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About the Author

Earlier, on Facebook, I wrote about my youth and my education, majoring in psychology, but never getting my degree. I also worked in management at an industrial laundry. I later went on to study jewelry design and creation and worked at several retail stores doing jewelry repair and custom design. However, being hunched over all day was painful to my back and my eyes were becoming strained even with the use of lenses. So I left and went to study gemology at the Gemological Institute of America, after which, I joined the American Gem Society, did more studying and became a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. Later on, a friend of mine persuaded me to take a job with the financial firm, Morgan Stanley. More study, more rigorous tests and after a few short years I found myself behind a large cherry wood desk working as a senior financial planner and advisor. When the stock market crashed in 2001, I suddenly found myself out of a job. But with the housing market booming and having some experience, I became a contractor, specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling until the housing market collapsed. Today, I still do home repair, only on a much more modest scale.

But my real story begins shortly after my divorce. I held a good position, had a nice sporty car, fancy apartment, good appearance and dated frequently. I was what they call an Alpha male and not at all what you would consider spiritual. But even with my active lifestyle I felt lonely. I had the impression something was missing. At one point I began to write down my feelings and it was during one of these reflective moments I discovered what I was lacking, it was love. I realized that of all the relationships I had known (including that of my former wife) I never experienced true love, the genuine kind of love that I knew existed, but had somehow always eluded me. I relived each incident in my mind where I behaved badly and could have expressed myself more empathetically, like in a kinder, gentler and more loving fashion. I wrote down every incident I could recall where I behaved badly, it was quite a list. Ultimately I realized I was the sole cause for everything in my life. How then, could I find real love if I had never granted it? Never, in my entire life had I given the type of love I sought, and my anguish was indescribable. Although extremely troubled, this profound realization hit home on the deepest possible level and brought me to an altogether new level of consciousness.

One particular night I went to bed emotionally distraught and as I slept, I had the most profound dreams imaginable. They were abstract with lots of vivid colors and strange designs. When I awoke I felt the most annoying tingling sensation in the middle of my forehead, just above my eyebrows. The feeling was that of a fly caught in a web inside my head, as I described in “Our Journey.” I tried scratching it, but that brought no relief. I do not recall just when it went away, I only remember at that moment I felt more alive and freer than I had ever felt in my entire life.

I called in sick that morning and decided to go out to breakfast. It was such a beautiful day that I chose to walk. On my way, I passed a woman coming toward me from the opposite direction. We glanced at one another and for a brief instant our eyes locked and I felt a spark of recognition. I knew her on a soul level as a kindred spirit and my heart went out to her. In that fleeting moment I understood how we (the human race) are all interconnected—we are all one! What is interesting is that she felt the recognition as well and it startled her. I could sense her wonderment and hear her silent questioning as to where she knew me from. I didn’t know what to do, it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. Fearing she was about to ask me something I couldn’t answer; I just looked away and kept on walking, like nothing happened. I could feel her turn to stare at me as I walked away.

I don’t remember every detail of that first day, but I do recall that my girlfriend was sick with a terrible cold and I felt the urge to do something for her. She lived across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County and I lived in Daly City, South of San Francisco. It was over an hour’s drive to her place and for once I wasn’t driving there for pleasure, yet I gave no thought to that at the time. When I arrived, I tended to her, took care of her chores and saw to it everything was taken care of before I left. I never felt so satisfied. Later, she told me it freaked her out to see a side of me she never knew existed. As for me, I just felt pleased and found myself smiling for the first time in weeks.

I also found I could “feel” other people’s thoughts and emotions and if someone was not telling the truth, I knew it immediately. Things were happening to me on other levels as well. I found I needed little to no sleep. I would go to bed at my usual time and fall into something like a trance where I was completely aware of my surroundings. Occasionally, I would have visions while remaining semi-awake. This would last for two or three hours and then I would be up and on my feet. It was always at some odd hour of the early morning. I would often then read and write until it was time to leave for work. I had an extreme abundance of energy. Physically, I felt very strong and had amazing control over my mind and body. My sensitivity toward others also increased dramatically.

Mentally, my mind was racing. Knowledge poured into it at an amazing rate, like I was hardwired into a huge mainframe. I had complete access to my subconscious mind and I could bring up anything that was stored there at will. But underneath there was more, like a plethora of ancient wisdom collected throughout the ages. I was well versed on how Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, and how it sends and receives information to and from what he called the superconscious mind. Was this what was happening, I wondered?

If my questioning mind dwelt on larger issues concerning the deeper meanings of life the answer would appear in my head. That much I accepted, except it didn’t stop there. I found to my dismay that everything can be expanded upon (through the Law of Correspondences), so that along with the answer I sought came the reason for that answer and so on. I discovered the answer to any question can be expounded into infinity since it inevitably corresponds to further explanations. Knowledge was pouring into my head at such a rapid rate it was interfering with my job. How could I focus on the mundane when the wisdom of the ages flooded my mind? I knew I had to make a choice, be a wise man and starve to death or shut this thing off. I prayed and willed it to shut down and it did, never to return, but all that knowledge is still rattling around in my head.

Another thing, during this period I completely lost my sex drive, not only my interest, but my ability to perform. That soon closed the door on my relationship and for the first time in my adult life I experienced celibacy. Without the drive however, it was easy to accept. And strangely, I didn’t feel lonely anymore.

I also discovered that my ego had vanished. It fled after being pulverized during the night of my “awakening.” In addition, I felt true humility for the first time in my life. My personality had been altered in such a manner as to not think or react in the way I was accustomed. At one point I realized I had not one personality, but a whole closet full and could wear whichever one I chose.

My behavior and way of thinking had been affected and I found myself guided in a new direction. I had a tremendous amount of knowledge at my disposal and yet at the same time I realized I knew nothing. It reminds me of what Sir Isaac Newton once said: “It is as if I am but a little boy playing by the seashore, finding one pebble a little whiter and brighter than the rest, while the vast ocean of truth lies before me undiscovered.”

