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The Master Elijah

In the Book of Malachi, Elijah’s return is prophesied “before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord,”[5] making him a harbinger of the Messiah and the eschaton in various faiths that revere the Hebrew Bible. Derivative references to Elijah appear in the Talmud, Mishnah, the New Testament and the Qur’an.

While conducting a seminar many years ago, I did a past life regression workshop using group hypnosis. In the process, an angel by the name of Diana began to channel. Later, she made a private appointment with me where I hypnotized her at the suggestion of her Guide. Once under hypnosis, He was able to come through clearly and identified himself as Elijah.

Once Diana was in a deep enough sleep He would make an opening statement to let me know He was ready for questions. I would then question him on different subjects and thus began a series of taped channelings that were later transcribed into five segments. 

In another interesting turn of events, I discovered that Diana (who I lost contact with shortly after these channelings) has a Facebook page. We were originally instructed to keep in touch with one another, which we failed to do. Not too long ago, I picked up and began to read Elijah’s transcript from my bookshelf where it remained silently waiting all these years, I was moved to search for Diana and destiny brought us into contact once more. She is a talented artist and photographer and has a strong connection with the angelic kingdom. She can be found on Facebook under Diana Haronis, and welcomes you to visit her page. She also has one of the most beautiful websites I have ever visited. 

Amazingly, while this information was given to me  over twenty years ago it is extremely accurate in detailing what is occurring today. The importance and timeliness of what Elijah has to say is such that I believe He warrants special attention. He confirmed that He is the Prophet Elijah from biblical times and after doing some research I found many references stating he would return just prior to the “End Times,” to use biblical terminology.  Here is an excerpt from one of the transcripts:


ELIAJH: “We suggest that there would be more time spent on the union of the spirit guide with the Higher Self in order to bring through more clearly the information.”

Q: Very good. Please explain who you are and what your purpose is.

A: My name is Elijah. I am the master guide of this entity known as Diana. I wish to bring through information for the benefit of humankind as we are in times of rapid transition when those who dwell upon the earth plane need to be ascending into a higher level of consciousness. This would affect all who dwell upon this plane in many ways. We wish to speak at this time about what is occurring and give more clarity to the world defense and the changes that would be affecting the energies on both the physical and etheric levels.

Q: Will there be anyone else channeling messages through her besides you, Elijah?

A: Yes, there will.

Q: Then I ask that when a different entity is channeling through Diana, that they identify themselves and make themselves known as such.

A: Very well.

Q; All right, you may begin with your information.

A: We wish to inform you of the effect that many vibrational changes may have upon different personalities on the earth plane. There are some who would experience a rapid rise in awareness where they would be in touch with alternate states of reality, where their perception of reality would be altered greatly. They would be more in tune with the higher planes of consciousness and able to see into other dimensions, as the veil between the worlds becomes quite thin at this time. Those who have not reached a higher state of awareness to accommodate these rising energies would find much confusion and turmoil within themselves. It is up to those of you who have reached a state of awareness high enough to pull up those in need and aid them in this advancement of the earth plane. It is a critical period of transition and is important for all who have this awareness to lift up others who don’t.

It is necessary to bring a successful transition into a higher state of consciousness as the earth herself will be evolving into a higher vibration. There are other planetary forces which would be working with those of the earth at this time. Those which would be from another solar system and these beings would be a part of a fellowship in which the earth will soon be joining. These beings would work together on a high spiritual level and it is at this time of transition that the earth is being brought into this fellowship and into this higher level of vibration. On a more earthly or mundane level, this will appear as much confusion and natural disasters and transformations. This may not be clearly understood by those who would not be in tune with what is occurring. There is much need at this time to bring through the information and guidance that is needed and to gather together those souls who can aid in the transformation.

Q: Are there going to be any physical changes as this transformation occurs? Or is this solely going to occur on other levels?

A: It would occur within the physical body as a feeling of being lighter. And it would be at times that this feeling would  alternate where physically you will feel lighter and other times you will feel like you’ve fallen back into a lower vibration. You will be able to sense this as feeling heavier, more trapped, as the vibration is shifting and you move in and out of higher and lower levels of consciousness. The veil between the realms will become thinner so that the perceptions and psychic abilities will be awakened and it will become easier to see subtle energies and auric fields of others.

Q: Is this what happened to Diana when she had that experience in the bathroom where suddenly everything disappeared?

A: Yes. This would be exactly the case at that time, as she would have stepped over into a higher level of energy. Much knowledge would be coming through as to methods of healing and technology, working with the subtle energies, and these may come through as intuitive flashes of insight as you might not even be aware that these beings are communicating with you. They are doing much work at this level. Within the coming ten-year period, many of these beings will be manifesting on the earth plane in physical form to teach and work with those of the earth. Many of the Masters also will be returning at this time in the form of avatars and they will stay on and off for periods of time to work and help in the transformation of the earth plane in the coming age.

Q: Which star systems would these space beings be coming from?

A: This would, the names that they would call their galaxies and star systems are different from what it is called by those of the earth. One is located to the left of our solar system called Andromeda.

Q: If I may get back to you for a moment, Elijah, what plane do you abide on?

A: I would be working on the seventh plane.

Q: You’re working on the seventh plane? To my knowledge, that would be the Logoic plane, is that correct?

A: There would be many different translations and interpretations of the different planes of existence. As far as your understanding would go, this would be correct. You will encounter other names and interpretations for the different planes.

Q: So where you’re coming from is the plane of the Ascended Masters?

A: This is true.

Q: And are you an Ascended Master?

A: Yes.

Q: So this being the case, then you know all about me, is that true?

A: This is true.

Q: Now, in our earlier conversation, you mentioned something about wanting to bring in information regarding cosmic laws. Is that correct?

A: Yes. This is true.

Q: And what exactly did you want to cover in the area of cosmic laws?

A: This is information I will bring through at a later date and which I wish for you to record and transcribe as this would be the essence of the truth of the universal laws and how they may be applied within an individual’s life in order to bring about transformation and higher awareness through deeper understanding.

Q: So then, as I understand it, the information you have given thus far and will continue to give, is to prepare us for the transformation that is beginning to take place?

A: This is true. We would give you knowledge of what is occurring and then we would give the means of aiding your brothers and sisters in the transformation through the application of the laws we would pass on to you.

Q: Could you give me some examples as to how people will begin to react, so we will have some clues as how to understand what’s happening to them when they start exhibiting signs of these transformative effects?

A: You will see an increase in what people will call mental illness, schizophrenia, multiple personalities. This, most likely will not be the case, but is actually a disorientation taking place within the psyche, as the individual is opening up and becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies. Many who are unprepared to accept these energies will become very disoriented and confused. They will not understand what is happening. People who have little awareness of the psychic realm will be opening up psychically and many will open only to the lower astral forces, as this is where their consciousness lies. You will see this occurring and can teach them how to raise their consciousness and understand what is happening within. In this manner they may gain a sense of control and composure over what is occurring.

You will see many people reacting irrationally, intense emotions that seem to come from nowhere, bizarre dreams on that level and people telling you of weird experiences. When you would see this occurring, you will know how to aid these individuals in understanding and adjusting to the higher psychic or spiritual awareness. Some may find themselves becoming violent or paranoid in what would be termed as manic depressive or the more negative forms of mental illnesses. In many cases, this would not be mental illness at all. There will be those who would exhibit multiple personalities or what would seem to be schizophrenic and this would occur because these individuals are open to the influence of negative beings from other realms that would be getting in touch with [people of] the earth plane at this time. They [these people] would be open to their influences without being aware and letting in astral beings that would be motivating and channeling through them without their knowledge.

Q: How can we help these people?

A: You will be given much information on this at a later date, but primarily in working with people that you come across on a one-to-one level, a group level and also through written material that you will bring forth. You will aid those who need to hear this information so they may be guided to it so as to gain a better understanding.

There will also be those that you will be unable to assist, but there will be many who will benefit from the knowledge and guidance that you can give them in this area to help them learn how to protect themselves, how to close down and control the energies which they will be working with thus far. Work with that and let it go at this point, we will give you more at a later date. There is much information we wish to bring through as to the actual application of the universal laws and working with that at a physical level, but now is not the time. We ask that you work with the information that has been given and when next we meet, we will bring through more. More will be given also through your own inner reflection and meditation as to bring more clarity to the information that has been given. Those of the Masters will visit you during your dream state and bring through more clarity on that which you may not fully understand.


