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Dream Dictionary


The definitions in this dictionary have all been compiled from actual dreams. The majority were submitted by students of my workshops and classes. Some were borrowed from Edgar Cayce. I contributed a fair amount from my personal dream journals. A few were also contributed by my readers. The main point to remember is A PERSONAL DREAM SYMBOL DOES NOT HAVE A FIXED MEANING. Do not forget that it may possibly have a literal meaning. I will never forget a dream student scolding me for telling him teeth commonly represent words in dreams, and bad teeth could possibly symbolize bad or malicious words. It turned out he really did have bad teeth and had to have extensive dental work done. His dream was actually a health dream, attempting to alert him of his condition. (I’ve learned a lot since then.)

In some cases you will find two or more dissimilar definitions for the same symbol. It indicates some dreamers found other meanings. In many instances, one can readily see a more obvious symbolic definition than presently given. The reason such an alternative may be lacking is because no one submitted a dream with that particular meaning for the symbol.

Our language, customs and attitudes are continually changing and the flexible language of symbols respond in kind. Colloquial and slang expressions of yesterday and their symbology are now, for the most part, obsolete. I doubt for instance, that anyone refers to eyes as “peepers” anymore, or a gun as a “rod.” When was the last time you heard the expression “I’ve been hoodwinked?” By the same token, I doubt that in those days dreaming of drinking a particular type of cola would symbolize taking cocaine, or mowing a lawn would represent a dream message to cut down the “grass” or marijuana. Also, every dream dictionary that I have read has politely omitted symbols stemming from the common vernacular. Yet, privately, this is how many of us think. Colloquialism plays a strong role in every language and dreams are no exception.

Again, there is no stock definition for a dream symbol unless it’s archetypal. A dream symbol is created by an association (sometimes unconscious) we make, which may vary considerably from person to person and especially from culture to culture. Because of its subjective nature, a dream symbol may mean something entirely different from the definitions listed I have listed.

This dictionary is meant to give the reader an example of dream symbology from actual dreams so he or she can better understand just how the dream mind operates. It can help by giving the dreamer a point of reference from which to start. In studying a symbol one can move correspondingly to another symbol through association. When we see how other people associate their symbols, it may give us a clue as to where to begin. So if nothing else, it could add a few drops of oil to the interpreter’s mental gears. Lastly, I included this dictionary so that students and professionals alike can appreciate the candor, humor and creativity of the dream-producing mind.

Always remember, a dream can almost never be accurately interpreted merely by the blind use of symbol definition alone.