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Colors have to do more with feelings and emotions. “Color me blue,” “Red in the face,” “Green with envy,” and so on. The quality of the color and the feelings associated in the dream will give you clues. Blood red for example, can signify strong vital energy. A soft pinkish-red can symbolize romance or sex while a fiery red could mean anger. Also, a bright red can signify embarrassment or pain and a solid, “stop sign” red can mean a warning or danger. Usually, the darker shades have more negative connotations. The significance of colors and numbers can be found in the dream dictionary. Colors in and of themselves are not normally the subject of the dream, but serve as an indicator of the dreamer’s feelings surrounding the subject.

Little Girl Run Over By a Train

I had a bizarre dream last night/early hours of the morning. I was at a fish and chip shop ordering fish and chips I can still clearly see the shop and the people who worked there. I was then in like this stair well waiting down near the bottom in a long line of people waiting for their fish and chips the security screen was pulled back (it was one of those one’s which is like lattice and can be pulled back on itself when not in use). I was talking to the people around me as we were waiting in line, there were children playing out the front of the doorway and then we all squeezed up against the sides of the stairway to make way for what was like a tram that we have here in Sydney, these children were in the way but all managed to move out of the way except on child who was wearing black ankle boots, white stockings and a grey dress with I think a black short jacket. She was unsteady on her feet and the tram/train event tried to move out of her way, as the more she tried to move away the more clumsy she became, at one stage we all breathed a sigh of relief as it looked like she was going to be alright and then at the last minute on foot when under the tram/train and she went under. When the tram/train had move away her head, both arms and legs had been very neatly sliced off, there was no blood. I told the lady next to me to look away as she had not seen the body and she said something like too late I have seen it now. We all moved on to around the back of the shop to pick up our fish and chips. I am a vegetarian so I don’t even know why I would be at a fish and chip store. The little girl was not known to me.

  •  This is a health dream spelling it out for you in “black and white” your ankles and legs are what support you. Evidently, your diet is not supporting you. The grey dress is a grey area you need to “address.” The black coat is what is “coating” you. “Unsteady and clumsy” signify something is not right. I believe your dream telling you that you need more protein and carbs as well as more omega 3 fatty acid. Helps the brain function (head) gives you more energy (like a child) and agility (arms and legs).

A Black Pigeon Laying 3 Black Eggs

I saw in my dream a black pigeon laying 3 eggs in the nest, one-by-one. As it lay, I expected the eggs to be white and then I thought they would be brown because that is what I see in the stores. However, when I noticed they are black, I said that of course I should have expected black eggs because it is coming from a black pigeon. Overall, it felt like a pleasant dream. Can anyone tell me what it signifies?

  • Eggs symbolize plans or ideas. White is what you are expecting, however you’ll settle for brown. But one by one they come out black. Black means they will never hatch. Ultimately you realize that’s what you should have expected, coming from this bird.

 Bejeweled Spiders

I’m sitting in a small brightly colored room with my back to the window, facing the door. To my left is a gold colored, long legged spider hanging in front of its web, moving slowly up and down. To its left is a silver colored spider hanging motionless in front of its web. Their bodies are small but their legs are long. The gold spider has diamonds encrusted all the way down its two long front legs. It slowly moves towards me attempting to catch my arm. I shift to my right to avoid contact but remain seated. It tries again and catches some silk on my arm; I break the string but make sure the web is not damaged. The silver spider watches without moving. Finally I stand up and leave the room, watched by both of them.  I had this dream recently for the first and only time, but have felt deeply affected by having such a bright and vivid memory of the dream. I’m not afraid of spiders but felt under pressure or anxious during the experience.

  • The window is another’s point of view that you have turned your back on. The closed door is your closed mind, something you choose not to see. The bright colors mean your vision is colored. Two beautiful people that you choose to see as spiders try to catch your attention, but you break the string (connection) and avoid contact. You shift to your right because you believe you are right and remain firmly (stubbornly) seated in your beliefs, thereby ignoring something precious. It is a web you have woven for yourself. Your subconscious is urging (pressuring) you to make a move to set things straight.