Elijah: There would be many souls incarnating at this time from other dimensions and those would possess a great deal of knowledge which is needed at this time to bring forth a transformation on the earth plane and that of mass consciousness. There is much darkness upon the earth now and these souls would be incarnating in a sense to bring light and tip the scales of man’s consciousness to that of a more spiritual vibration. These souls would be working to incorporate spiritual ideals and advanced techniques of working with energy, transmuting energy and bringing scientific knowledge into the earth plane. Many of the methods used now are so destructive to the earth and even to life in general. These would be replaced by more advanced methods. It is most important now, as the earth is nearing a time of the great transition, the time called the final judgment by some. Not that the earth will end, but that it has the potential to go either way as far as a smooth transition into higher consciousness or a transformation through destruction and fire which will inevitably end up the same, but would be much more  painful.

Q: Are you saying that the choice, decision, has not been made at this point?

A: No, it has not. It would depend upon the minds of men and the souls who would determine that destiny. The ultimate outcome would be the same. It would reach that of a higher vibration but whether it would be through that of the Neptunian energy of unconditional love or the energy of destruction through fire and transformation has not been decided.

Q: So the most important thing at the moment is to raise the consciousness of this planet as much as possible?

A: This is true.

Q: Obviously, we need all the help we can get.

A: This is certainly the case and there would be many souls, not only those who would be incarnating, but those in other dimensions and those of the Masters who will manifest upon the earth in order to help raise the consciousness, but all those who would already be working within the spiritual must work even harder to enlighten others and also to work on a spiritual level through meditation and visualization processes, raising the energy of the earth, cleansing the negativity on a spiritual level through meditation and visualization  techniques.

Q: Could you elaborate on these techniques somewhat?

A: In the most basic sense, thoughts become things as they are manifested. Each thought put forth has an effect. The more individuals focusing upon raising the consciousness humanity by going into deep meditation and visualizing the energy of the earth raising, visualizing the destructive forces as being changed, and working to tune into mass consciousness through meditation could actually raise it by visualizing it and projecting into mass consciousness. The more people that do this and make a conscious effort toward manifestation would be doing more good than they would be aware of.

Q: For many, wouldn’t that be a difficult a task since mass consciousness is a totally intangible thing to attempt to visualize and then to add light to it to raise–

A: You need not visualize mass consciousness, just know every thought that is put forth would join the thoughts of others.

Q: I see, as a collective.

A: Of all. Exactly, each thought put forth would tip the scales to a certain extent. It is important at this time that people become aware of their own potential to manifest, not only within their own lives but to affect the lives of others, as we are all one in spirit. The thoughts that are put forth, if they are of a negative or destructive nature, not only affect the one that is sending them, but also the beings to whom the thoughts are sent, including the atmosphere surrounding the entire vibration. That is how each thought would enter into universal consciousness.

Q: Could this also be used in a more personal manner, to bring more positiveness into an individual’s life, like prosperity?

A: There are many schools of thought concerning positive thinking, but there would be a basic element that is not understood and that is of the emotion behind the thought. There must be a clearing and a learning to release that emotion behind the thought, to merely speak only that of positive words will not do. It will not be effective unless the emotion behind the thought is also transformed.

Q: How can you have positive emotion to back up a positive thought if the person is not in a positive space  to begin with?

A: It is difficult, but you begin with a positive thought and focus on that until you generate within yourself the positive emotion to go with it—this would be the basis of all manifestation, whether it would be that of working with magic or visualizing more positive results within your own life and changing your frame of mind—the emotion must accompany the thought. This can be generated through practice, where you pick the thought you are wishing to manifest within your life.  This is termed sympathetic magic and would to a certain extent aid in generating the emotion to create for example prosperity.

You would concentrate on prosperity and do outward motions to bring this into your life such as making talismans for example, or any type of sympathetic magic ritual to generate prosperity, but the main ingredient would be to generate enough emotional desire and emotional connection with that of prosperity in order to bring it into your life. Thought and  emotion must be combined as well as the outer action.

Q: Well, again, while that may bring about the opportunity for prosperity, it doesn’t necessarily bring about the prosperity itself, am I correct? In other words, one still has to take advantage of the opportunity presented, whether it’s prosperity or anything else, for it to really work.

A: Yes, the outer action must be taken but it would create prosperity in the sense that the opportunities would come to you and you must put forth the action to accept this into your life, as you may manifest anything to enter into your life, but whether you accept it and take it  is again your choice. Whereas you may manifest your ideal mate to come to you, whether you would consummate the union or not is still your free choice. Whether you take what you had manifested spiritually and pull it through, incorporate it in your own being and your own life would be the final step.

As you grow in awareness, you grow more and more detached from material concerns and as you do, you notice you are still provided for, that your desires and needs are still fulfilled. As you evolve, you become more aware of the process of working in tune with your divine nature in order to bring about prosperity. You then become more fulfilled with the joy of your work because you are working in tune with what your spirit wants, and the material concerns behind your work become less. You notice they are still fulfilled, but as you evolve spiritually, the desires for material things decrease. It is only through evolvement that you begin experiencing this prosperity and understand it by working with it. The evolution would be automatic once you are working in tune with what your soul desires and have established the flow with that of universal prosperity. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, but I still can’t help but wonder if I will I be able to meet all my financial obligations?

A: Yes, you will. You need not be concerned for destiny and fate will take over when you surrender to it. In matters such as this, you will be provided for and everything will fall into place. You need not be concerned with that of the financial aspect.

Q: What about my gemology and jewelry profession?

A: There will be opportunities there if you desire to pursue these, but as it is seen right now, there is little desire or energy put in that direction.

Q: How about making talismans and working with the hidden properties of stones?

A: This would be something that you could do quite well. If you were to make talismans and incorporate the gemstones into the talismans in the form of necklaces and jewelry, this would be quite popular and also beneficial to those who would purchase the items. You have the knowledge on a spiritual level concerning the right combinations, symbols and materials to use. This is something you have done in a prior existence when you would have been called a wizard. This was in the medieval times inEuropewhen you worked with creating talismans and jewelry that was quite powerful at that time. The knowledge would still remain in your soul memory and would come through quite easily when you would be doing your work.

Q: I see. Did you want to continue where you left off in regard to the focus of information that was being given last week?

A: The main point that I wish to make is the importance of the transition the earth and human consciousness is going through at this time, and the importance of understanding the universal laws with regard to the metaphysical, and being able to use these and teach these techniques to others. Now, there will be many who resist and have difficulty, but there will be many who are receptive and can understand and grasp the basic truth behind the art of manifesting. I speak of the love nature as well, as this is transformed within yourself, where you have the ability to understand the true essence of love without the negative emotions and demands the ego makes upon others.

You could work with them in groups as well, learning to confront the negative expressions of the love nature and of partnerships and to distinguish the true essence of love and of ego conflicts that people project upon each other, as well as their psychological insecurities. This is something you’ll be working with in the future with groups. There are techniques that may be used in order to bring these feelings and emotions to the surface where people can see how they use others as a mirror.

One technique that would be very beneficial is to view a person  you are involved with–and this can be on any level–is to write down the things about that individual you find bothersome and respond to negatively. Then go within and see if in any way these could be applied to you. This is one of many techniques we can use to show how people serve as mirrors and project false images and false securities [codependences] onto others. Dependence would be the root cause of all negative insecure emotions on the lower manifestations of the love nature.

Q:  One problem I have is in reacting to another person’s feeling or expression, I once believed it was because they were mirroring something within me, and that was what was triggering it. However, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it may be something I had at one time and worked through, but still retain the memory of having disliked it within me. And it’s that memory that’s evoked, rather than being a reflection of how I am now.

A: This is true in part; that we not always see in others our own negative qualities, but something we once had within us at an earlier time. But it may also be that their manner of expression triggers an insecurity within us. And by examining exactly what it is bothers us. It may not be that you once possessed that negative trait, but it could be an egoic response to something entirely different within you. For example, an extremely dominant personality could inhibit your ability to express yourself, robbing you of your power; so you would feel resentment toward that person.

Q: Taking it to another level, if we have an honest person who openly dislikes those who get away with things, like a thief, yet they are not mirroring any ideas or notions of thievery within themselves, is it possible that they would be jealous because the thief was able to get away with it?

A: Yes. This would be a good example. There could be something within; say perhaps the man who was very honest, that would see within the thief a certain element that he wished to possess himself. It could even be the cleverness of mind. And this would anger him, as his own self-righteousness would tell him, “I am better than he.” But there remains a part of his ego that would be jealous and wish that he were more like the thief in certain ways.