Soon, I found myself deeply immersed in the study of metaphysics and discovered it fit perfectly with much of the information I received earlier, but now, laid out in print, it made even more sense. Enlightenment it appears is never ending.

Naturally, I reflected deeply upon what had occurred to me. I felt I was in some type of “state of grace” and concluded it had to do with my self-examination and the resultant realization concerning my negligent and immature behavior toward others.

I began having dreams of past lives; one took place in Africa about 400 or so years ago. I was a black tribesman and lived in a village near a lake. One night we were attacked as we slept by a neighboring tribe who coveted our location. A man broke into our hut and I remember him driving his spear through me just as I awoke.

Another incarnation took place in what appeared to be an ancient middle-eastern country (pre-Assyrian) where we were attacked by flying ships. I hid in the caves along with others and when we emerged after the attack we were shocked to find that the lush semi-tropical foliage was gone and the land laid waste, nothing remained but a vast desert of sand and rubble. These people (Alantians, aliens?) had a laser-like weapon that destroyed most of our civilization. I also remembered an incarnation as a founding father of this country.

It was around this time my “mojo” returned and I began to date again. That was when I connected with Kathy. She was a student attending my classes who one day approached me stating she was experiencing strange vision-like dreams of someone attempting to contact her. “I don’t know who or what this is,” she said with a hint of alarm in her voice, “I only know it’s not me.”

Concerned that she may be experiencing a dysfunctional condition known as “dissociative reaction” (multiple personality disorder) I began to work with her one on one. Shortly thereafter, I too began receiving information from this Individual. After working together for a time He eventually revealed Himself to us as Kuthumi, a Second Ray (Love and Wisdom) Master of high rank.

Please note the following recollections are not in chronological order and this is the first time I have ever written them down. Also, before I relay the following anecdotes I must confess some characteristics about myself. While I love and respect the Ascended Masters, I don’t kneel before them and kiss their feet. I know the strength, courage and perseverance it takes to achieve even the rank of First Degree Masterhood. It’s brutal, although They, in their humble modesty would never admit to it claiming it was their unshakable love for God that saw them through. My association with them is such that I treat Them like I would an older brother. I joke with Them, chide Them and on occasion openly disagree with Them, but I so admire their strength and resoluteness I could never, ever disrespect Them. However, I think I am perhaps the most unruly, undisciplined disciple they ever encountered and on more than one occasion I’m sure I have caused them to pull Their spiritual hair out.

To give you an example, I was once instructed not to think of my (I use the term “my” when Kathy was absent) Teacher while we meditated. Well, of course I did just the opposite and I received a little electric jolt to my solar plexus for my disobedience. Being obstinate, I persisted and the voltage increased until I cried uncle and meditated properly.

A less rebellious incident occurred after I had removed the windshield wiper motor of my vehicle with the intent on rebuilding or replacing it, as it was not working properly. Kathy borrowed my car to run some errands and as you would have it, it began to rain. She was on her way home when she got pulled over by a cop, who asked her why her wipers weren’t on. Kathy replied that it was because she felt it wasn’t necessary. All set to write her up, he asked her to turn on the wipers. She did, and much to his surprise, they worked! Kathy later told me she knew they would work, so it was no surprise to her. I felt the Master was smiling.

I also organized a spiritual group and we called ourselves simply “The Group,” not very imaginative, I know. Our Teacher was kind enough to divulge each member’s soul ray. Most were 4th Ray (Harmony through Conflict). Mine was 6th Ray (Love and Devotion). At one point, when we were practicing long-distance healing, the Master found us a subject in Florida whose karma did not preclude a healing. The woman had terminal cancer and was on chemo and radiation therapy. As we visualized her, we envisioned her getting better while sending her healing energy. And she began to improve! However, upon seeing this, the doctors thought it was their treatment that was curing her and increased the dosage, unfortunately killing her in the process.

Kathy and I lived as any other normal couple lived. We were not “holy” or overtly spiritual other than meditating consistently and getting regular suggestions from our Guide. We did change our diets and were permitted to eat red meat once a month. When I would arrive home from work I would ask if she heard from “Him” that day. When she didn’t, she would sometimes flippantly say “No, He must be off with His Master buddies someplace.” This is how matter-of-factly we accepted Him into our lives.

Prior to meeting Kathy, when I was still assimilating my “new” self, I got a sudden urge to go to SFO which was only about a 20-minute drive. Although this was highly unusual, I did not feel so at the time, thinking they have many nice restaurants and interesting shops. So I drove there, found a parking space and took the shuttle to the terminal. I forget which airlines it was, “American” I think. I then walked to the area where the shops were located and went into one of the bookstores where after browsing around, I decided to purchase a book on the Tarot (which I actually didn’t need). I then walked over to a nearby restaurant, where I sat at the counter and ordered something to eat. A young woman sat down next to me, spotted my book and made a remark about it. I don’t recall how the conversation went other than we found some common metaphysical ground and I helped her to resolve some issues concerning karma. It was then she confided to me that she met a mysterious man on one of her trips to the Middle-East who seemed to have great powers. She was an airline hostess and soon had to leave, as her flight was departing shortly. Our conversation revolved around karma, a teaching she refused to accept until I reminded her there was “good” karma as well and one balances out the other.

After I met Kuthumi I asked Him if He had arranged that meeting and He admitted He had. I asked if it was successful and he stated “Yes.” I got no more from Him other than that. The reason my account is so detailed is to show you how much was involved regarding the timing in putting this “chance” encounter together; the time it took for me to drive to the airport, find a parking spot, the shuttle, the walk to the shops, browsing, selecting just the right book as a conversation starter, finding the right seat with a vacant one alongside it just before she was ready to sit down. And who knows what occurred on her end. It was like in that TV series “Touched.” How was this all orchestrated? To this day I don’t know.

