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It is important to bear in mind that dream symbols are mostly personal and can alternately assume different meanings. This makes it somewhat difficult to interpret a dream without some degree of questioning to better determine what the symbol represents within the context of the dream. We create a personal symbol by forming an association (sometimes unconscious) with events or conditions arising from a given set of circumstances. An impression, often connected to our feelings, becomes transformed into a symbol. Because our feelings and attitudes are ever changing, a personal dream symbol can never have a fixed meaning.

However, on a deeper level lies the universal symbolism of the archetype. Jung calls this level the “Collective Unconscious” and it contains the primal content of the racial unconscious consisting of “inherited ideas and predispositions.” An archetype, unlike a personal or general symbol, has a fixed meaning. It is a blueprint or prototype, a parent model whose offspring are lesser models of the same type. In essence, it is the epitome of a particular symbol. Its lesser counterparts can be traced back to their archetypal parent who has a broader and more profound meaning.

Archetypal dreams are usually related only abstractly to personal experiences that have an intrinsic meaning correlating to a universal pattern found in the collective unconscious. Such dreams, said to occur primarily during critical phases of our life such as puberty, mid-life and toward the end of our life are said to be quite far-reaching—indicating a contribution we made to the collective or marking a completion of a certain period within our life cycle.

To reiterate, a dream symbol may vary considerably from person to person and especially from culture to culture. Because of its subjective nature, a dream symbol may mean something entirely different to another individual than it does to the dreamer. Since dreams usually reflect feelings stemming from the previous day’s events, one should look for a connection between the two and then fit the symbol within the context of the dream. Look carefully at what is taking place. In a “Being Chased by a Monster,” The dream could be saying you are trying to escape or avoid something unpleasant. On an emotional level, it could mean you had a really bad day or an unpleasant encounter with someone. In other words, someone or something gave you a “monster” of a time. In some cases, the monster could reflect an uncomfortable or fearful issue from your past (even from childhood) that your subconscious mind dredged up for you to face and deal with. That is the therapeutic side of dreaming.

My Mom Became a Killer and Tried Killing Me

 I’m 13. I had a dream that I was at school and my guidance counselor called me to his office. (Might I mention he’s kind of creepy an has said some weird things) In the dream he told me that my mother became a murderer, and was on the run. So I was staying with him and living at his house, but when I walked into my room at their house my mom was there and tried killing me. What does this mean? Thanks.

  •  It means your mother is trying to “guide” you in the right direction and it’s “killing” you.

 Demonic Attack

I was dreaming of a pretty normal day when a demonic creature which was very hunched over lurched out of my bathroom, it was abut seven foot tall (hunched over) and looked like a strange cross between a dragon and a bat it had huge wings which it wrapped around its self and a very long tail, it was covered in dusty, dirty almost sticky looking long fur and many sharp rotten looking teeth. Somehow, my mother and I managed to chase it out of the house after being trapped in the living room and bashing itself against the door, which in itself was terrifying. After this it was in my stairwell which meant we were trapped in our house. Every time we tried to leave I would swoop down headfirst and try to attack us, for some reason I kept on trying to call the fire brigade to get rid of it but got no reply. I remember also shouting I CANT KILL IT.

  • Your horrendous creature originated in the bathroom. Your mother symbolizes your protective side by trying to keep you from harm. The fact that you’re calling the fire brigade rather than the police would mean the creature is either inflammation, or heartburn. Have you ever thought of writing horror stories?

Werewolf Attack

I dreamed I was in a dark room; the only light that was visible was the moon light through a small window. Out of nowhere a werewolf runs in, I froze thinking he’d attack me. I saw his claw moving towards me but instead of hurting me, he pushed me aside and I fell to the ground. I saw the werewolf attacking people around me and turning them to nothing but a puddle of blood on the floor. The werewolf then came closer to me again, his mouth was right on me but he just stood there… that’s when I woke up. Can you tell me what it means? I’d really like to know.

  • Commonly, a werewolf is a normal everyday person who bears a curse that causes the individual to change into a beast under the full moon. So, now we have an unpleasant transformation that occurs during a full moon. The full moon is a lunar (monthly) cycle that takes place approximately every 29 days. I know this is not true in all cases, but I have personally witnessed sweet, docile females transform into raging beasts (PMS) just prior to their cycle. In all fairness, the beast can also symbolize having a difficult period (a beast of a time) or simply heralding the coming of the “curse,” as some women call it. The puddle of blood says it all.