It is important to teach about inner strength and self-worth for each. The basic tool of meditation is so needed within everyone at this time and should be taught and encouraged at every opportunity. For by finding the inner strength, the inner channel, is the only way in which we can transmute the love nature. When an individual feels secure within himself, then his or her relationship with others will rise to a higher level, where there would not be a dependence, even an emotional dependence, on whether other people agree with what that person is doing or whether other people accept him or her.

There is a need to strengthen the individuality into recognizing a sense of uniqueness as well as the sense of oneness. We are all part of the same Being, but unique, just as each part of the body is needed in order for the body to work harmoniously. Each unique part is needed to encourage people to accept themselves as they are, their own individuality, and to strengthen their own channel. It is better to teach people to get in touch with their Higher Self and develop themselves spiritually than to channel for them. Teach them to heal rather than to heal them.

We realize that this is a great deal of information being brought forth and the incorporation of the information is both vast and difficult, but if you take each bit of information and work with it through your spiritual interactions with others and pass these on, it would result in a chain reaction. Ultimately, more and more people would be using these methods and incorporating them, causing it to multiply. And there are other beings who will be bringing through the same information at this time in different parts of the world and different areas, so that we are not asking that you take this solely upon your yourselves, but work with the information given. We realize there is much you are absorbing without it being spoken to you through this channel. You are also receiving this information telepathically and on an inner level as we speak.

Q: You mentioned encouraging meditation. What form of meditation do you feel would be most appropriate?

A: For those within your culture we suggest guided meditation, which is similar to hypnotic tapes. A guided meditation where you would guide these individuals to get in touch with their inner self. Guide them into a state of deep meditation and ask them to get in touch with themselves, their true potential and their true inner guidance. Also, to discourage following so-called spiritual leaders, as this is another area we wish to speak on at a later date.

There is much deception within that area and we discourage following any individuals who proclaim themselves to be that of Masters, for at this time true Masters will not come across as such, but will work with individuals and help them to bring across their own spirituality without proclaiming themselves to be great leaders and attracting a gathering. They will work with individuals who have the ability to pass on the information and work with others. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, I would be greatly interested in that information when it comes through. Are there any other subjects you wish to speak on?

A: There would be questions that you have at this time.

Q: I do have a question regarding the chakras, and it has to do with the difference in teachings where some schools of thought say that the root chakra is the center of sexual expression or energy and there are others that say that it is the second center or the second chakra that has the sexual or creative energies, and that the first center is the root of fear and insecurity. Could you possibly clarify that?

A: The root chakra would control fear and the instinctive reaction of self-preservation and in this way it would be associated with the  sexual urges, that of a base instinct, man’s instinctive need to continue and preserve the race.

Q: To procreate?

A: Yes. The second chakra would be more connected with that of the sexual union as desire. Thus it would be more connected with that of the creative desire nature, not as much as the basic instinctive need; fears that are connected with survival, and as such are connected to the base chakra. The basic need to survive, the animalistic tendencies, and any fears connected with those inhibitions are triggered through the first chakra. Things that open up within us what we must overcome. The second chakra would be more connected with the desire nature, things we desire, and desire is more connected with ego than with base need.

So as far as the sexual nature is concerned, it is connected more with desire than need and would come from the second chakra. The solar plexus would hold a great deal of our psychological and emotional conflicts, as this would be the area in which they are transformed and the root chakra, as well as the desire nature of the second chakra would be triggered or awakened within that of the solar plexus.

Q: Diana and I both seem to have the same question about remembering our dreams. Quite honestly, I haven’t used the tape every night, but I have used it on some nights and I’ve also noticed that in the past, when I try to remember my dreams is usually when I don’t remember them and when I either don’t have time to write them down or something occurs where I  would not be able to work with them, I remember them clearly. Is there a reason for that?

A: This has to do with the resistance that is built up through trying too hard to remember. When you would just release and let go, that is when the information could come through more clearly. It is difficult to balance programming your dreams with trying too hard and thereby putting stress and resistance through the same effort.

Q: Any suggestions?

A: We  suggest you have only one question when you go to sleep and focus that alone, as there are many thoughts and many unanswered questions that would be going around in your mind. This would, in effect, put up a barrier and a resistance, as the mind would become overwhelmed. Focus on one particular subject, one program in your dreams. This would help to a great extent to bring the dreams through more clearly. Also, learning to just relax and let go. Program yourself to dream without expectations, so that when you fall asleep, there is the least amount of resistance. Just let yourself go into the dream state without any preconceived notions or expectations,  just ask the question. Program your mind to answer it and then let yourself enter into the dream state without any expectations, and if it is not  answered that night, continue with the same question for the next couple of nights and an answer will be given.

Q:  I was just wondering if there was something I was resisting seeing within myself that was being presented to me in the dream state, and also the same question could apply to Diana as well.

A: In your case, there would be a great deal of knowledge and information that you are assimilating and working with, and this, to some extent, is blocking your remembrance of any particular dream since there is so much going on. One particular dream would not come through clearly, just little bits and pieces of information. That is why we would suggest you concentrate on one particular question. This would also be true of Diana except there would be a lot of tension which she is holding within at the time she goes to sleep, which would set up a barrier. There is a need to release tension, perhaps meditate before going to sleep to release a lot of the stress and then the dreams will come through more clearly. There is so much going on with the mental, the mind processes, that she is working through, assimilating so many things, that there would be little remembrance of one particular subject.

Q: I want to focus on bettering my astral memory. Diana mentioned that we had an experience last night. I don’t remember any of it. Is there anything that you could give us as to trigger some kind of remembrance as to what we did or discussed?

A: We had been speaking of the path of the Tarot, through the major arcana and the different lessons of the soul. This would be triggered, if you were to do this together, look at the cards and discuss the symbolism as far as the path of the soul to enlightenment. She had been working with this before going to sleep, and you added to the knowledge through your conversation. It would come back to you not so much that you remember the actual occurrence, but the information would be recalled.

As for remembering your astral experiences, you could program yourself to awaken right after the experience. When you are consciously intending to astral project, you can program yourself before you go to sleep so that you will awaken right after the experience. It is more difficult when it is spontaneous and not planned, but you will find there are times when you remember quite clearly and other times when you will not, and it all has to do with the shifting and adjusting of your own energy, as there would be always times when your energy is shifting and adjusting to higher and newer levels of awareness. During these times when your energy would not be completely aligned because it is going through these transformations, are the times when your dreams would not come through as clearly.

Q: I see.

A: The time when your energy is balanced in between these transformations is when the astral experiences and dreams will be remembered much more clearly.

Q. With all the transformations that have been going on, it’s no wonder then. That explains it. In the flying ointment, what can I do to get it to work better for me?

A: If you would apply it to not only the third eye, but heart chakra and the solar plexus, apply it to all of the chakra centers, as well as the palms of the hands, it is much more effective.

Q: Would using crystals increase its energy?

A: Your knowledge of working with crystals and energies could be added to this in order to amplify the experience. It has to do with the way in which the certain ingredients, the herbs and scents, combine with your own energies and with the chakras in particular to awaken and open, increase their sensitivity, which is essence helps the soul to astral project or to dream more clearly.

As you have the knowledge of working with crystals you could do this, but for the average person, I don’t know if it would be all that effective.

Q: Do you suggest any of the other oils for me personally?

A: We would suggest Neptune oil, as this would help to attune and bring out more of the feminine receptive side of your nature as there would be some resistance within of completely opening up to the receptive, feminine side. This is not to say that you have not developed that side of your nature, but that there is some resistance to opening up clearly the receptive intuitive channel, so as to be quite clear and come through quite clear for you. This particular oil would be beneficial with that. We do not feel like we are being clear but…

Q: Well, can Diana help me with that?

A: Yes. It is a very subtle influence that we are seeing. It is more of the intuitive, feminine side of the channel or the information that’s coming through personally through your own channel that is being resisted to a certain extent. This particular vibration within the Neptune oil would help to attune that, more perfectly attune that particular energy and increase the clarity of your perceptions.

Q: And I apply that on all the chakras?

A: This would be sufficient were you to apply it on the third eye during meditation and when you would be going within and bringing through information. This would help to clarify a lot of the information that is received intellectually to give more of a feeling, more of an abstract understanding at the same time.

[It’s only now, at the present time, that I understand what happened. If you read my story “Reflections,” in the part where I was doing Tarot readings professionally and my telepathy became so strong that I programmed myself to turn it off. I shut down a part of my psychic feminine side, and the subconscious desire to keep it closed was/is stronger than my conscious desire to awaken it, therefore the oil didn’t work.]

Q: How do you feel about working with the crystal, with Diana as far as her chakras go, especially her heart center?

