seen.

I then noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned in that direction I saw the most hideous creature imaginable. It appeared to be like something out of a science fiction movie. I would best describe it as a cross between a giant spider and an octopus. It shuffled toward me, sensed me and then backed off. As the Asian Master re-energized the thought form my eyes turned back to the gemstones, they were huge! The colors were intense, the clarity was unbelievable (not a single inclusion) and they were cut and polished to perfection. My thoughtful Teacher, knowing my love for gemstones, chose to share this moment with me.

Once the creature was fully activated, I saw it was powerful enough to take on any negative entity foolish enough to enter that cavern. Later, the little Asian introduced Himself to me as Hilarion, Ascended Master and Chohan of the Fifth Ray (science and healing). I was then told something no one but a few monks know. During the Vietnam War, He was in physical incarnation in Cambodia, living in a monastery while transmuting much of the negative energy of the area with His Love. He reminded me so much of Yoda from “Star Wars,” inhabiting a small form, so meek and humble, yet with the power to move mountains.

I recently asked to get in touch with Hilarion to see what His views were concerning the forthcoming global shift. Instead, I was directed to an online page where I found a channeling from Him:

“As the days march on into the new Age of Light, and humanity is being cleansed of all old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serves their higher purpose, the heartbeat of the Earth joins with them. The Earth deeply desires to allow the time necessary for many of her inhabitants to join her in her ascended state of expansion, and so the cosmic window of opportunity is still wide open to allow this change and transformation to occur. All upon the planet are finding themselves awakening to many truths that were not available for their conscious knowledge before these times that you are now in your midst.”

“As these truths are revealed more individuals are finding themselves in difficulty, having to struggle to deal with acceptance of how much they have allowed their innate sovereignty as divine beings to be usurped by those they have allowed authority over their lives. The initial reaction is one of uncomfortable rejection of these truths followed by an internal upheaval as they try to process and overcome this requirement for awakening. The good news is that the more who awaken to these truths, the greater the impetus becomes for all to awaken and that is what is occurring in your world in the now moment. All upon the planet are opening their consciousness to the idea that they are much more than they ever dreamed possible and that they have many rights they were not aware of before.”

“These are the end times spoken of by seers and prophets from the days of old. These are the times of tribulation that we have been forewarned. What is required of each human soul in the now moment is to make a conscious choice and commitment to align with their own divinity and Source in whatever way is meaningful for them and to nurture that aspect of themselves with full consciousness and motivation. Every soul incarnated upon this planet has a magnificent destiny ahead for them, but effort is required to transform former ways of thinking and doing into a new way that is more in unity with their own divine essence and being.”

“Upon the surface of your planet, seeming chaos is everywhere but all one has to do is become centered within themselves and daily align with their higher essence, to recall and intend to be the greatest vision of themselves and to expect the highest outcomes for all facets of their lives upon the Earth. It also requires each soul to recognize that each is going through their own versions of awakening, acceptance, growth and expansion and that all are united in this great undertaking. All must step up in their comprehension of the bigger picture of the events taking place and make sense of it in a way that will allow the greatest good for all.”

“Through it all, underlying all activities, is the remembrance that these times were chosen by each soul as a tremendous opportunity for soul growth and expansion that is rarely available anywhere else in the Universe. It is up to each and every creator being who is alive and experiencing life upon this planet to bring about the changes that will uplift and nurture all life in a positive and constructive, loving way. For when this happens there will be peace and harmony on earth. Those in the forefront of this movement are asked to persevere and keep on keeping on, holding your Light and your Love as an anchor upon and within the earth.”

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of  Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.