Once, when Kathy and I were hiking in the woods in Grass Valley, we came across a group of fairies (sylphs) swarming around a tree. They looked like large nearly transparent butterflies to me, although Kathy could see them in perfect detail. We asked them why they were all gathered around that one tree. The thought that entered our minds was something like “We’re healing it, silly. What do you think we’re doing?” As I gazed at the tree I felt it was beyond help. The bark had turned dark and was peeling, and there were only a few leaves on it. It was perched on the side of a steep ravine and the soil around the roots had eroded. It was then that the most amazing thing happened. The tree telepathically asked to be cut down!

So, the American Indians are right. There is a spirit in all living things and if you listen it will speak to you. The fairies wanted to take us to meet their Deva or queen. But when we found we had to cross the ravine, then a gorge with a river at the bottom followed by a serious looking mountain, we declined.

After that, I became interested in the elemental kingdoms and wanted to learn more. Our Teacher willingly obliged and instructed me in their ways and methods on how to contact them. It appears there are a number of kingdoms within each element and every king has many subordinates, each having a rank and assigned a duty. Like angels, not all are friendly to humans. Each king has their own sigil or sign and can reveal certain secrets and bestow special talents upon certain individuals, but only if they are predisposed in doing so.

I began with “Coroman,” a powerful king of the fire element who I understood could introduce me to any number of practices, but I was mainly interested in learning to treat and cure illness through the use of the fire element. I was given his sign and instructed to draw it on a piece of black poster paper using red ink and keep it with me as I fell asleep. My recall of the astral event was of me standing inside what appeared to be a flaming cave in Coroman’s presence. Yet, he barely acknowledged me. I felt no discomfort amidst the flames as I explained the purpose of my visit. All this time Coroman seemed to be pouring liquid flames from one container to another, while completely ignoring me. I repeated again why I was there and he still totally ignored me. Finally I left, feeling quite disappointed. “So much for salamanders,” I thought.

Undaunted, I decided to try the water element. But when I was told these creatures were very beautiful and excellent seductresses with the intent of taking possession of men, I changed my mind.

That left only the gnomes of the earth element. I chose “Orova,” a secondary ruler of a large kingdom. I was given his sigil and told to write it on brown poster paper with black ink. I used a felt pen so the lines were not crisp. The reason I selected him was because he could teach me about healing with stones, making talismans and other useful information. I was warned, however that gnomes in general are tricky, and he would try and tempt me into taking some of his gems. If I did, I would be bound to him just as if I signed a contractual agreement. But since I was not motivated by greed, I had no reason to fear.

Where as Coroman was clothed in flames and had an elongated body, this creature was short and stout and looked similar to that of a garden gnome statue. I informed him as to why I was there and he immediately tried to pressure me into taking some of his gemstones. Having seen and appraised many fine gems, I had never seen any finer than those he showed me. I must say he was persistent. The more I resisted, the more he continued to apply pressure to the point of where I saw it was useless to remain, and so I reluctantly departed. Once more I left disappointed and awoke feeling this whole elemental thing was a waste of time and energy.

Chapter II

In the stock market crash of 2001, called the “Dot Com Bust,” I lost everything. I was out of a job and in financial ruins. People think stockbrokers know where to invest and as a rule we do. But this was a unique time for the market and we were in uncharted waters. I, like many of my peers took the advice of Morgan Stanley analysts, whose recommendations we were supposed to follow. Who was I to question the gods of Wall Street? Sadly, we were duped into believing we were being given sound advice when all along, the analysts were getting paid by the corporations to promote the stock they touted without ever doing “due diligence.”

The reason I mention this is because I had complained to my Teacher about my impoverished state, hoping he would give me the winning Lottery numbers or something. Instead, he told me he would introduce me to someone who could be of assistance. He was an angel named Emerudue and governed the 7th phase of the moon. In order to meet him I had to inscribe his sigil on a pure silver disc during his moon phase. So I dug out my jewelry making tools that I had stored away along with some silver stock and fashioned the amulet, then charged it. That night I met Emerudue.

He was not at all what I expected. I found myself confronted by a baldheaded “man” with a short thick neck and broad shoulders. He looked like a wrestler who had taken steroids! The only thing angelic about him was that he wore a white robe. As I introduced myself, I apologized that the curves on his sigil were not exact (cutting curves onto metal with a hand tool is not easy and I was out of practice). Emerudue replied, “That’s okay, it’s good enough for government work.” Is that how an angel is supposed to speak? But I swear that’s what he said. Anyway, Emerudue was full of sound earthly advice including applying for unemployment, but it was clear he wasn’t going to give me the location of some buried treasure or winning lottery numbers… (Sigh). On the brighter side, shortly after that, I got into home repair and began earning a sustainable income doing kitchen and bath remodeling.

Kathy was in need of further opening her heart center as part of an ongoing healing process and for a couple of weeks the Master had been taking her to Venus so she could better understand the nature of Love. In the mornings, she would tell me a little of what she learned. One morning she surprised me by saying “I think I got laid.” I laughed, she blushed and the Master was not pleased, stating it would not happen again. “Hey,” I replied, trying to keep it light, “How many women can say they’ve actually had sex with a Venusian?”

Magic: To a minor degree, I have in the past, practiced “Magic” for use of a better word. The magic I used is that of the Kabbalah, the same type of magic the Masters use and can be practiced for good or evil depending on how the practitioner chooses to apply it. I remember once battling a coven of satanic witches on the astral plane with a sword. My ex-wife can testify to that because when I reentered my body I told her of my experience. Then, when I again left my body to do battle once more, she followed me and witnessed the second half of the event.

Another time, when a competitor of hers hired a witch to steal away her customers I performed a ritual and summoned the aid of some angels to get her business back. Within two or three months, her competitor suddenly left town, recommending to all her clients that they use my ex. She can verify this as well.

In writing my recollections I am going through a voluminous amount of papers that I haven’t seen in many years. I just discovered the sigils of some angels I had been in contact with long ago. Someday I may even post them, as without following the proper protocol, they would prove useless to anyone attempting to make contact. I remember I even put the sign of one, named “Iserag” up as a screen saver on my computer, which he claimed to be a “first.”