A: This would be quite beneficial and I would be willing to work with you on this and give you some guidance for the particular problems that she would be experiencing.

Q: Good. I have no further questions, Elijah.

A: We would conclude the session for now and bring through more information at a further date, as we feel we have given enough at this time that must be assimilated and worked with. We are very grateful for this opportunity to bring through the information and for your willingness to cooperate with us at this level.

Q: The opportunity’s mine.

A: We find so few that are willing to cooperate and it is so needed at this time. We send you blessings and guidance.

Q: Thank you.

A: We are finished.


Elijah: Greetings. We will speak to you on the earth changes that will be occurring at this time, that there will be many small quakes  up and down the California coast and along the coast of the United States. This will accelerate throughout the summer and into the fall months, not that a huge quake will occur for some time, but this will be a sign of the increasing tension and movement upon the surface of the earth, and there are many who are in tune with this on an emotional or physical level.  They will be affected by these movements and vibrations  and experience on the physical level pains, headache, and illness. Others would experience these vibrations on an emotional level that would cause an increase in feelings of stress and irritability. It would be in a sense, that of merging with the earth and experiencing her changes that she would be going through.

The entire surface of the earth is altering and changing slowly and then increasing more and more in the years to come until the entire area of land mass upon the earth will be changed until it will appear quite different and will only slightly resemble the countries and continents of today.

Q: You’re speaking over a very long period of time, I assume?

A: Yes. But this would be accelerating and as seen from a higher perspective, would occur gradually, but would be accelerating and becoming more and more regular. This is what is occurring . In a thousand years, there will be significant changes within the surface of the earth.

Q: Is that on both coasts or are you just speaking of the Pacific coast?

A: I would speak of the Pacific coast.

Q: I see. Okay. I will be probably giving a discourse next month on the material that has been presented. Should my focus be primarily on the earth changes and the changes that are going to be affecting people more or less psychologically? Should I be focusing on that more or do you feel that there’s other information that I should include as well?

A: The main focus should be on the way in which the changes within the earth and the atmosphere would be affecting people on emotional as well as psychological levels as we have just spoken of. So then people may gain a greater understanding of what is occurring and attune or cleanse their energies in order to adjust to these changes and not to become caught up in feelings they do not understand.

Some may become irrational because of thoughts and feelings they do not understand. Helping individuals to understand their own energies and balance these, as well as to open and attune to their own channels of higher guidance, teaching individuals to rely upon their own ability to tune into the universal forces and bring through their own knowledge and understanding, to rely upon their own intuition and not to follow groups, as there would be many false teachings upon the earth at this time, many predictions and prophecies.

For that reason, we do not encourage the teaching of what we bring through from a prophetic standpoint about what is to come, but more from the level of helping individuals to understand what is occurring as we move through into a New Age, what needs to be done to adjust to the energies and to work in tune with the transformation that is taking place.

Q: Well, it’s only human nature to want to know more and as the fear centers are activated, people are going to attempt to look for prophetic knowledge from others. Is there anything I can say or do, that we can say or do to help dissuade them from that?

A: If you could work with individuals and teach them to tune into their own source of guidance, work more on promoting the idea of going within, that God is within you, and introduce people to their own spiritual guidance and encourage them to learn to work with and trust this inner guidance, and this may take some time where you would have to teach ways in which people can learn to trust their own guidance. Maybe going within and asking simple questions at first. Encourage meditation and going within to seek answers. Dream teachings would be quite valuable as well, for this is a source of guidance open and available to all. It is a most important area to teach at this time. It is true; there will always be those that would look to someone else to give the answers that they have within themselves, and this is very dangerous at this time, for there are many who are spreading false teachings and many who would follow these teachers blindly. They would be leading them astray, and many souls would be disillusioned by these teachings and would be devastated on an emotional level finding themselves far more lost than they would have been otherwise.

Encourage those who you have the opportunity to teach, to bring forth their own information. They may work with other individuals as far as getting confirmation on what they get themselves. It would be beneficial to exchange ideas and views with others who are working towards the Light. Encourage them to rely mainly on what they can bring through themselves, to trust their own intuition and to strengthen their own powers and dissuade them from following so-called gurus and masters, as there would not be any Masters upon the  the earth plane at this time who would be working to amass large groups and large followings.

The Masters would work on a subtle level and through individuals they feel would pass on their work. They will be working through many individuals on more of a one-to-one level from the higher planes in order to bring through the guidance that is necessary. There will not be a doctrinized religion with certain rules or regulations that must be followed or joining up with organizations and followings. They would not be working in this way. So when you see this occurring, coming from the ego in those of the spiritual leaders and the religious leaders at this time, we ask that you discourage people from following them and rely only on their inner guidance by learning to take the element of truth that is found in all teachings and not to follow one particular leader.

There are many who would speak of channeling through the Masters and there are many who do so at this at this time. The way you can tell the true element from the ego element would be seen on how the individual who would be bringing through the information and using it to promote his or her own ego needs and amass material wealth. You will be able to tell. This is a very fine line, because we are not saying it is wrong to benefit from the work you do and that all that work within the Light will be provided for, at all levels of need and desire. However, when the ego becomes more prominent than the work, than the actual purpose of what is being brought through, this  creates an imbalance and  can be sensed. It is something an individual must feel on an intuitive level, taking the truth and being able to discard the rest, and the truth can only be known from going within, taking what feels right and leaving the rest.

Q: I have met some who received information from the Masters and mixed it with false information in the name of showmanship, yet we still have the true teachings which people can benefit from, so is it really wrong to take something like that, even though the teacher is mixing in hype?

A: It would not be wrong to take information that is true from whatever source it comes from, but we say not to commit yourself to the followings of one teacher blindly, but to take the element of truth and be able to let go of the rest, let go of the ego connection because there would be many teachers now that would be totally absorbed with their egos and have many lessons to learn themselves as far as the proper use of their own power.

However, there are individuals like these that both of you have met, where you could see into the many negative traits or the wrong use of power, but you have benefited from the teachings. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you can separate the true from the false and not commit yourself to following anyone by assuming that they are a great Master because of the knowledge they have. But by being able to take the knowledge and combine it with knowledge from many sources, relying always on your inner voice. Is this understood?

Q: Yes.

A: Otherwise, it would be most dangerous, and there are so many who would give over control of their life, their own ego, to a more dominant individual. This would create a separation between the individual and their own soul in the sense that they are giving complete power over their being to another individual or group, something an enlightened Master would not allow.

Q: Do you feel I have enough material now to present publically, as it stands now?

A: Yes. The information that has brought through, combined with your own knowledge and ability to teach others to understand through dreams and through getting in tune with themselves, would be most valuable for you to share this information. We feel that you have the ability to organize and structure what has been given thus far, that it would be of great benefit, and the guidance is always available to you in helping you with this. You will feel the Masters working very closely with you when you are working with groups. You will feel them standing near you at times. When those who question certain elements of a teaching, you will find the answers readily available to you so they may be inspired even though you may not have consciously known the answer before the person asked, the answer will be there.

Q: I‘ve had that happen before.

A: We would wish to say that once you start with organizing the information and teaching it, there will be many ideas and thoughts that will come to your mind during the time you are engaged, ideas that may be brought forth by others or questions that would stimulate even more questions. We ask that you write these down, for many will be inspired by the Masters you would be working with and then you may focus on these questions during the channeling, in order to bring through the information in a more organized and structured way.

As far as the work that you two would be doing together, we would ask that you continue to work with running the energy between you, merging the energies, in order to bring more balance to the work you are doing so you will form a common channel and will be coming from the same level and wavelength during the work you are doing. Eventually, the information will be structured into a book form and you will be guided completely with this as to the way in which the information will be put together and the right way to get it published, all of this will be guided.

Much of the guidance will not come directly through channeling. It will be inspired, because you will be working on putting the information together. The ideas will just be there for you. We can work through others as well to see that this information is brought out and presented to the mass consciousness in the best possible way. But the work with groups and on individual levels will not only benefit those who attend, but would also help you to bring more structure to the information and find areas of interest to individuals so their questions and particular areas of interest so we may make the information more appealing and read more widely.

Q: I see.

A: There will be work between you two as well on the astral level, and these astral experiences will become more pronounced, where you will remember them more clearly as your work together progresses. The energy bond will become stronger so that you remember the astral experiences more so than you do now. You will remember visiting higher realms and of bringing back information. You will remember visiting teachers during the dream state, and there is one experience you had recently that you do not fully recall, where you visited higher planes together and worked with a crystal. It had to do with crystal healing where you were shown techniques with a crystal ball. Much of the information is stored within the subconscious. Most of the information you obtain from the higher planes during the sleep state in the astral is stored in the subconscious, and that information will come through when needed. You will intuitively know how to do something or what to do with a certain energy or a crystal. So it is not tremendously important that you clearly remember the astral dream or the teachings because these are already within you and will be brought forth whenever needed.

