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Animals in a dream refer mainly to personality characteristics, although an animal can sometimes represent a spiritual or archetypal symbol, especially in certain cultures. In my experience, I have found snakes and spiders to be fairly common dream symbols but only rarely do they portray something having a positive association. In most instances, they do not serve as personality traits, but as warnings concerning dangerous circumstances. While a snake can certainly depict a venomous aspect or a treacherous individual such as a “snake in the grass,” it can also be amplified to its archetype, the biblical snake in the Garden of Eden where it symbolizes temptation. In addition, animals have other meanings as shown in the following examples: 

Protecting Animals from Kids

I was driving around and I was lost, but I didn’t have a destination. I turned on to a street and saw tons of deer and zebra’s and elephants. There was a bunch of kids with shopping carts ramming into the animals with the shopping carts. This made me super angry so I got out of my car and started yelling at the kids that the animals didn’t do anything to them and they need to stop. I told them what they were doing was rude and inappropriate and they needed to stop.  

  • This event occurred while you were out shopping. The kids were behaving like “animals,” and made you “super angry.” This thought was played back to you in your dream. 

Hunting In the Woods

My dream was about being in the woods hunting an elk. And from no where through the trees I see a black lion just standing between the trees doing nothing. Then a black fox runs by. I don’t believe the lion tried doing anything. But this was a few months ago and I would love to know what the two animals could mean.” 

  • The elk is the guy you have set your “sights on.” You feel he has the attributes of a lion and is a “fox.”  

The Badger in the Sun Room’s Challenge

I had a dream that I was in a big sun room with a group of four or five people; I was smoking three cigarettes arrayed like a battleship’s turret in my mouth, then a pretty and androgynous woman I know and love came in with my good friend and some handsome guy I didn’t recognize and commented on the situation in some derisive manner I can’t recall. Then a honey badger, who was not before present in the dream in any capacity, leapt over my shoulder and ran around a corner before coming back after a minute to stare me down. Then I woke up pretty confused. I get the impression that I lost the staring contest. It didn’t seem mad, but its gaze did not waver for even a second.

  •  I’m going to work backwards with this dream beginning with the Badger which represents a dual symbol (as dream symbols often do). Badgers can be quite vicious little creatures and it is persistently “badgering” you, showing you it’s “just around the corner.” So now we have something bad just around the corner. There is a bad comment made. There are three attractive people. You have “three cigarettes” in your mouth (which you are attracted to). Dude, your dream is telling you that you’re smoking too much. The answer is “staring” you right in the face. As for the contest, it’s still on.

Big Black Rottweiler

At first, I arrive at my ex-best friend’s house (we haven’t been best friends for about 4-5 years). We barely talk now, but I was at his house in this dream, I walked up the stairs into his room. On my way out of his room I noticed a big black sleeping Rottweiler in the shadows of another room, but its sleeping head was facing me with the door wide open. I peeked out about 3 times, I could only see the head of the dog, it was a big head and the room was very dark. I took off running down the stairs out the front door as the dog chased me. This thing was fast and it followed every move I made. I remember I got away from it and woke up.

  •  A warning to “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Very Big Snakes Everywhere

I had a dream I went to this house and was standing on the rooftop. I could see that in front of me were very large snakes but none of them harmed me… I was really scared when I woke up.

  • Snakes don’t have to harm you to be harmful. The rooftop is the top of your mind or a higher place where you can see things from a greater (broader perspective). The two most common definitions I have found for snakes are vices such as smoking,  drinking, drugs, sex, etc., or untrustworthy individuals.

Snake Arm 

I was in my garage and I felt throbbing in my right arm (I am right handed). Something was trying to poke out. A few days later, I notice that the top part of my arm looked like a snake. I put a sling over it to cover it from people. But I kept telling my husband that it was hurting. The sling fell off while my neighbor was coming over to speak to me, while I was in the garage. I hid my arm behind my back until she left. The left side of my hand looked like a snake’s head. My husband told me to cut my arm off. I said, “No, I have to go through the process and then I’ll be fine.” Then I woke up with my hand feeling numb for a few seconds as it was turning back to my original arm.

  • This could be a health warning dream. A snake is almost  never a good symbol and could represent the median nerve that runs down the arm. It may indicate the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, especially with the feeling of numbness in your hand.


 I don’t remember my dreams well, but I remember lots of snakes there. I had a big snake & a jaguar. Snake was gigantic & tried to swallow my jaguar. I saved the jaguar from it, but was saddened by the fact snake was still without food. Yeah, I know it sounds funny.

  •  Snakes can represent tempting vices or negative issues you seem to be struggling with. The jaguar is your strength or determination which almost gets swallowed up. Although you come out ahead, you miss what you gave up. Sounds like you’re dieting, I know the feeling all too well.

Reappearing Garden Snakes

I was walking outside with someone when we kept trying to hold hands. Neither of us could figure out which way felt best, but we figured it out, nevertheless. We were walking by a huge tree stump when I noticed two little garden snakes staring at us. I immediately froze up, but we just kept on walking, deciding to ignore the fact that the snakes were even there. Next thing I know, we are inside my house looking behind a chair when we noticed the snakes were crawling behind the chair. They just kept staring at us for some reason. They started to slither away when one bolted into my room. I got nervous and decided to look for it. Turns out, it was hiding behind my computer desk, and when I found it I saw the head had been chopped off. The head was still staring at me, though. The other snake that was still intact was starting to come at me. I started to get scared, but then I woke up.

  • This dream concerns a venture that is taking place outside your home. You joined hands (made friends) with someone. The huge tree stump means you are “stumped” or bemused, unaware of the danger even though it is staring right at you, and so you continue. The dream then shifts and points to what the danger is. The chair symbolizes the chair you sit at when at your computer and there are snakes behind it. The dream is saying something is going on behind your back and the danger is staring you right in the face. Part of it is killed, but a part remains and is coming for you. It concerns whoever you joined hands with. The fact that you initially ignored the snakes means you ignored your intuition, which is probably your most valuable asset.

Bit by Bees

I dreamed that I was walking with my kids and husband. All of a sudden a swarm of bees was chasing us and I was the only one who got bitten on my back by two bees. I cannot remember weather it hurt, but I remember taking off my top and my husband found two bees on my back.

  • Bees can symbolize activity as well as painful annoyances. In your case it was both. You feel stung by things two people said behind your back and your husband is helping you to deal with the issue.