The angelic kingdoms are all subservient to God and an individual who is “God Realized” can command the angels to do his or her bidding. The Ascended Masters all have control over the angels. I remember the exact words of an angel who I once sought help from saying, “A certain member of the Hierarchy requested that I not serve you in this manner.” I understood, “requested” is a gentle translation for being “ordered.”

Once, when Kathy and I were lying about watching a movie—either Sinbad or Hercules, I forget which—Kuthumi chimed in (He had a habit of doing that), stating that in another dimension what we were watching actually took place, and many mythological creatures did or do exist.

After the movie we picked up the discussion once more and He interpreted a dream I was wrestling with where I was commuting on a train in an urban environment that appeared to be old, like maybe a hundred years ago, yet some things appeared quite modern. In the dream I was always busy, going here and there. Usually my dreams weren’t quite so mundane. The Master explained that it was a dimensional “bleed through” dream and it was actually of me in a parallel universe. The first words out of my mouth were, “But he doesn’t seem that evolved.” Now I see that was not an “evolved” statement to make, even though it was an observation not a judgement.

He went on to explain the Oversoul has seven souls, each one inhabiting a different dimension. Sometimes we are all in physical incarnation at the same time within our respective dimensions and sometimes not. Each dimension is different from the other to the extent that that world altering decisions or conditions changed the course of its planetary evolution. I was relieved to hear all were still intact.

It was Christmas morning and Kathy and I were sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace when she noticed two stemmed, goblet shaped glazed pottery cups on each end of the mantel. It had to be the work of the Master, as they were not there the night before. He admitted it was a gift to us. The cups were light grey with solid indigo around the top portion that ran down in dripping streaks. I recognized the symbol immediately; “My cup runneth over.” How beautiful, He was expressing Himself, saying His love was so great it could not be contained. I have mine on a shelf and am glancing at it right now.

The first time I shape-shifted was as much of a surprise to me as anyone. I had secretly been thinking about it, but I have no recollection as to why or how I happened to turn into a very large African lion on the astral plane. Kathy absolutely loved it, laughing and trying to get me to roar. The truth of the matter was I didn’t know how. I stood there like a statue afraid to move because I didn’t know how to walk on four legs. Afterward, the Master asked me why I chose a lion and I sheepishly said I didn’t know. What I later discovered was that I was consciously attempting to control the body. Now, I’ve learned just allow it and let my subconscious mind take over. I find it to be a free and exhilarating experience.

Another topic I was interested in was dreams, especially when I saw how quickly and easily our Teacher interpreted them. Knowing there was a wealth of information to be found in dream messages I had yet to fully understand them. As a psych major, what I learned in school confused rather than enlightened me, and now, I undertook the study once more. Only this time, it was under the tutelage of an Ascended Master. I went on to write two ebooks on the subject: “Awakening to Your Dreams” (for those who wish to learn dream interpretation), and “What Your Dreams Can Tell You,” to prove just how important dreams can be. They can both be ordered from Amazon along with free apps that allow them to be downloaded onto any device.

Symbols are the language of God and can be found everywhere. From the elements of nature to the stars, everything has meaning and serves a purpose. Once, when in a meditative state, I intercepted a message being transmitted to my Higher Consciousness and it was entirely in numbers! I think it was from my Oversoul, but when I asked Kuthumi, he said it wasn’t important. I got that a lot.

“Based on the principle of last equivalence, it can be now proven for the first time that all words of human language can be mathematically expressed and vice versa – all mathematical symbols can be substituted with precise verbal terms without changing the validity of mathematics. This is achieved by implementing the axiomatic principle of inner consistency and lack of contradictions throughout the whole system of human knowledge.”
Georgi Stankov

As I mentioned, I was holding classes and during this time I wanted to do past life regressions. Although I was quite familiar with the practice of hypnosis, in order to do this professionally I needed to become certified. And so, once again, more study, more tests and to this day I am a board certified, clinical hypnotherapist. I found past life regression to be both fulfilling and therapeutic for my students. It proved to be rewarding in that many pieces to the puzzle of their present lives fell into place. Additionally, by reliving particular events concerning relationship karma they better understood the reason for it. This allowed them greater ease in relinquishing their karma by facilitating the process of forgiveness and letting go.

For a time I did chakra healing and balancing using a large, singly terminated quartz crystal. First I would meditate until I felt the heat radiate from my hands. It emanated from my palms in an area about the size of a silver dollar. Quite often, the individual felt weak after the treatment and needed time to recover. What I found disheartening though, was when the person returned the following week their chakras had returned to their old state. This happened time and again until I finally came to the conclusion that if an individual cannot change their mental attitude there is no sense in balancing their chakras. I consider it to be a useless therapy, fix your mind and your chakras will balance themselves.

I have noticed that chakras are garnering much attention on Facebook these days (Why doesn’t anyone mention the pulsations, an important fact?) and there is much misinformation being spread about, especially concerning the lower three centers. These centers are where our ego operates from and are no longer active when we reach higher consciousness. But until we attain that state, we need an ego to survive and here’s why. We all have to be motivated to accomplish anything and while not to dismiss any of the great humanitarian achievements, the majority of human advancement has occurred due to the desire for power, recognition or monetary gain. By contrast, when we operate from the higher centers our sole motivating force is pure, unselfish love. At that point, there is no longer any need for ego or the three lower centers it operates from.

There is a correlation between the first and third, as well as the second and fourth chakras. The keyword for the root chakra is fear, which is necessary for survival, but it is also the cause of our insecurity. Fearful and apprehensive, the ego must surround itself with greater and greater wealth to appease its need to feel secure, and this is accomplished by operating from our third (power) center. See the connection?

The second chakra is primarily sexual, and although it can deal with any type of creativity its focus is primarily sensual. But because it is ego driven, it seeks self-satisfaction first and foremost, and can never be entirely appeased. No matter how many times satisfaction occurs, lasting fulfillment will not be found. The opposite is true when the energy is generated from the heart center; this is where pleasure is found by fulfilling another in a selfless act of love, regardless of how it’s expressed.