Q: It would just seem so much easier if it were already in the conscious mind and passed through the conscious mind to the subconscious, rather than going directly to the subconscious and then having to be pulled from there, because sometimes it isn’t remembered.

A: These dreams will be remembered. There is a process of opening up that you are going through on this level, but there will be a time in the future and we speak a matter of months, perhaps a three-month period, when you will begin to remember these astral experiences quite clearly and you will remember much of the teachings as well, so that you may write down the part that you remember and the rest of it will be easily brought through once you were to begin to write down even the little bit that you remember, but these will become clear. You need not have anxiety concerning this, for it will be a process that you‘d be undergoing on the psychological and spiritual level at this time, which will result in opening up these doors, so that you’ll remember much more clearly and accurately.

Q: Were these doors open in me at one time within this incarnation?

A: Yes, they were.

Q: What happened?

A: It was the logical reasoning mind that closed these doors. At the time they were open, there was a complete focus on the spiritual side that you were completely absorbed within the spiritual and opening yourself up to a more receptive level. At this time, you were going through a sorting on a psychological level through much of this, the things you  experienced in the past as well as on an intellectual level, sorting through a lot of the knowledge that you had accumulated, and sorting through and letting go of some. A a lot of this is blocking the clarity of what you would remember on the astral, in a sense being filtered through the logical and psychological parts of your being. There is a process of clearing going on here and there will again be a breakthrough, but this time it will even be clearer and stronger than before.

There are stages or steps we go through in evolving our spirituality. It is often be seen in the very beginning, when we are awakening to our spiritual potential, that the channel would be particularly clear. Then we become caught up in asking, “Why is this happening?” and “Why is that happening?” We clutter our mind with much information, some which is valuable and much which is just trying to put spiritual truth into logical form. The logical part of our minds wants to gather information from many sources and through books and teachings, but this has an effect of clouding the true channel which had begun to open. As we clear through that, we again experience the spiritual truth combined with the truth of the knowledge that remains. We have discarded that which is unnecessary, and this happens at each step, where again you wish for more information at a logical level, and again need to keep what is true and let go of what is false. So in between each step or each raise in consciousness, there would be a time where not much makes sense.

It is not that the spiritual awareness has been lessened, just that it has been clouded, and on another level, you would be working on sorting out all the knowledge that you have accumulated, keeping what is of truth and value and letting go. You have been shown much  you felt at the time was not fully correct, but the logical part of your mind may have wanted to hold onto it. You are being shown and realizing that which may not have been fully accurate and sorting it out. Within the next three months will come a great breakthrough in consciousness, so you need not worry about this, for you are on the right path in working towards a higher consciousness. It is just the steps, then the breakthroughs and ultimately the knowledge and accumulating and assimilating what has been learned.

Q: I look forward to any breakthrough that would take me to higher level of consciousness.

A: We would speak to you concerning a tape we have from a channel you met at an earlier date.

Q: Oh, yes.

A: There would be questions you would have concerning this?

Q: Yes, I would. First of all, my questions concern the validity of the information that was given and the identity of the entity who was coming through.

A: There would be a two-fold energy taking place here, as there would be partially a clear channel and partially a very poetic creative individual who would be acting as the channel. This one would have the ability to channel through information but there would be an element of confusion and imagination where this extremely creative individual would color the channelings with his creative imagination. However, there would have been much truth brought forth to you through this channel and much of it you would have been able to understand and also add to on an intuitive level.

There would be work you will be doing in the future through large groups of people where you will be bringing structure and form in a broader sense, not by getting together an organized religion, but organizing a sort of network of higher consciousness, so to speak, where you’ll be working on a large scale to give a sense of structure and foundation to the spiritual laws. Prior to the last two to three years, their presence would have been quite pronounced, as they would have been investigating and seeing what needs to be done. Again, their presence will be coming through within the next three to five year period where their influence would be felt much more distinctly. At this time, there is more of a standing back and surveying, before working with particular individuals and bringing through information.


Q: Was this what he meant when he mentioned the declaration of what is to come? He said something to the fact that I’m aware of the declaration and something about working together.

A: In a sense, this is a very good example of what we speak of, for it would be more of a declaration of a grouping of souls. It would not be so much a structured organization, but an organization that brings structure, a connecting force through many different teachings come about. The closest similarity may be the A.R.E. [Association for Research and Enlightenment] for example, where they would bring forth information from many sources and serve as a type of a network for higher consciousness, only this will be even on a broader scale, where there will be teachings, information brought forth from many different sources and a sort of a spiritual/metaphysical center, but on a much wider scale.

Q: I‘m recalling a dream that I had where Jesus handed me this rod and, which I assume was symbolic of accepting some kind of spiritual responsibility, and there was a large group of people and I was to become involved in networking organizations of spiritual groups or something of that nature?

A: Yes. This is true. It would be taking the basic teaching of finding the element of truth within all teachings and bringing them together, so to speak, and you have been given the spiritual power to bring a form of structure into this and to form this network, which is what you will be involved with extensively in the future. It is more of a connecting of all teachings and organizations rather than forming a single structured organization.

Q: Good, that clarifies some things for me, because I wasn’t quite sure which way to go with it. So this entity that came through Pete, we‘ve evidently been in incarnation together at some point in time, is that correct?

A: Yes. This is true.

Q: Can you elaborate on that?

A: We are searching for the information. Would there be a name for the entity that was channeling through this individual?

Q: Well, he didn’t quite call himself God but he was so identified with God, I assumed he was in God-Consciousness.

A: There is a lack of clarity, as it would seem this individual was open to many entities that would channel through him. This particular being that you had been speaking with at the time, there would have been a soul bond between you and you would have been able to feel this through the energy that was expressed.

Q: He called himself the Universal Mind.

A: He would have been so identified with the Universal Mind, as that of an Ascended Master, one with which you would have much communication. We see this one wearing a blue turban.

Q: He doesn’t seem to be one of the ones I’ve worked with in the past. I’m familiar with Hilarion and Kuthumi, primarily. He didn’t seem to have their vibration.

A: What is being seen is one who would be of an Asian or Moslem descent, one who has evolved to the level of Masterhood and would have a blue aura. As he is seen at this time wearing a blue turban and would be expressing dark features. You had an incarnation with this one in the past and there is a feeling of brothers, of brotherhood between you.

Perhaps if you would speak with this one in a meditative state, he would come through to you more clearly. It is difficult for us to receive a clear impression for the reason that this channel would have many different entities channeling through him and there would have been more than one even at the time he was channeling for you.

[It was about 5 years later that I met Babaji, who said “I shall come as a blue light,” and I do feel very close to Him.]

Q: The advice I was receiving from him seemed to be like he wanted me to open up certain powers of manifestation that I evidently once had that are still in my soul memory. I don’t know why that was. Do you get anything on that?

Yes. This would relate also to the dream where Jesus would have handed you the wand, for this would have to do with the ability to manifest. The wand would be connected with manifestation as the magician’s wand, also as the phallic symbol and as the number one, the first creation, and it would be that you are to take that, the spiritual understanding, the spiritual laws, and manifest these on a spiritual level by bringing form and structure to these forces. To show others how these physical and universal laws are actually applied and brought forth at a physical level. This understanding is within you.

At the time of Atlantis, you would have possessed this  to a high degree. You had been a magician in the sense that you had your magical powers developed to a very high level. As for the power of manifestation, there were times when you did not always use this for the highest good, by forcing your own will. But now you will use the same powers, but in connection with the Divine Will and bring much good into the world. We feel that Kuthumi would have been channeling through this individual at one time as well as the other that we mentioned.

Q: I see.

A: And there would have been past incarnations with him as well.

Q: Yes, I remember the ones with Kuthumi, at least one that I‘m sure of. Speaking of Kuthumi, didn’t He elevate to a higher, more responsible status?

A: Yes. There would have been a great rise in energy that He would have gone through, as even the Ascended Masters are always moving to higher states of consciousness. There was a great breakthrough to a higher level of power and awareness. There is a strong connection  you have with this one. He has the ability to influence your energy and help you to strengthen and balance it so you may connect with him during meditation, as your energy would be so familiar and connected at some level. He would have a great ability to balance and cleanse and raise your energy. You might wish to work with him on that level.

