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In my many years of interpreting dreams I have found the majority of them to revolve around health issues; Diet, weight-loss, exercise and warnings of impending illnesses. Pregnant and dieting women are especially prone to such dreams since they are more likely to be focusing on their health and we usually dream about what is on our mind.

I personally believe we never encounter an illness without being forewarned first in a dream. Such a dream often outlines the physical, mental or emotional conditions that initially instigated the illness. Once a student submitted a dream where she was in a war, bitterly fighting opposing forces. I told her she was fighting off an illness and to look after it. A few days later she came down with the flu, which she described as the “worst of my life.” The reason I so easily interpreted her dream is because I’ve often had such dreams myself. Usually, I wind up fighting Nazis, since they represent bad “GERMans.”

Dependence on Another for Food

Someone gave me money to enable me to buy a can of soup. I don’t know who it was, but I didn’t have the money, myself, and I didn’t have food. Yet when I went to pay with the money the person had given me, I was exactly one penny short after taxes. Somehow, I was allowed the can of soup anyway. I’m certain it was vegetable soup, because I don’t eat meat… but it’s so strange that my dream-self would remember this and make it a priority, perhaps because I’ve been vegetarian too long. I do remember understanding there was no meat in it. When I opened the can of soup, it was clear/transparent, but when I added water (as one does with condensed soup), it became dark blue. This confused me. It wasn’t poisonous, but probably some weird edible chemicals I suppose. I don’t remember anything after that. But I probably did eat it (would have eaten it), because if I had no money and someone had to give me enough to buy a can of soup and I was still short on change… I think I wouldn’t have been able to be picky. Beggars can’t be choosy, even if their soup does turn blue.

  •  This dream concerns your diet. You are “short-changing” yourself on nutrients with your current food intake. Blue could indicate an overly alkaline condition and the chemicals may perhaps be trace minerals.

Releasing Plenty of Bowel

 I was dreaming weird about my husband. In my dreams I’ve seen him removing lots of his bowel and somebody else wipe the excess from the toilet bowl.

  •  This is not a health dream. You feel your husband has been sloppy lately and you’ve had to clean up a lot of his shit.

Recurring Teeth Dream

I have this recurring dream where my teeth begin falling out one by one, it starts off slow. I am freaking out crying trying to put them back in and then more and more fall out.

  •  Teeth can signify words, as they both come from the mouth. Loose teeth or teeth falling out often mean loose words being spoken or falling from one’s mouth. It can also be a health dream warning you to check for dental problems.

Fish Turn To Worms

I put a number of small fish down my top to basically to steal them. When I remove my top to retrieve the fish they have turned to worms and are stuck all over my body and someone helps to pick them off my back. I’m frightened and panic.

  •  Undercooked fish, especially sushi, sometimes contain parasites. Whenever there is theft in a dream it usually means stealing from yourself. In this case, parasites can rob you of your health and vitality.

Being Chased By Michael Myers

I’ve been having these recurring dreams for about a year where I’m being chased by Michael Myers. Sometimes they’re brief… other times they’re very lengthy. A few weeks ago, I had one that I thought was somewhat of a breakthrough. In the dream, he was dating this girl who was cheating on him. He came to me and asked if it was true… if she was really cheating on him and (terrified of his presence) I said yes. So, he killed her. Then he and I were sitting at a coffee shop talking like friends. I had another one the other night where he was chasing me and trying to kill me again. I have no idea what this means, but they happen every couple of weeks (more frequently around Halloween).

  • Michael Myers is a Halloween symbol that is chasing you because of something you do at that time of the year, which is killing your diet by eating sweets. You’re cheating on yourself. Michael Myers is a recurring symbol that will appear in your dreams nearly every time you break your diet. Be especially alert for serial killer chocolate lurking in the shadows.

An Exorcism Was Happening In My House

It was really scary! I remember taking my bicycle and cycling so fast I did not stop to talk to anyone! And it felt like this has happened before. I saw this grassy valley but right in front of me there was chopped up meat or chicken… something like that. I went home and everybody was in the alter room and there was loud thud on the door! I freaked out and woke up! I am vegetarian and I have never been involved in supernatural and I believe in god!

  •  This is a health dream. The bicycle represents ‘dietary balance,” the grassy valley is your vegetarian diet. Your dream is placing “meat” right in front of you to show you what you need. The altar room is telling you that you are sacrificing something and the loud thud on the door was literally trying to get you to “wake up.” Most vegetarian dreams suggest liver and sometimes rice as a supplement. If you don’t like beef liver (most people don’t), you may choose supplements instead, in which case you may want to see a dietician.

Fighting With Knives and Fork

I was fighting with a big bald man with a knife. I was brave at first because I won at the first fight using a fork. The next round made me feel anxious and afraid because we were both holding a knife!  Mine was the chopping knife. He was holding a much bigger and longer knife so I decided to have knives each hand and hide a fork at my back for back up before the next round starts. I woke up.

  •  Knives and forks indicate you are battling with your diet. Your old eating habits are “bigger” because they have been around “longer” than your newly acquired habit, but it sounds like you’re not giving up. You are a valiant warrior, your perseverance is commendable and worthy of honor.

Recurring Dream: House Falling Apart

I have a recurring dream where I am trying to sell my house and I all of a sudden I will be reminding of all these defects and start to feel sad that no one will buy my house. It is always my current home in the dream, but occasionally it will be slightly different. Although I know it is my house it is sometimes in a different configuration, but the defects are that the floors are coming apart, the roof is starting to go, leaky pipes, crazy configurations. Once my home was connected to someone else’s and I knew I would have to build a wall to separate them but don’t have enough money. Last night my dad was in the dreams (he passed 6 months ago from Alzheimer’s) I woke up feeling very sad and had to force myself to take a shower and start my day.

  • Something you’re trying to sell yourself on and still not buying it. This is a health dream related to your physical condition and the cost of repairing it. I’m assuming you don’t have medical insurance, but there is always the county. I suggest you get a full physical checkup as soon as possible.