Here is an excerpt of what the Master said concerning the lower centers: “The three lower chakras are tools that the ego works with. Chakras affect the aura which in turn sends out a vibration into other dimensions. These vibrations attract whomever and whatever resides in those dimensions. Though one may obtain a measure of material success by operating from these centers, they will always fear losing, either money, possessions or mates, it makes no difference. Those who operate out of these centers live a hollow life, never knowing true peace, security or oneness with others. They attempt to control and justify their actions, defending themselves at all cost. They avoid threats to their ego because to become aware necessitates making certain changes that they are unwilling to make. They can only love (using the term loosely) a person who fits their particular desires and woe to the person who does not live up to their expectations.”

There was a time when The Master was putting together a group and we would all meet every night on the astral plane to discuss and plan how we would band together on the physical plane. We were clothed in white robes and He would surround us with a protective shield so the dark forces wouldn’t know what we were planning. Also, He, Kathy and I would astrally travel to the location that was selected to be our new home, appropriately named Paradise, in California. There, we would meditate and He would bless the spot. This went on for many weeks before He suddenly stopped, announcing it would not take place and never explaining why. Kathy and I were extremely disappointed, as we were quite looking forward to it.

Prior to our disappointment Kathy and I made the nearly three hour drive to Paradise to check it out. Along the way we passed a large butte that had a particularly bad vibration. Unlike the others we passed, this one was dark and bleak and was said to be infested with tarantulas and scorpions. When we asked Kuthumi about it he said it was where one Indian band fought another and was wiped out through treachery. The land was cursed and we were warned to stay away from it. But that night my curious companion went to astrally visit the site. She claimed she heard a small voice crying for help and when she went to investigate she was suddenly attacked by a powerful dark force. It was a trap! Now, she remained in bed complaining she felt sore all over, like she had “been hit by a truck.” I have to admit I took some small comfort in knowing I was not the only errant disciple.

As time passed, Kuthumi wanted Kathy and me to marry and have a “special” child, but it was not an idea that appealed to me. Kathy was particularly upset when she found out how I felt and I knew it was the end of our relationship. Kathy moved north, I moved south and Kuthumi moved further into taking over Lord Maitreya’s post as Planetary Christ. Later, I heard he was joined by Sananda (Jesus) and supported by Quan Yin. How much of this is true, I don’t know, for it exceeds my realm of knowledge.

I’m often asked if I acquired any psychic abilities (siddhis) after my third eye was opened. I did acquire the gift of telepathy as well as that of an empath. At first, this only occurred when thoughts were directed at me. I say “at” because there had to be emotion behind it. Once, when answering questions regarding dreams I had a guest, a Jungian analyst who recently obtained her doctorate from Stanford University. I was in the middle of my explanation when suddenly this woman’s judgemental thoughts shot through her smiling exterior and almost knocked me to the floor. “Who was I,” she thought, “to be encroaching on a subject reserved for experts like her?” That of course, is my translation since I felt her thoughts rather than read them.

When I was studying in Southern California I earned pocket change doing Tarot card readings. I worked for the Rand Corporation who promoted psychic fairs on the weekends and I found the more readings I did, the more psychic I became. Any psychic can tell you how exhausting it is do many readings back to back, so I took frequent breaks. One time, I left to get some air and clear my mind, and as I passed through the waiting throng of people I turned to a woman and said, “That man you want to know about who lives across the water (I sensed off the coast of Florida, probably Jamaica or the Bahamas) is no good for you. He is married and will not leave his wife regardless of what he tells you. He’s playing you!” If you think the crowd was stunned…

Needless to say I had a profitable night, but it was not something I wanted. I did not want another’s thoughts intruding upon my mind, which is totally different from me tuning in to them. Over time, I was able to shut the telepathic part down, but the empath still remains. While I can shield myself from negative energies that are directed to me, I cannot seem to do so with those whom I have opened my heart to, especially in a relationship. Women, bless their hearts, tend to be emotional creatures and when they vent at me, it’s like a psychic blow to my solar plexus. So I live alone and very much enjoy my own company.

As time passed, my ajna chakra began to close. I found I was just too undisciplined to remain focused amid a mountain of distractions. I would have had to resign myself to a monastery. So now I operate primarily out of my heart center and when someone’s ego challenges me I see myself in them, or how I once was. How can I possibly judge someone for coming from the same space I once inhabited? It would only cause me to become uncentered. And so I do my best to turn it into a learning experience.

Out of financial necessity I am confined to a semi-urban environment, but I am an outdoorsman at heart. There was a time when I would backpack alone, hiking the mountain trails of the Sierra Nevada without another human being within 50 miles. Making a mattress of leaves, I would lie in my sleeping bag and look up at a magnificent array of stars through the clear mountain air. I could turn my head and see the glowing eyes of God’s little creatures reflecting the light from my campfire.

There is nothing like the taste of freshly caught trout, broiled in foil over hot coals, or the look of amazement in a stag’s eyes as he stares down at this ungainly creature, slowly lumbering up the hill toward him.

Have you ever heard the whoosh of large wings and the plaintive cries of a wood rat caught in the tight grip of a Great Horned Owl’s talons as it is carried off into the night?

How about chasing after a thieving raccoon dragging off your food container?

One time I had to continually push away a sneaky and bothersome snake attempting to take my fish that I had attached to a stringer and placed in the water.

There was also an instance when was meditating where I kept getting a persistent on-and-off flutter within my solar plexus. It was only later, when I was digging a tick out of my side that I realized I was being warned. By the way, kerosene and lit matches don’t work in getting a tick to back out.

Overall, I am content and lead a peaceful existence doing what I can to be of service to others. I know almost to the day my time of departure from this plane, and my time here is short. But nothing is etched is stone and the future is fluid and constantly changing. In this respect you must consider the times and dates on my End Times/Shift/Ascension page found under “Dream Analyst & Author” on Facebook should not be considered as fixed or unalterable.

Chapter III

I have met a number of Ascended Masters during my lifetime, some like Rama, I just met in passing. But aside from Kuthumi, there are three that stand out: Hilarion, Babaji and Elijah. However, before I begin, I would like to say a little something about fear.