Q: Oh, I figured He probably gave up on me after the last episode we had together.

A: No. He would still be much concerned with you.

Q: I’ll keep that in mind. The cup He materialized for me—I wanted to know if there was anything that I could use it for other than just keeping it as a memento.

A: The energy within the cup would have the ability to transform whatever liquid put into it and raise it to a spiritual vibration. Water  put within it would in essence become holy water, and any beverage that would be drunk from that cup would incorporate a very high spiritual energy within it. It would have the power to raise the energy vibration of the one who would drink it. This can be used within your healing practice to help raise the energy of those you would be working on or just for yourself, working with your own energy and with any healing in particular. When you are working with different parts of the body, it would relate to different colors, different vibrations. The color vibrations naturally be manifested in nature, as for instance carrots, would have the vibration of orange or yellow and connected with the second center. So if you are working with this energy, carrot juice  would have a healing, cleansing effect. And you may use different beverages as well, as they will be strengthened in vibration through the electromagnetic energy connected with that cup.

Q: I see.

A: That of the color vibrations in fruit and vegetables, anything that is of natural origin which would contain that color vibration necessary, can be used when working with any of the centers.  You can also incorporate the vibration of different flowers, of scents, clothing, incorporating the color vibration as much as possible, but if you are working with the centers, the heart center for instance, you would use the green vibration and be encouraged to eat much of the food that contains the natural vibration of green.

Q: I’ve used colors in working with chakra healing and the crystal, but I never thought of incorporating the actual fruits and other substances to enhance that.

A: Yes. You may find within nature that all is balanced with the color vibrations of the energy fields, and for this reason the certain scents, the certain herbs, the essences and powers of gemstones, of flowers, all relate and all could be incorporated within this work. This would be one of the main principles of magic.

Q: I understand.

A: And by combining similar elements which strengthen the one particular element you are working with would bring through faster results, more powerful results.

Q: When you say similar elements, you mean similar in color?

A: Yes. Color but this is also in the level of universal vibrations where certain individual vibrations are combined to create a harmonious sound such as in music which is incorporated and certain scents as well. For instance, there is a color related to the love energy. There is a musical vibration as well that would be connected to this Venus energy. There would be certain scents, certain herbs, and gemstones, all that would be related to this energy and when they would all be incorporated and used together, the effect would become much more powerful. As for the color, we just wish to bring through the colors that would be manifested in nature in that they would carry a vibration that would be able to attune to and heal the center that would carry the similar color vibration.

Q: So that you could take a little pouch and stuffed it say, with rose petals and placed it over the heart center would that enhance the quality of the heart center and bring it back into vibration?

A: Yes. This is true. As the color pink is also very much associated with the heart center and there are certain levels of color vibration that would be associated with the different centers as well as those that more commonly used, like electric blue, which would be connected with the electro kundalini energy through its use in healing. The electric blue vibration as well as the red vibration, as it would be another level of the same energy once it is raised in vibration through working with it and pulling it up.

Q: The two colors would also represent the ida and the pingala, wouldn’t they?

A: Yes,  this may also be incorporated in working with the different centers and the different colors associated, just as pink is used when working with the heart. We send blessings from this realm to yours. Know that our guidance is ever present in your lives. We are finished.

Q: Thank you.


Elijah: We wish to speak about what you would be teaching others about going within and connecting with their inner guidance that comes through them. It would be quite valuable to combine this with the teaching and understanding of dreams. This way the individual could seek confirmation of what comes through intuitively, for within the dream state, there would be no falsehood. We do not lie to ourselves in our dreams; this is one way in which there could be both confirmation as well as guidance coming from within. Then, individuals could rely completely upon their own inner guidance.

Q: That’s correct. There’s no deception in the dream state.

A: It would be most valuable for you to share the information that has been brought forth, combined with your own knowledge and ability to teach others to understand dreams as a means of getting in touch with themselves. It would also be important to encourage those whom you teach to be honest with themselves, and if not, that you bring it to their attention, as no guidance will come if the dream is not going to be interpreted correctly. There are those who would interpret their dreams only to the benefit of what they wish to hear. It is most important that at the very beginning you make sure the individuals you are working with are open enough to be honest with themselves, and if not, that they go within and work on the ego to find the truth within themselves before you would be able to help them.

Q: That might be a little upsetting for those that are coming from an ego space.

A: This is true, but it is necessary for you to work with these individuals anyway. You are aware when they are not being honest or not use the knowledge you give them in a constructive way, which could result in them further complicating their own lives as well as the lives of others by passing on false information. So it is the responsibility of the teacher to pass on the knowledge only to those who would use it wisely. Of course, you cannot always be sure, but we feel that you are intuitive enough to see when certain individuals are not receptive to the truth.

Q: True, I can see it.

A: It is most difficult to confront beings when the ego is in control, but this must be done. It will ultimately be for their own good.

Q: I am preparing the material that you’ve given us thus far on earth changes and the emotional and psychological changes that are going to be occurring, and I just wondered if there was any more that you wanted to add on that particular subject.

A: It would be very important at this time that individuals learn to be in tune with their own energies and to be aware and they need not have a great knowledge of the workings of the chakra system or even anything on that level, but only to be in tune with their own energy enough to sense the changes that are occurring. And to distinguish when they are picking up emotions and negativity from the mass consciousness as well as from the vibrations that are being put forth from the earth.

As earth changes can create emotional conflicts within individuals, their disruptive emotional vibrations can result in earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and volcanoes. These energies will affect all who live upon the earth in various ways if the energy is not balanced or if there are emotional conflicts to begin with on a larger scale, like between nations.

This would be intensified by the disruptive vibrations being felt on this level as the consciousness humankind would be raising at this time. That which is called the collective unconscious would be affecting all individuals through this level, and there are many who have incarnated at this time for the sole purpose of raising the consciousness of this planet so as to quell this disruptive element.

The tremendous amount of energy being incorporated into the collective level would be working to raise the awareness of others whether they are conscious of this or not, and to some degree this would be affecting individuals as their psychic centers begin to open, whether they are working on this or not. Many have little understanding of what is occurring within themselves. They may be tuning into others around them and receiving impressions, feelings, emotions, from others and not understanding them, taking them to be their own feelings instead and causing confusion. It is very necessary at this time to be in tune with your own energy and sensitive to any changes that would be occurring on that level.

[What Elijah is saying is very important as I have experienced this firsthand; feeling anger at a person who was directing anger toward me, attracted to a person who actually wanted me. I believed myself to be the instigator of these thoughts when I wasn’t!]

Q:  In counseling people having or experiencing disturbances within themselves because of these energy changes, what approach you suggest I use.

A: It would be best to teach them to align their energy, to pull their energy into alignment and to put up a protective shield to help them get in tune with certain conflicts within themselves that may seem exaggerated, as this is often the case. There would be a basic conflict or turmoil going on inside, but is now exaggerated by the energies arising from the earth and also from the rise in consciousness that would be taking place. Many times there is an exaggeration of more nervousness and worry than normal or necessary. Teach them to balance their energy, put up a protection around themselves and then gain insight into the cause of the problem upsetting them.

Q: Is there any particular energy-balancing exercise that you would suggest?

A: There would be one in which you may guide the individual into a light meditation and as they breathe deeply, pull the bodies into alignment, one at a time; the physical body into alignment with the mental body, the mental body with the emotional and the emotional with the spiritual. To cleanse the entire aura with white light and put up the protection after this would be beneficial. In most cases, you will find it is the emotional body that is out of alignment and is exaggerating the problems, though maybe at times intellectually, too. For those who would not have an understanding of the impressions and energies they would be picking up psychically, it is most important to put up the protective light in order to block any unwanted influences.

Q: So this is a simple white light protection with a visualization exercise?

A: Yes, and a balancing, a pulling the different bodies into alignment within the self until there is a feeling of being more centered and balanced. This is something you could teach most anyone to easily do it themselves, and to focus within the third eye center a point of balance and concentrate while centering and balancing the different bodies within.

Q: Good. Do you have any more to add to this before we move on?

A: It is important at this time to reach out to others. There must be an opening of the heart center, and a pooling of energies. It is important at this time, as we are reaching a critical level within the evolution of mankind, and to know that the way we interact with each other is having an effect on the whole. What we project onto others positive or negative, will be having an effect not only upon the individual, but of mass consciousness as well. So there is a need to reach out to one another in compassion and understanding and to work on healing imbalances within personal relationships, and to know that by doing this, you are also working on healing the whole, the entire consciousness of the human race.

