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One area that gives dreamworkers problems concerns dreams that shift (switch) from one theme or plot to another. It is like having two or more dreams contained in one—dreams-within-dreams so to speak. There is always a pattern to shifts, bringing the dreamer from the general to the specific, from an explanation to an application, from a broad time period to a specific time period, from the future or past to the present. A shift’s purpose is to bring the attention of the dreamer from the cause, the general, the outline or action, to the result, the specific, the consequence or ramification. There is always a from shift to.

The above is not to be confused with dreams that change scenes, but do not actually shift. Here there is no from/to relationship which can be usually be perceived by the dreamer. A change has to do with different aspects of the same issue, different points of view within the same frame or reference without a cause and effect association. Here are a few examples:

Suddenly Rich

I dreamed that I was very wealthy even though I’m not. I was at the store buying food and when I went to pay for it there was a lot of money in my wallet, and then my dreamed switched gears and I was with a family going into their house. We went inside the home they were cooking and having a good time. I had dinner with them, the food was so good.

  • The dream is showing you where your wealth really lies. It shifts from one perspective to another. From your feelings revolving around your lack of money to having dinner with a family (your family) where you are paid with camaraderie and happiness. A place where true riches are found.

I dreamed of a cute, little white puppy. He was so excited, and I decided to take him for a walk. When I went to put on his leash and give him a hug, I noticed he had some like tufted hair. As I examined it closer, there was an opening and it was somewhat deep. I was worried about the dog, then the dream changed, I was sharing a room (in a facility-type surrounding) with an elderly woman. I heard others talking that the elderly lady was going to be evicted, because she wouldn’t clean her room, (and she was quite independent enough to be on her own). I remember not wanting this lady to be evicted, so, I thought I should be a better role model and clean my portion of the room before I went out for the entire day. I cleaned, vacuumed, and made my bed. (I think, later, I may have cleaned up her side, too).

  • The puppy symbolizes the playful but undisciplined side of yourself that you intend to lovingly leash and lead in a certain direction. You notice an opening in the dog—the puppy’s is opening up to something.  

Then the dream shifts from an awakening to an application inspired by that awakening.

You are in a facility-type environment, signifying “orderliness.” You want to oust the old woman (your old habits) and remedy the situation by becoming a disciplined role model of tidiness by cleaning your room. Your room symbolizes a state-of-mind you once “housed,” which you have now turned around.

Seems Like the End of the World

Had this dream a few days ago, so its starting to fade, but I firstly remember looking at up at the moon, however the moon was unusual because to look at the moon I could see four men in the whole circumference of the moon in a fetal position but I could see the tops of their heads, knees and shoulders and they were a luminous sea light blue, and then it changed and I had a disagreement with my partner about something I had said about his niece, changed again to me fretting because everyone in the world was fleeing but almost in a sleep state, and my partner hadn’t come home yet and I wasn’t sure if I would cope with fleeing with the children on my own and if I would make the right decision, a massive sphere shape was appearing from out of water that appeared and was flooding the earth, sphere shape turned into this kind of dingy that I jumped on with the kids and was surprised that I could cope with all in my arms, my partner appeared was standing outside the boat, (this bit is a little fuzzy) cant remember what was said just remember me asking him to make a decision I think but he stood thinking which seemed like a very long time and then just said “I’m going to Sabbath espath” and I was about to jump out the boat… My son woke me up! Do you know what Sabbath espath is, or if I’m even spelling it right?

  • The moon is symbolic of many things including romantic relationships. I don’t know what the four men represent other than a sequence of events. The dream then shifts (focuses) on something more specific: a disagreement with your partner. Your thought of fleeing from “your world” and the flood of emotion engulfing it is hampered by you questioning whether you could make it on your own. But to your surprise, you find you can. Then you ask your partner to make a decision. He replied “sabbath espath,” meaning Sabbath’s path. A path is a direction and the Sabbath is a period or time of rest. In other words, he feels it’s time to take a break from one another.