I was recently admonished by a Lightworker who viewed my Facebook page and accused me of dwelling on the negative when nothing could be further from the truth. I am more positive than you could possible imagine. I’ve been waiting many thousands of years for this moment to arrive and like you; I’ve suffered through most of them. We are Lightworkers! We have God at our back and angels by our sides. We must have faith. If it’s your friends and relatives you’re concerned for, then help them to raise their consciousness and tell them to pray not to the God outside themselves but to go within and unite with their Divine Soul. That is the only way we can ever know God. It is our duty, our obligation as Lightworkers to lend help and be uplifting to all.

For those of you who still retain some fears, I ask that you do the exercises Elijah suggests. If that doesn’t work, contact Diana or myself. We will work with you, that’s what we came in to do.

Fear is a product instilled in us by the dark forces and when we operate from our higher centers there is no fear, we find it’s just an illusion that when released is replaced by immense joy.

Hilarion speaks softly about the Ascension, Elijah is more descriptive, but Babaji tells it like it is. All Three say the same thing, “Go within,” pray, meditate, visualize, be pure and help others. Know that fear has no place in our lives.

I have to smile as I recall this event. When I was working with Kuthumi, The Master told me he wanted me to deliver a message to someone in Asia. I immediately knew something was up, since I would be astrally projecting at night and it would be daytime over there. Only a very high being can just lie down and step out of his or her body. I arrived at my destination to be greeted by a little Asian man about 5 feet, four inches tall and weighing about 125 pounds. I delivered the message, saying “Kuthumi said to tell you the thought form needs to be recharged.” He smiled and I suddenly found myself flying across the continent to a huge mountain range which may have been the Himalayas. We entered a cave and then through a wall at the back. What I saw stunned me. I found myself in a hall carved out of stone that was approximately fifteen feet wide by thirty feet long and on the tables lay the heaps of most beautiful precious gems; like nothing the world has ever seen.

I then noticed some movement in the corner and as I glanced in that direction I saw the most hideous creature imaginable. It appeared to be like something out of a science fiction movie. I would best describe it as a cross between a giant spider and an octopus. It shuffled toward me, sensed me and then backed off. As the Asian Master re-energized the thought form my eyes turned back to the gemstones, they were huge! The colors were intense, the clarity was unbelievable (not a single inclusion) and they were cut and polished to perfection. My thoughtful Teacher, knowing my love for gemstones, chose to share this moment with me.

Once the creature was fully activated, I saw it was powerful enough to take on any negative entity foolish enough to enter that room. Later, the little Asian man introduced Himself to me as Hilarion, Ascended Master and Chohan of the Fifth Ray (science and healing). I was then told something no one but a few monks know. During the Vietnam War, He was in physical incarnation in Cambodia, living in a monastery while transmuting much of the negative energy of the area with His Love. He reminded me so much of Yoda from “Star Wars,” inhabiting a small form, so meek and humble, yet He held the power to move mountains.
To see what Hilarion has to say about the forthcoming Shift click on the following link:  and scroll down past the portion you have already read.

Babaji has a wonderful sense of humor and a most contagious smile, revealing exceptionally white teeth. I was introduced to Him through my ex-wife who began channeling Him one evening in meditation. We were eventually “guided” to meet a woman who had actually lived in His ashram when He was in physical incarnation. We viewed an 8mm black and white film of Him from the beginning of his earthly term, from 1970 to 1984, when He first appeared in a holy cave at the foot of the Kumaon Mount Kailash in a remote village called Haidakhan.

What is not written or spoken of is that He inhabited the body of a young man who had recently passed away and spent weeks in a meditative posture rejuvenating the body. To give you an idea of his sense of humor, after watching the film and reconnecting with Him the first thing He asked was “How did I look?” Now to understand a Master is to understand that every word spoken is a teaching. He was not concerned at all with his appearance, but we, as a human race are. That simple question relayed an abundant truth.

Over time, He appeared to gain much weight and when I chided Him about it he solemnly told me that that he was breathing in humankind’s negative energy and expelling Love with each breath which caused his body to gain a puffy appearance.

I grew to know and Love Babaji very much. He was the One who told me I was too serious and needed to develop a greater sense of humor. “Truth, Simplicity and Love” was His motto. “Om Namah Shivaya,” pronounced as “Aum Num-ha Shi-why” was a chant we used. It means “I bow to Shiva.” Shiva is the supreme reality, the Inner Self and destroyer of ego. It is the name given to the Higher Consciousness that dwells within us all.

At the end of his sojourn, he announced he was going to die and mockingly appeared to be quite fearful. He ran to the medicine cabinet and began swallowing aspirin and various other medications, lamenting “Oh, I’m going to die, why me?” through His crocodile tears. What do you think He was trying to teach us?

He states: “The fear of death is born with man, although this is the only thing that he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things makes man cling to life. When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you. If you have attained liberation you are free from death (you accept the inevitable). You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God; your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear. If you die in “unity,” you are free from rebirth; unless you will it [chose otherwise].”

Interestingly, because there are several Hindu saints named Babaji, I did not recognize Him in this new body as Shiva Mahavatar Babaji, the one Paramahansa Yogananda wrote about in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi.” He is an immensely powerful Ascended Master. “Babaji, you didn’t tell me!” (He’s smiling.) Never mind all this rosy, lighthearted, sugar coated stuff that’s being touted about the Ascension. That is being said so as not to “frighten us.” But it’s time now to face the truth. For the mainstream of humanity it’s either going to be difficult or very difficult depending on how we choose.

Babaji is one of the Ones in charge of this whole operation. He tells us what to expect in no uncertain terms. I urge you to read what he says about the Mahakranti (End Times – Apocalypse – Ascension) and scroll down past the portion you have already read.

While doing a workshop many years ago, I did a past life group hypnosis session and in the process, one lady by the name of Diana began to channel. Later, she made a private appointment with me where I hypnotized her at the suggestion of her guide. Once under hypnosis, her guide was able to come through clearly and identified himself as Elijah. Once Diana was in a deep enough sleep he would make an opening statement to let me know he was ready for questions. I would then question him on different subjects and thus began a series of taped channelings that were later transcribed into five segments.