It is easy for us to express unconditional love to humanity as a whole, but considerately more difficult in the day-to-day encounters we experience, as well as in relationships. But it would be through these encounters that the foundation of the energy would be built, and it is through these that the balance can be changed. It would be working up from this basic level.

Q: So, you’re saying that we approach the issue of unconditional love from our dealings and relationships with others, as opposed to a more world-wide level?

A: Yes, through the individual encounters on a day-to-day basis, although it may appear as just one individual you are affecting, it is building the basic structure for the collective energy.

Q: I see.

A: There is also much information being brought forth and channeled from the higher planes, and from beings from other realms and dimensions who are working with the earth at this time. It is important for all individuals to remain open and receptive, to utilize this energy and information, and to be open on an intuitive level to ideas that would seem to be inspired by their mind, when often these ideas would be coming from higher dimensions to wherever they would feel they will be received. Many times, individuals will not even be aware that the information is being given to them, but they should remain receptive to the ideas and impressions that are being sent out.

Q: Yes, many of them wouldn’t be able to distinguish the fact that those are outside impressions anyway. They would think that it came from themselves.

A: Yes. This is true.

Q: I’ve had this happen to me many times. I have a list of questions, but I don’t know just how much you want to cover as far as new information. Do you want to tell me how to proceed?

A: You may proceed with questions at this time, as there will be more information inspired by this.

Q: Diana put blood dreams right at the top of the list. These were dreams I was having, a lot of blood dreams this week.

A: In many cases, blood would be associated with the kundalini energy that that you would be working with, the vital energy and the life force. As would be the case with menstrual blood, many times this would be the Kundalini energy and there would be somewhat of an imbalance within this energy within you at this time, as the Kundalini would be awakening and building to a great extent. There would be a great deal of energy and it would be affecting you inwardly as it is opening up and increasing in force. What is being seen is that there is a tremendous amount of this energy growing within you and opening up and as you pull it up through the centers, it would be having perhaps a disruptive effect on the nervous system and emotions, as it would be opening up at a tremendous rate.

The part of the dream in which the blood was coming out of your eyes would show that the energy you are projecting would be felt by others and may be intimidating to them at certain times. There is a need to work with this energy and channel it, run the energy, so to speak. To do this, go into a meditative state and pull the energy up using the tantric breath. Pull the energy from the base of the spine into the third eye center and work with this as in when you would pull the energy up and feel the circuit established, the energy circuit between the two points, until you would feel a connecting pulse, or you would feel the pulse within both centers and feel the energy as it rises to be hot and cool it within the third eye center and cycle it back through, and do this until you feel the circuit very, very smooth and very distinctly, where you feel the energy running and cycling through your being.

Q: In bringing up this energy, do I visualize it just going up the sushumna, or do I visualize the entwining of the ida and the pingala around the Sushumna, just plain energy or what?

A: Visualize the energy as a tremendous flame, a furnace which would be at the base of your spine. This is a tremendous healing sorcery, potential of energy that would be there and within you at this time. It would have grown to a tremendous extent, and this energy, if it is not channeled properly, can be vented out in destructive ways, anger and frustration or turned against the body.

Visualize this flame being pulled up along the spine and around through into the third eye center, and then being cooled there and transmuted into a more spiritual, harmonious source of energy, visualize that energy as changing to a red-orange energy, and as it is transmuted into an electric blue, let it cycle back down. You will feel the two centers pulsing as the energy circuit is more strongly established, and then as you concentrate on doing this with the breath, you will feel the energy cycle become more and more established.

You will not even need to focus on the breath, as the energy will be cycling through, back and forth, in a circular motion, up and down the spine and through the two centers where you will feel the energy running very smoothly and very harmoniously. This will be occurring without any effort on your part, and this is when you know you have gained control of these energies, and this is what is needed at this time. It will also stimulate remembrance of your dreams and opening intuitive channels to a great extent as the imbalance in this energy would also be causing some blocks in that area. Is this understood?

Q: Yes, it’s understood. Is celibacy important or does sex even have anything to do with it?

A: It would not be necessary to refrain from sexual activity. This would not be creating a problem as this energy would be needed to be transmuted and channeled. You may work by channeling this energy with your partner or mate during sex and then pull the energy, let me see how this may be explained… in the same way you would transmute the energy and pull it up within yourself. This can be accomplished through tantric techniques and incorporate these techniques into your lovemaking. This would also aid in transmuting and pulling up these energies within yourself. That is what is needed, pulling this tremendous amount of healing and transmuting energy, pulling it up and spreading it evenly, so to speak, through the other centers so that it is more balanced, flowing and harmonious.

Q: What center is it getting blocked in, or is there any particular center?

A: Mainly within the second center. We are not saying that the chakra centers are blocked. It is just that as we would increase in power, the energy would manifest through the lower centers and would then need to be pulled up and balanced through the higher centers. For this reason, many times when we are working spiritually and putting a great deal of energy into the spiritual and psychic part of our lives, we experience frustration and anger more intensely and the imbalance becomes apparent, whereas you feel that through working spiritually and physically, with metaphysics and dealing with  subtle energies you expect to feel more harmonious, but very often, the opposite occurs because more energy is actually generated and must then be distributed.

Q: Wouldn’t it have been better for me to spend more time working at balancing out my lower centers so that when this energy had reached its peak to come through, so I wouldn’t experience these frustrations?

A: Yes. It would be very beneficial to work on clearing any anger or frustration that would be held within these centers, but it is also necessary to recognize when this is occurring, when this energy is accumulating and needs to be brought to a higher level. For this reason, when you are channeling the energy properly, others will become aware of the power within your aura, as it will increase and more energy would be brought forth. As you channel it into the higher centers and gain control over this energy, your personal aura will become more powerful. As more energy is incorporated, you must channel it into your own field. This would be one reason why many of the Masters can influence and heal individuals merely by their presence or by their touch, as the power had been channeled through the higher centers and transmuted and in fact incorporated into their aura.

Q: As it is generated and properly utilized, it wouldn’t come across as forcefulness, I mean it would be more of a gentle type thing, I hope, because I tend to scare people as it is now.

A: Yes. There will always be those who are intimidated by spiritual energy or feel threatened and it would be mainly due to something they would need to see within themselves. But if the intention is not to intimidate, then you need not worry about how this will affect those you  come in contact with. It is not that your energy would be affecting others negatively as much as it would be an internalization of the energy that would be affecting you on an internal level and how you need to pull the energy up and work with it through the tantric breathing and the mantras.

Keep the energy so that as it would enter and you would increase in power, the energy would be transmuted up through the higher centers automatically. Once you become aware of the process, it will be easy for you to do this without putting a great deal of effort into it. You would sense a power in the aura of those working with black magic and other negative practices, but the difference is that the energy is being channeled through the solar plexus and projected from that point instead of being brought all the way to the third eye center and projected into the aura from there.

So if there are times when you feel you may be coming across overbearing or too intimidating to other beings, you may check and see if some of the power isn’t being projected from the sorcery center. It is from this point where the energy is, the point of sorcery, so to speak, where your magical ability has been developed to a high degree and it may be at times that you project on a power level from this center without being aware of it.

Q: This power as I understand it is a force. You’ve used the term “emotion.” I don’t quite see it that way. I think it should probably come from the heart center for the proper white magical work.

A: It would be generated within the third center and through the emotion, the personal power and the energy generated within that center, but for it to be properly utilized and brought into manifestation on the most positive level, it must be channeled through the higher centers. But it is possible to manifest by using only the third center. However, what is manifested there is not always of a beneficial or positive nature. The seat of power, which is generated through the desire and the emotion and then pulled up and clarified through the heart center and then projected through the sixth center, would then be manifested on the highest level and would result in the highest good for any individuals that would be involved in, working on a magical level. In this way, you would not be using your magical power in a way that would create karma for yourself or harm to others.

Q: In other words, it would be generated in the third center, processed in the fourth center and projected from the sixth center?

A:  Yes.

Q: I have one final question. This weekend, I’m going to be giving a class on dharma and karma and my thought is that there are seven karmic paths, seven dharmic paths and seven basic soul goals. My question is, I view dharma as a higher mission or duty that becomes greater as the karma lessens. The way I see it is, as we burn off karma, it frees us to accept a higher dharma, which would actually be of a greater responsibility to not only ourselves, but to all, and what we would otherwise all be doing if we weren’t so busy working out our karma.

A: We would see dharma as the individual’s mission from God, so to speak. It would be their highest purpose on a spiritual level and the karma as the mission of the own individual soul to clear this, and once the karma would be completed, the individual is open to completely free themselves to complete their higher mission.

