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Online Dream Classes Are Not Available at This Time

Please use the Contact Us link to inquire about tentative dates)

Online dream classes consist of three levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. There will be 8 sessions to each class and one dream will be accepted from each student (per class) to be used and studied as an example. Discussions will be held in a forum found at the “Dreamer’s Corner” and a password (valid only for 8 sessions) will be needed to enter.

Each class will be separate and independent of the other, and while a student is not obligated to progress to the next level, he or she is encouraged to do so, as different, more advanced steps will be taught at each succeeding level.

  • Novice: This class consists of the study of dream symbols and their application as well as the nature of symbology in general, giving the student a more advanced understanding of symbolism. Each dream submitted will be examined and key symbols isolated, using specific methodology to determine the dream’s meaning.
  • Intermediate: Understanding the theme and plot of a dream. Both are static while the symbol is fluid. I have often seen dream interpreters attempt to change the plot or theme to fit the symbol definition they selected. Learning dream structure and more advanced interpretation methods are the crux of this class.
  • Advanced: Highly advanced techniques are taught in this class, including how to interpret a dream in its entirety without having to isolate key symbols or break the dream down. The goal of this class is to enable the student to interpret the dream intuitively and without much effort.

Each weekly session will last approximately 2 hours. However, I will be available online to aid and coach students on a daily basis during the week.

An introductory tuition price of $160.00 per class is now being offered. That amounts to only $20.00 per session. Payment in full is due prior to the beginning of each class and because your space is reserved for the duration, no refunds will be given. It is suggested my book be downloaded from this site and read before the start of the class. No more than 12 students will be accepted into each class.

Classes begin with the Novice Class and move progressively upward. They cannot be skipped nor more advanced classes be taken without first completing the lower classes. Commencement dates will be given approximately two weeks prior to the start of the class. Should, due to any set of circumstances classes cannot begin or held as intended, tuition will be fully refunded.

Dream Class Registration

Welcome to our Dream Class. Please complete and submit this form with payment. By registering for this class you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, and that the analyst has the right to publish your dream with the understanding he use only your first name or initials which you have provided.

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By registering you agree that you fully understand the rules and conditions outlined under “Online Dream Classes.”
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