In another interesting turn of events, I discovered that Diana (who I lost contact with shortly after these channelings) has a Facebook page. We were originally instructed to keep in touch with one another, which we failed to do. However, as I picked up and began to read Elijah’s transcript from my bookshelf where it remained silently waiting all these years, I was moved to search for her and as you can see destiny has brought us into contact once more. She is a talented artist and photographer and has a strong connection with the angelic kingdom. She can be found under Diana Haronis, and welcomes you to visit her page. She also has one of the most beautiful websites I have ever visited.

Amazingly, while this information was given to me well over ten years ago it is extremely accurate in detailing what is occurring today. The importance and timeliness of what Elijah has to say is such that I believe He warrants a special page which Diana and I are now constructing. He confirmed that He is the Prophet Elijah from biblical times and after doing some research I found many references stating he would return just prior to the “End Times,” to use biblical terminology.

In the Book of Malachi, Elijah’s return is prophesied “before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord,”[5] making him a harbinger of the Messiah and the eschaton (the final, heaven-like stage of history). In various faiths that revere the Hebrew Bible. Derivative references to Elijah appear in the Talmud, The Mishnah, the New Testament and the Qur’an.


ELIAJH: We suggest that there would be more time spent on the union of the spirit guide with that of the Higher Self in order to bring through more clearly the information.

Q: Very good. Please explain who you are and what your purpose is.
A: My name is Elijah. I am the master guide of this entity known as Diana. I wish to bring through information for the benefit of humankind as we are in times of rapid transition when those who dwell upon the earth plane need to be ascending into a higher level of consciousness. This would be affecting those of you who dwell upon this plane in many ways. We wish to speak at this time about what is occurring and give more clarity to the world defense and the changes that would be affecting the energies on both the physical and etheric levels.

Q: Will there be anyone else channeling messages through her besides you, Elijah?
A: Yes, there will.

Q: Then I ask that when a different entity is channeling through Diana, that they identify themselves and make themselves known as such.
A: Very well.

Q; All right, you may begin with your information.
A: We would wish to inform you of the effect that many vibrational changes may have upon different personalities upon the earth plane. There are some who would experience a rapid rise in awareness where they would be in touch with alternate states of reality where their perception of reality would be altered greatly. They would be more in tune with the higher planes of consciousness and able to see into other dimensions as the veil between the worlds becomes quite thin at this time. Those who have not reached a higher state of awareness to accommodate these rising energies would find much confusion and turmoil within themselves. It is up to those of you who have reached a state of awareness high enough to pull up those in need and aid them in this advancement of the earth plane. It is a critical period of transition and is important for all of those who have this awareness to lift up others who don’t.

It is necessary to bring a successful transition into a higher state of consciousness as the earth herself will be evolving into a higher vibration. There are other planetary forces which would be working with those of the earth at this time. Those which would be from another solar system and these beings would be a part of a fellowship in which the earth will soon be joining. These beings would work together on a high spiritual level and it is at a point of transition at this time where the earth is being brought into this fellowship and into this higher level of vibration. On a more earthly or mundane level, this will appear as much confusion and natural disasters and transformations. This may not be clearly understood by those who would not be in tune with what is occurring. There is much need at this time to bring through the information and guidance that is needed and to gather together those souls who can aid in the transformation.

Q: Are there going to be any physical changes as this transformation occurs? Or is this solely going to occur on other levels?
A: It would occur within the physical body as a feeling of being lighter. And it would be at times that this feeling would alternate where physically you will feel lighter and other times you will feel like you’ve fallen back into a lower vibration. You will be able to sense this as feeling heavier, more trapped, as the vibration is shifting and you move in and out of higher and lower levels of consciousness. The veil between the realms will become thinner so that the perceptions and psychic abilities will be awakened and it will become easier to see subtle energies and auric fields of others.

Q: Is this what happened to Diana when she had that experience in the bathroom where suddenly everything disappeared?
A: Yes. This would be exactly the case at that time, as she would have stepped over into a higher level of energy. Much knowledge would be coming through as to methods of healing and technology, working with the subtle energies, and these may come through as intuitive flashes of insight as you might not even be aware that these beings are communicating with you. They are doing much work at this level. Within the coming ten-year period, many of these beings will be manifesting on the earth plane in physical form to teach and work with those of the earth. Many of the Masters also will be returning at this time in the form of avatars and they will stay on and off for periods of time to work and help in the transformation of the earth plane in the coming age.

Q: Which star systems would these space beings be coming from?
A: This would, the names that they would call their galaxies and star systems would be different from what it would be called by those of the earth. One would be located to the left of our solar system called Andromeda.

Q: If I may get back to you for a moment, Elijah, what plane do you abide on?
A: I would be working on the seventh plane.

Q: You’re working on the seventh plane? To my knowledge, that would be the Logoic plane, is that correct?
A: There would be many different translations and interpretations of the different planes of existence. As far as your understanding would go, this would be correct. You will encounter other names and interpretations for the different planes.

Q: So where you’re coming from is the plane of the Ascended Masters?
A: This is true.

Q: And are you an Ascended Master?
A: Yes.

Q: So this being the case, then you know all about me, is that true?
A: This is true.

Q: Now, in our earlier conversation, you mentioned something about wanting to bring in information regarding cosmic laws. Is that correct?
A: Yes. This is true.

Q: And what exactly did you want to cover in the area of cosmic laws?
A: This is information that I will bring through at a later date and which I wish for you to record and transcribe as this would be the essence of the truth of the universal laws and how they may be applied within an individual’s life in order to bring about transformation and higher awareness through deeper understanding.

Q: So then, as I understand it, the information that you have given thus far and will continue to give, is to prepare us for the transformation that is beginning to take place?
A: This is true. We would give you knowledge of what is occurring and then we would give the means of aiding your brothers and sisters in the transformation through the application of the laws we would pass on to you.