But another interpretation of dharma would be Divine Will and the Soul would be working in connection with Divine Will so that everything the individual did within the life path would be done at exactly at the right time, so no karma was created. They would be completely an instrument of God and in that way, would create and accomplish the highest mission of the soul. This could be explained in the teachings of Jesus when he would say, “The Father and I are One.” He would have been working completely in attunement with His dharma, and so any action He took was taken at exactly the right time, whether He healed an individual or not in no way affected their karma or His dharma, as He was working as an instrument of Divine Will. This can only be accomplished once we clear the ego centers and balance the karma of the soul, but not necessarily balance all the karma. Once we would be working in accordance with our dharma, the karma of the soul would automatically be guided to balance this out. It is basically clearing the ego centers and letting go of the ego’s desire to force its will.  Live in attunement with your own higher guidance, and know you are being guided. If something is not working out the way you want from an ego level, release it and connect to your highest guidance. By going within and working with your inner guidance you will clear out egoic forces and know intuitively when it is time to act and when it is time to release your own will. And through this, we become attuned to the Divine Will, which is in essence, God. Is this understood?

Q: What I see is that your particular explanation of dharma is like the highest acceptance of one’s path, but aren’t there lesser paths where one would not necessarily be doing the “highest good,” but still accomplishing some good?

A: We did not mean to imply that you must be like God or Jesus in order to be living in attunement with your dharma, only that once you are living in attunement with Divine Will, whatever path you choose, you will not create any karma and you will be, through that path, working as an instrument of Divine Will, whether it be through poetry, music, any profession that you choose. You would be working as an instrument in the hand of God once you are in attunement with that. Also, there would be a two-fold plan or blueprint that would be made for your soul before you incarnate, and there are two levels on which you could utilize this energy. There are many who would pass through their life going only in accordance with the lower plan and absorbed completely in the physical aspect, whereas there are always critical points within each life where you have the opportunity to transcend and work on the higher level of your blueprint, and these are the choices you would have to make in accordance with free will and the evolution of the soul. There is a plan that we come in with. There is a plan that we follow, and the way free will works into that plan depends upon which level we choose to work on.

Q: What percentage of our soul plan would you say people follow?

A: This would be to 98 percent that we follow our soul plan.

Q: Really? I didn’t think it would be that high, simply because of the “free will” factor.

A: Even when we would choose free will, this would not be a great factor in altering the plan that we came in with, but merely in choosing how we utilize the energy that we came in with and to work on the higher plan or the lower one. The course would not be altered, only the choice we make in the way we use that plan.

Q: Is it possible for us to choose not to fulfill our dharma on either level?

A: It would not be the dharma you would not be fulfilling, but karmic lessons and reasons, as well as certain lessons the soul needed to go through that would have all been incorporated into the plan before you incarnated.

Very often the soul does not choose to act in accordance with the higher dharmic plan. The first level of incarnation is the karmic plan, where the soul is returning again because of karma unfulfilled from the past. The second level would be the soul incarnating because of a spiritual mission, having a spiritual reason for entering the earth plane. There are many times an individual will go through an entire life and never become in tune with the dharma and there will also be critical points within the life path in which that energy is available and that attunement did not take place, and it is that time where the free will may choose to do so or not.

Q: Isn’t the best way to resolve your karma is to follow your dharma?

A: Yes, it is, and you will see many individuals who would repeat the same karmic lessons or the same cycle of events over and over again before they would finally break through and attune themselves to their higher goals.

Q: I feel this might be a little bit over some people’s heads where I’m going to be presenting this material to this week. I’m going to have to work to simplify this somewhat, any suggestions?

A: There will be those guided to your class that will have some understanding on an inner level where the information will reach through. Perhaps you could explain to them of the goal spirit has for working in attunement with the higher purpose and the need to transcend the ego desires, and to work out the karmic connections in order to free the Self for the Divine Purpose. Once an individual becomes in tune with their dharma and accepts their mission, their karma would be completed very quickly.

You may wish to review the material you have, and as you do this, you will be guided as to what would be appropriate and beneficial to present to this particular group. You will be inspired in ways to communicate so you will be understood easier. It is difficult for many individuals to realize they are forcing their own will, especially when the ego is focused within the lower centers, where desire, fear and insecurity control their actions. You may wish to explain how there is a need to transcend these blocks through meditation and pulling up the energy into the higher centers in order to free the soul and connect with higher consciousness.

A: Going back to what you earlier mentioned, you are very correct in this theory concerning free will and manifesting whatever we wish. But this branch of metaphysical study has become quite perverted and misinterpreted, and is misleading to many. While in essence, yes, we are all children of God. However, we are working as a part of God, not as Gods ourselves in that we can create the universe the way we wish it to be. We must work within the Whole. If we are working in accordance with our dharma, we will not need to force issues. Our destiny will unfold in its proper time. We will be in the proper place at the proper time and all that we need will come to us automatically. When there is a need to force or manipulate, you can be sure at that time that there is being karma created.

Q: Good point, I‘ll use that. I have no further questions. Any final words of wisdom for Diana or myself before we close?

A: As it is seen, you may be confronted with the questions as to the power of positive thinking and how that would relate to the issues at hand. (He’s reading my mind. Master’s have a habit of doing that.) In essence, unless you are connected with your soul’s purpose and working in accordance with your spiritual nature or in attunement with your higher self, positive thinking is not going to bring about every desire you have or alter the course of your life that much. The change must take place on a deeper level. There must be a relinquishing of the stuff from the lower centers, the fears, guilts, anxiety, selfish motivations and desires. Unless these centers are cleansed and the soul is working in attunement with a higher guidance, these methods will not work. There needs to be a deeper transformation taking place. We may manifest in our life what we wish through our spiritual ability. But in essence, when we are working from that level, we are manifesting what has already been incorporated into our soul’s plan.

Q: I see. Thank you for clarifying.

A: We would ask there be more focus on teaching and bringing information and guidance as well as understanding to these individuals at this time through classes and groups. There is a great need at this time. Many individuals, particularly within this geographical area, are reaching out and do not know where to turn or how to begin unfolding and working within their spiritual purpose. You have been guided to this particular area because there are many you can help and reach out to that are ready to learn.  So, if you would be willing, this would be an area where we would ask you to focus.

Q: It’s not that I’m unwilling. I’m more than willing. But I have a very bad fault, and that is, I get wrapped up in my own little metaphysical world, and I can write, philosophize and contemplate. But I need… maybe Diana can light a fire under me, I don’t know.

A: It would be that she would have the same problem as you that way.

Q: Great. That’s what I was afraid of. Now how are we going to work this out? Because I would like to work with her.

A: It would be that with both of you, there would be a great deal of inner knowledge and understanding but, as you say, it is confined within yourselves, within your own separate worlds, so to speak. There is a need to bring this information and knowledge through and share it and teach it to other people and in essence, by doing that, you will learn a great deal yourselves. Each time that you work with a class and teach them these techniques, you will find that the actual application of the knowledge you possess will be blossoming within your own lives, where your own ability to use and work with the metaphysical and spiritual laws will be unfolding to a great extent as you work with other individuals, teaching them. It will, in effect, bring the knowledge down to a more practical, physical, material level. It is now you spend very much of your time and there’s the understanding and the knowledge on that level. But at working through teaching, you will manifest these potentials through yourselves as well in a material, physical way.

A: I understand and accept that. It’s just that somehow or other, we’re going to have to get together and I guess that may prove difficult for Diana and I to work out.

Yes. There is a great deal of knowledge that can be brought through and shared and you will find it that once you begin teaching, there will be more and more information coming through, both through your higher guidance and channeling as well, it would accelerate, also by putting the information in a class form, and later into books.

Q: I‘ve already done that with my dream class. The handouts have become a book. If we made a commitment like say an ongoing, once-a-month time slot, then we would be committed. We have to make a commitment.

A: Yes. As it is seen at this time, it may be begin in that way but that the classes will very quickly change, to where you  end up teaching  from your home.

Q: This might present a little bit of a problem since we’re based inFremontand Diana’s present quarters don’t seem to be large enough to accommodate the kind of people you’re talking about. I don’t see where…

A: There are many who will be guided to you and once you begin teaching, you will find that the students are drawn to you and it does not matter if they had to travel a distance. It is only in making them aware that the classes are available. But the students are there and they are willing.

Q: Well, if they’re willing, so am I. What can I say? That’s what I came in for anyway. OK, I have no further questions.

A: We are very pleased with you and your spiritual efforts. We give you thanks and send blessings from this realm to yours.

Q: We equally send you thanks and blessings.`

A:  Know that our presence is always with you.