Q: Could you give me some examples as to how people will begin to react, so we will have some clues as how to understand what’s happening to them when they start exhibiting signs of these transformative effects?
A: You will see an increase in what people will call mental illness, schizophrenia, multiple personalities. This, most likely will not be the case, but is actually a disorientation taking place within the psyche, as the individual is opening up and becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies. Many who are unprepared to accept these energies will become very disoriented and confused. They will not understand what is happening. People who have little awareness of the psychic realm will be opening up psychically and many will open only to the lower astral forces as this would be where their consciousness lies. You will see this occurring and can teach them how to raise their consciousness and understand what is happening within. In this manner they may gain a sense of control and composure over what is occurring.

You will see many people reacting irrationally, intense emotions that seem to come from nowhere, bizarre dreams on that level and people telling you of weird experiences. When you see this occurring, you will know how to aid these individuals in understanding and adjusting to the higher psychic or spiritual awareness. Some may find themselves becoming violent or paranoid in what would be termed as manic depressive or the more negative forms of mental illnesses. In many cases, this would not be mental illness at all. There will be those who would exhibit multiple personalities or what would seem to be schizophrenic and this would occur because these individuals are open to the influence of negative beings from other realms that would be getting in touch with [people of] the earth plane at this time. They [these people] would be open to their influences without being aware and letting in astral beings that would be motivating and channeling through them without their knowledge.

Q: How can we help these people?
A: You will be given much information on this at a later date, but basically speaking, in working with people that you come across on a one-to-one level, a group level and also through written material that you will bring forth, you will aid those who need to hear this information so they may be guided to it to gain a better understanding.

There will also be those that you will be unable to assist, but there will be many who will benefit from the knowledge and guidance that you can give them in this area to help them learn how to protect themselves, how to close down and control the energies which they will be working with thus far. Work with that and let it go at this point, we will give you more at a later date. There is much information we wish to bring through as to the actual application of the universal laws and working with that at a physical level but now is not the time. We ask that you work with the information that has been given and when next we meet, we will bring through more. More will be given also through your own inner reflection and meditation as to bring more clarity to the information that has been given. Those of the Masters will visit you during your dream state and bring through more clarity on that which you may not fully understand.

Elijah: There are many souls incarnating at this time from other dimensions and they possess a great deal of knowledge which is needed at this time to bring forth a transformation on the earth plane and that of mass consciousness. There is much darkness upon the earth plane and these souls would be incarnating in a sense to bring light and tip the scales of man’s consciousness to that of a more spiritual vibration. These souls would be working to incorporate spiritual ideals and advanced techniques of working with energy, transmuting energy and bringing scientific knowledge into the earth plane. Many of the methods now so destructive to the earth and even to life in general will be replaced by more advanced methods. It is most important now, as the earth is nearing a time of a great transition, the time that is called the final judgment by some. Not that the earth will end, but that it has the potential to go either way as far as a smooth transition into higher consciousness or a transformation through destruction and fire which will inevitably end up the same, but would be much more painful.

Q: Are you saying that the choice, then, has not been made at this point?
A: No, it has not. It would depend upon the minds of men and the souls who would determine that destiny. The ultimate outcome would be the same. It would reach that of a higher vibration but whether it would be through that of the Neptunian energy of unconditional love or the energy of destruction through fire and transformation has not been decided.

Q: So the most important thing at the moment is to raise the consciousness of this planet as much as possible?
A: This is true.

Q: Obviously, we need all the help we can get.
A: This is certainly the case and there would be many souls, not only those who would be incarnating, but those in other dimensions and those of the Masters who will manifest upon the earth in order to help raise the consciousness, but all those who are already working within the spiritual must work even harder to enlighten others and also to work on a spiritual level through meditation and visualization processes, raising the energy of the earth, cleansing the negativity on a spiritual level through meditation and visualization techniques.

Q: Could you elaborate on these techniques somewhat?
A: In the most basic sense, thoughts become things as they are manifested. Each thought put forth has an effect. The more individuals focusing upon raising the consciousness humanity by going into deep meditation and visualizing the energy of the earth raising, visualizing the destructive forces as being changed, and working to tune into mass consciousness through meditation could actually raise it by visualizing it and projecting into mass consciousness. The more people that do this and make a conscious effort toward manifestation would be doing more good than they would be aware of.

Q: For many, wouldn’t that be a difficult a task since mass consciousness is a totally intangible thing to attempt to visualize and then to add light to it to raise–
A: You need not visualize mass consciousness; just know every thought that is put forth would join the thoughts of others.

Q: I see, as a collective.
A: Of all. Exactly, each thought put forth would tip the scales to a certain extent. It is important at this time that people become aware of their own potential to manifest, not only within their own lives but to affect the lives of others, as we are all one in spirit. The thoughts that are put forth, if they are of a negative or destructive nature, not only affect the one that is sending them, but also the beings to whom the thoughts are sent, including the atmosphere surrounding the entire vibration. That is how each thought would enter into universal consciousness.

Q: Could this also be used in a more personal manner, to bring more positiveness into an individual’s life, like prosperity?
A: There are many schools of thought concerning positive thinking, but there is a basic element that is not understood and that is of the emotion behind the thought. There must be a clearing and a learning to release that emotion behind the thought, to merely speak only positive words will not do. It will not be effective unless the emotion behind the thought is also transformed.

To view the entire transcript, click the following link “Elijah” and scroll down past the part you have already read.

One thing I forgot to mention (actually, there are many) is that during the time of my “Awakening” when I was receiving this flood of information, I got that this period was a graduation time for some and there would be a separation between the more advanced portion of humanity from those who were holding back this advancement. I had no idea this was concerning the End Times and surmised that those of a more negative nature would wind up gradually incarnating on some other planet and we would have the earth to ourselves (not too far off). Unfortunately, I shut off the stream of information before I received any data on the star people. So it was quite a surprise to discover and learn about them many years later. In that respect, you might say I’m a late bloomer. You may also want to click on the link “The Ascension”